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Ohio State Athletics Fan Community

Hi again frends its poobert. I did not espect to be riting on heer again but I hav to tel evrybuddy wuts ben going on around heer lately. Josh likes to come on heer and act like Im the dum one. He is the dum one and heers why. He has ben gone a lot lately. Even after he got bak from lost vegas he hasn’t ben around much. He says he has to work late. He hardly even pets me anymore, and we dont sit together in our favorit spot. Hes always pissed off and [Mark May]ty like Maya when he gets home. A couple days ago I tried to spend time with him before he left in the morning. I rubbed up against his leg and showed him my tummy but I cudnt get him to pet me. After a wile I just gave up and got out of his way. He always complanes about me getting in his way. A few minuts go by and before I no it hes leeving and shutting me inside his bedroom! I wuz stuk there all day. Let me tell you its boring in there. I cudnt see out of any of the windows there are no toys and nothing to do. I got lonly and I wuz sad. Dont worry tho I got him bak. I made a poop in his room. Him and momma thot I mite do that and looked evryware for it but they stil cant find it. Now hoos the dum one?

Also I hav to tell you about wut mayas been doing lately. Us cats hav a lot of furniture around the hous. Maya has a lot of reely tall furniture becuz she likes to be up hi. I cant jump as gud as her becuz I hav a big tummy so my beds are on the floor. I hav too Ohio State beds. Wenever I sleep in one of them they win so momma and Josh chek on where I am wen the Buckeyes hav a football game. My favorit bed isnt cat furniture at all tho! Its a cubs blanket! I dont no why we have it. I gess they got it one time wen they went to shicago, Nobody heer even likes the cubs. All I no is that it is cumfy and when I sleep there the cubs lose - a lot. Well lately maya has ben taking my spot on the cubs blanket! Wut the hell? Even worse, the cubs started to win. I dont like maya and I reely dont like the cubs. Ive ben seeking up on her and chasing her off the blanket. Momma and Josh say Im being a butthole but I dont care. I heer the cubs went bak to suking again so it must be working.

Josh gave me his picks for this week. Hes literaly mailing it in now. I should change sum of them to reely stupid picks. Duz anybuddy think he’d notice? Anyway heer they are...
After seven weeks, the college football playoff picture is starting to become clearer. A few weeks ago, pretenders like Georgia (5-2), Ole Miss (5-2), Northwestern (5-2), UCLA (4-2), and USC (3-3) all looked like contenders, while teams like Iowa (7-0) and Florida (6-1) were not even in consideration for contender status. Only ten Power5 teams remain undefeated, and all but two of those teams (Utah, LSU) face another currently undefeated team before the playoffs.

Big Ten

#1 Ohio State
and #7 Michigan State remain undefeated in the East Division. The Buckeyes and Spartans meet on November 21st, and both could realistically enter the game a perfect 11-0. If the Buckeyes win, they must still face a dangerous Michigan squad in the regular season finale, while Sparty closes with a Penn State team that looks like a paper lion despite a 5-2 record. In the West Division, #12 Iowa is the lone undefeated team and the Hawkeyes have already faced their toughest regular season challenges.

With a high-powered offense (albeit currently running on six cylinders) and a defense full of stars (but sometimes full of holes), Ohio State looks like it's in the best position to finish the regular season without a loss. However, after the Agony in Ann Arbor Michigan State is beginning to look a team of destiny, and quarterback Connor Cook provides the leadership of a fifth-year senior with a 29-3 record as a starter. Iowa closes its season against five teams with a combined record of 2-13 in Big Ten action, but does anyone really think that this Cinderella will survive even that soft a schedule?

Bottom Line: A Big Ten team with a perfect 13-0 record and an outright conference championship gets into the playoffs regardless of what anybody else does. A 12-1 Ohio State or Michigan State team still has an outside shot for a playoff berth, based largely on recent...
Week 7 brought us a slate of games that was more interesting and impactful than any we've seen so far this year. The Buckeyes rolled out the black carpet for a big game of their own. After the dust settled, what did we learn about the national picture? How do the Buckeyes fit in?

What We Learned About the Buckeyes:

First, let's get this part out of the way: the black jerseys were special. The Buckeyes have done this alternate jersey thing before. Every time it has come off as a cheap gimmick to sell a few extra shirts. The alternate jerseys have seldom looked good and hardly look like they belong to the Buckeyes. This time was different though. The fans were asked to be involved beyond just getting out their wallets. Over 108,000 people, the largest crowd in the storied venue's history, all wearing black. Other schools have done this kind of thing, but Ohio State's size and history and mystique has a way of making an unoriginal idea like this one feel a bit unique, and that's what happened last night.

The atmosphere inside Ohio Stadium has seemingly declined in recent years. Frequent and ceaseless TV timeouts take the crowd out of the game. Spoiled fans have expectations so high sit on their hands because they feel like they are owed greatness on every play and don't see fit to use their voice to support the team. The stadium PA seemingly does everything in their power to take the air out of the place, interrupting the band and the students to pump in canned videos, advertisements and lame music. Sometimes when you're at the game, it feels like everybody is pulling in different directions. The blackout was something different. It required everybody doing the same thing to pull it off - from the players to the athletic department to the fans. It worked, and it felt special even if you weren't there.

If you don't think this is cool you can GTFO.

As for the game itself, the Buckeyes performed in fits and starts, but it was still enough to win comfortably...
1. With Ohio State's 38-10 rout of Penn State, the Buckeyes now hold an 18-13 advantage in the series, and a 16-7 edge in Big Ten play.

2. Ohio State has now outscored Penn State 681 to 548 overall (22.0 ppg to 17.7 ppg), and 620 to 401 in Big Ten play (27.0 to 17.4).

3. Ohio State has now beaten Penn State four times in a row (2012-2015). It is the first time that the Buckeyes have won four in a row in the series.

4. Ezekiel Elliott had 27 rushes for 153 yards and a touchdown. It was Elliot's 12th straight game with 100+ yards rushing. Zeke has 988 yards (3rd in FBS) and 11 TDs (6th in FBS) for the season.

5. Elliott is averaging 141.1 yards per game rushing, which is 5th in FBS. LSU's Leonard Fournette leads the way with 200.2 yards per game.

6. Zeke now has 3,128 yards for his career, good for 8th best in Ohio State history. Yesterday, Zeke passed Carlos Snow (2,999 yards) and Pepe Pearson (3,076 yards).

7. Braxton Miller added to his Ohio State total touchdown record with a touchdown reception. Brax now has 88 total touchdowns for his Buckeye career.

8. Joey Bosa led the defense with 7 tackles, 3 TFLs, and a sack. For his Buckeye career, Bosa now has 42.5 TFLs (10th best) and 23.5 sacks (4th best).

9. Penn State entered the contest allowing just 117.0 yards per game rushing. The Buckeyes churned out 315 yards on the ground on 50 carries (6.3 ypc). As mentioned above, Zeke Elliott had 153 yards rushing, and quarterback J.T. Barrett had 102 yards rushing.

10. Penn State had only 14 first downs, 4 of them courtesy of Ohio State penalties. For the game, Penn State had 3 penalties for 22 yards, while Ohio State had 5 penalties for 70 yards. So much for The Cult's conspiracy theories concerning the Big Ten referees.

11. For the season, Ohio State has committed 51 penalties (88th in FBS) for 467 yards (97th in FBS).

12. Ohio State was 5 for 11 on third down conversions (45.5%), which isn't great but still better than the Buckeyes' season average of 37.5%...
1. Ohio State holds a 17-13 overall record against Penn State. The Nittany Lions won the first four contests (1912, 1956, 1963, and 1964), and six of the first eight (lost 1975 and 1976; won 1978 and 1980).

In the thirty contests between the two teams, Ohio State has outscored Penn State 643 to 538, for an average score of 21.4 ppg to 17.9 ppg.

2. Since Penn State joined the Big Ten in 1993, Ohio State holds a 15-7 lead in the series. The teams have played every season since 1993, and being in the same division, they will play every year going forward unless the Big Ten has further expansion or realignment.

In the twenty-two Big Ten contests between the two teams, Ohio State has outscored Penn State 582 to 391, for an average score of 26.5 ppg to 17.8 ppg.

3. Ohio State has won the last three contests against Penn State. Ohio State has never beaten Penn State more than three times in a row. Ohio State also won three in a row from 2002 to 2004.

4. Penn State has shut out Ohio State three times: 1912 (37-0); 1964 (27-0); and 1978 (19-0). Ohio State has never shut out Penn State.

5. The first game between Ohio State and Penn State took place in 1912, which the Nittany Lions won 37-0. The Buckeyes left the field with approximately five minutes left in the game, claiming that the Lions were playing dirty football. The teams would not play again for 44 years.

6. Ohio State's first win in the series came in 1975 by the score of 17-9. Tailback Archie Griffin had 24 rushes for 128 yards, and fullback Pete Johnson had 23 rushes for 112 yards and a pair of touchdowns.

7. Ohio State also won the 1976 game, 12-7. The Buckeyes rushed the ball 69 times for 280 yards (4.06 ypc) and two touchdowns, but threw just three passes, completing one of them for ten yards. That game was the epitome of the Woody Hayes offense.

8. In 1978, Ohio State and Penn State opened the season against each other. Buckeye true freshman quarterback Art Schlichter, in his college football...
1. Ezekiel Elliott has 2,975 career rushing yards, good for 10th best at Ohio State. Zeke needs 25 yards to pass Carlos Snow (2,999 yards) for 9th place; 102 yards to pass Pepe Pearson (3,076 yards) for 8th place; 224 yards to pass Carlos Hyde (3,198 yards) for 7th place; 226 yards to pass Keith Byars (3,200 yards) for 6th place; and 241 yards to pass Braxton Miller (3,215 yards) for 5th place (assuming that Miller gains no yards rushing against Penn State).

Buckeye PlayerRanking-Yards Rushing-Yards to Surpass
Braxton Miller5th3,215241
Keith Byars6th3,200226
Carlos Hyde7th3,198224
Pepe Pearson8th3,076102
Carlos Snow9th2,99925
Ezekiel Elliott10th2,9750

2. Michael Thomas has 1,230 yards receiving, good for 25th best at Ohio State. Thomas needs 39 yards to pass Reggie Germany (1,268 yards) for 24th place; 48 yards to pass Buster Tillman (1,277 yards) for 23rd place; 57 yards to pass Anthony Gonzalez (1,286 yards) for 22nd place; 60 yards to pass Brian Stablein (1,289 yards) for 21st place; 190 yards to pass Bobby Olive (1,419 yards) for 20th place; and 200 yards to pass Brian Hartline (1,429 yards) for 19th place.

Buckeye PlayerRankingYards ReceivingYards to Surpass
Brian Hartline19th1,429200
Bobby Olive20th1,419190
Brian Stablein21st1,28960
Hey all, I'm back. Sorry about last week - I was out of town and left this column to Poobert while I attended to some important business in Las Vegas. As he mentioned, while I was there I put some real money on some of last weeks key games in lieu of doing our normal picks. Poobert said we'd find out who the real Fuck Face is. It turns out, it's both of us. In the grand Vegas tradition, we lost our asses. Poobert only won one of his five bets. I only won two.

The best thing we can do about is change the subject and never speak of that shameful performance again. So, let's talk about rivalries instead. It seems to be an appropriate topic now that Ohio State's rival has re-discovered football and is beginning to run their mouths a bit...
1. Ohio State 49, Maryland 28. The Buckeyes did what the Buckeyes do: Gain a lot of yards, score a lot of points, commit a few huge inexplicable mistakes that turns a rout into a competitive game. This time the offense was very good, but the defense allowed Maryland's reserve QB Perry Hills to rush for 170 yards and 2 TDs, including a long run of 75 yards, and throw a 52-yard TD pass. This game was actually tied at 21 early in the third quarter before the Buckeyes woke up and ran off 28 straight points. Ohio State is still probably the class of the Big Ten, but they really haven't played like it so far.

2. Michigan 38, Northwestern 0. The Wolverines' offense was hardly impressive (380 total yards), but the defense simply smothered the Wildcats, who managed just 168 yards (2.9 yards/play), 2/13 on third down, 22:55 time of possession, and of course zero points. The shutout was Michigan's third in a row, quite a feat in this day and age of offensive football. There is one big question concerning the Wolverines going forward: Can they continue to win with below average QB play from Jake Ruddock, who is 95th in FBS in passing efficiency? Up next: the undefeated Michigan State Spartans.

3. Michigan State 31, Rutgers 24. A week after receiving a scare from 1-5 Purdue, the Spartans received another scare from 2-3 Rutgers. In fact, Michigan State has been receiving scares all season long, hardly what you'd expect from a top-5 team. Expect the scares to end next Saturday when Sparty travels to the Big House to face a Michigan squad that has outscored its opponents 160-14 over the last five games.

4. Minnesota 41, Purdue 13. A week after nearly upsetting the highly-ranked Michigan State Spartans, the Purdue Boilermakers crashed back down to their rightful place at the bottom of the Big Ten. The Minnesota Golden Gophers, who've had trouble scoring against everybody this season (15.4 ppg entering the game), pounded...
1. Yesterday's win over Maryland reminded me a lot of last year's win over Cincinnati. The scores were almost identical (50-28 over UC; 49-28 over UM); the offenses performed almost flawlessly; and the defenses were generally solid but had egregious lapses of execution. If you remember, Cincinnati WR Chris Moore burned Ohio State's defense for three long touchdown receptions of 60, 78, and 83 yards. Yesterday, it was Maryland QB Perry Hills who unexpectedly had a huge game, with 25 rushes for 170 yards and 2 TDs with a long run of 75 yards; he also had a 52-yard TD pass to D.J. Moore (no relation to Chris). In each game, the defense broke down at critical moments and allowed game-changing plays. Eliminate those few errors, and each game is a 40-point blow out.

2. Ezekiel Elliott had a good but not great game yesterday: 21 carries for 106 yards (5.05 ypc) and 2 TDs. It was Zeke's 11th straight game with 100+ yards rushing. Zeke also had 6 receptions for 47 yards.

3. On the season, Elliott now has 121 carries for 835 yards (139.2 ypg; 6.90 ypc) and 10 TDs.

4. For his career, Elliott now has 2,975 yards rushing, good for 10th place in Buckeye history. Yesterday, he passed Anotnio Pittman (2,945 yards) and Michael Wiley (2,951 yards) on the list of career rushing leaders.

5. Michael Thomas had 7 receptions for 107 yards, both career highs (he also had 7 receptions against Alabama in last year's Sugar Bowl). For his career, Thomas now has 1,230 yards, which is good for 25th place in Buckeye history.

6. Cardale Jones had a big game, completing 21 of 28 passes for 291 yards and 2 TDs. More importantly, Jones did not throw an interception and was sacked only once. In fact, his biggest "mistake" was a 33-yard completion to Braxton Miller, where Miller made an acrobatic catch of an overthrown ball. If Jones's pass is on the mark, Braxton catches it in stride and goes 52-yards for a touchdown.

7. For his career, Jones now has 2,021 yards passing, which puts him in...
Hi friends its Poobert. Josh is gone this week so he sed hed let me rite about college football. He said he was going to Lost Vegas. He sed it was for “work”. I do not beleev him. I no wut kind of stuff goes on there. Ive been around the litter box a time or too.

Ive become pritty gud at this college football thing. Ive seen how many peeple Im beeeting in pickem. I keep heering evry week that Im doing a gud job so I told Josh that if he wuz going to dich me to go on a trip that he shud make himself useful. I gave him sum munny to put on this weeks games. Hes said hes going to put sum munny down too, but on difrent games. We will see hoo wins the most.

The last few weeks wer practis. Now its on for reel. Now we will see who the reel fukface is!

My picks:

Oklahoma (-17.0) vs Texas[​IMG]
Wisconsin (+1.5) at Nebraska[​IMG]
Navy (+14.0) at Notre Dame[​IMG]
East Carolina (+7.5) at BYU[​IMG]
Miami (+9.5) at Florida State[​IMG]
Joshs picks:

Illinois (+11.0) at Iowa[​IMG]
Northwestern (+7.5) at M*ch*g*n[​IMG]
TCU (-9.0) at Kansas State[​IMG]
Cal (+7.0) at Utah[​IMG]
Florida (-5.5) at Missouri[​IMG]