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2013 Poll - Does Ohio State belong in the top Five?

Discussion in 'Buckeye Football' started by njwconstruction, Jan 17, 2013.


Where Will Ohio State Be Ranked in the 2013 Preseason Polls?

Poll closed May 17, 2013.
  1. #1

  2. #2

  3. #3

  4. #4

  5. #5

  6. #6 or lower

  1. In a few months - some sports networks will release a pre-season polling.

    I'm picking Alabama to be ranked #1 since they won the NC - but I'm thinking the Bucks will be ranked #3 or #4 with most starters being back. What do you guys think?

    btw - I'm thinking Michigan will be ranked #7 - but screw things up as the season begins, which is always nice to see.
  2. MililaniBuckeye

    MililaniBuckeye The satanic soulless freight train that is Ohio St Staff Member

    Not sure of who 'Bama has returning, but other than them I see no one who should be ranked ahead of the only undefeated team of 2012 which has many key starters returning.
  3. leroyjenkins

    leroyjenkins Choose positivity

    Oregon probably would have been #2, but who knows what theyre going to be like until a new HC is named.
  4. LordJeffBuck

    LordJeffBuck Illuminatus Emeritus Staff Member

    A five-loss Michigan team losing their only offensive weapon being ranked #7? Don't think so.

    Ohio State should be ranked #2 or #3 preseason.
  5. bassplayer7770

    bassplayer7770 Freshman

    Despite the holes that need filled on Defense, it would be extremely aggravating if the Buckeyes aren't in the preseason top 5. LJB's predictions sound about right to me.
  6. Ryan36_1

    Ryan36_1 Sophmore

    Voted #3.

    3 of top 5 teams will be SSSSS EEEEE CCCCC teams, all but guaranteeing they win any tie-breakers to get a MNC berth.
  7. ORD_Buckeye

    ORD_Buckeye Senior

    Top 3. I'm OK with Bama and Oregon being ahead.
  8. TS10HTW

    TS10HTW Junior

    1. Bammer
    2. Floriduh
    3. TejasA&M
    4. LSU
    5. Georgia
    6. Sakerlina
    7. RKansas
    8. Mizzou
    9. Vandy
    10. Ole Miss
    11. Miss st
    12. Tennecheat
    13. tOSU

    That's about right
  9. scarletngray

    scarletngray Gold Pants

    Definitely top 5

  10. Mike80


    scUM isn't a top 25 team coming into next year.

    They will be ranked on name alone, but they do not deserve it.
  11. Diego-Bucks

    Diego-Bucks Lost in Canada

    1. Alabama
    2. Texas A&M
    3. Ohio State
  12. gmen6981

    gmen6981 Just livin' the dream.....a bad, bad dream.

  13. BUCK3YE5

    BUCK3YE5 Best of the Land

    Easily top 5.

    I'm goin with #2. Would have put Oregon ahead of us if Kelly stayed. His departure and the looming penalties drops them a few spots in my ranks.
  14. Woody1968

    Woody1968 Agent Provocateur

    I think we will be ranked top 15, since we are from the Big ten Conference, which, as espn has told us, is stinky.

    We should be in the top 3, though.
  15. buckeyebri

    buckeyebri It's still Rock n Roll to Me

    Top 3...Bama and some other SEC MNC wannabe.....

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