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DB Eli Apple (official thread)

Discussion in 'Buckeye Football' started by BB73, Jun 26, 2011.

  1. 2013 will be back to buisness.....unless the hammer is dropped. Which it won't be. We just had this blow up at the wrong time this year. One year isn't gonna kill us IMO.
  2. osugrad21

    osugrad21 Capo Regime Staff Member

  3. bucknut502

    bucknut502 Freshman

    Could be game over...Kid really likes Ohio State!
  4. k2onprimetime

    k2onprimetime All in

    It would be nice to get a commit for the '13 class, but I dont see it yet. It would be shocking if this kid didnt end up here, it's just still really early.
  5. wadc45

    wadc45 #GiveItToMeAgain Staff Member

    Rivals $ - Woodard talks OSU visit


    By Givler...loved everything about his visit...says he felt at home...saw practice and sat down with the coaches...talked to some current players...decision could come after his junior season.
  6. wadc45

    wadc45 #GiveItToMeAgain Staff Member

    BN $ - Buckeyes Lead For Top CB


    By BK...loved OSU's camp...favors OSU over ND and Purdue...recaps his recent visit to OSU and liked everything and plans to make it to a game this fall.
  7. wadc45

    wadc45 #GiveItToMeAgain Staff Member

  8. MD Buckeye

    MD Buckeye URBAN!!! URBAN!!! URBAN!!! URBAN!!! Staff Member Bookie '13&14 BPCFFB II Champ

    Scout $ - Woodard Names A Favorite


    By Simone Scott....Says Ohio State is his leader and visited for the Akron game. Plans on taking a couple visits & committing before his Senior season.
    wadc45 likes this.
  9. wadc45

    wadc45 #GiveItToMeAgain Staff Member

    Scout $ - Four-star 2013 CB Woodard Recaps Rutgers Trip


    Enjoyed his trip to Rutgers for the blackout against Pitt...loved watching their defense...Wisconsin has offered...says he doesn't have a favorite but the school he is most interested in is OSU.
  10. osugrad21

    osugrad21 Capo Regime Staff Member

  11. Buckskin86

    Buckskin86 Moderator

  12. Taosman

    Taosman AFineLineBetweenCommunityRecognitionAnd CircleJerk

    This kid is just an outstanding person and athlete. :oh:
  13. wadc45

    wadc45 #GiveItToMeAgain Staff Member

  14. wadc45

    wadc45 #GiveItToMeAgain Staff Member

    Rivals $ - Woodard reacts to Meyer news


    By Givler...excited about Meyer and the fact Fickell will be retained...wants to visit again soon but also hopes staff will stop by during the open period.
  15. stowfan

    stowfan Senior

    Possible early commitment?

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