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Last Activity:
Mar 24, 2022
Nov 5, 2007
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May 22, 1987 (Age: 34)

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Tulsa is the worst city, 34, from Columbus

3074326 was last seen:
Mar 24, 2022
    1. Bleed S & G
      Bleed S & G
      Where ya been Numby?
    2. jwinslow
      bah. May your replacement draft alshon jeffery
    3. jwinslow
      We may need someone to mock draft for the 9ers. Interested?
    4. NFBuck
      Well, you really couldn't go wrong with anything from "Justice". :banger:
    5. Mac
      Not a whole lot man, just working and trying to stay afloat lol
    6. Mac
      What's up dude? I haven't seen or heard much of you lately
    7. Tonyank
      Ya i wasnt dogging the team at all. Might start to follow them, i thought Van was dumb for sign LOU to an 11 year contract. :)
    8. akronbuck
      my bad, My ability of reading has gone bad
    9. Mac
      Never had Black Ops, I don't know if I'll be getting MW3 gets in the way
    10. gracelhink
      Big Buckeye Planet birthday shout out to the 3074326 Guy!
      Enjoy your special day \
      and age with grace!
    11. Bob Saccamano
      Bob Saccamano
      I'd give 'em a try. Very Sabbath inspired.

      Whenever I start playing them when I have friends over I tell them, "We're headed to Riff City" in my worst corny DJ voice. :lol:
    12. Bob Saccamano
      Bob Saccamano
      Typical guitarist. :slappy:

      Do you like The Sword?
    13. Bob Saccamano
      Bob Saccamano
      A few thoughts:

      The toms/bass drum/cymbals in this are less demanding on the ear than the snare in the previous one.

      This piece was probably easier to mix because the guitar is more low key/less busy, allowing more 'room' for drums.

      I might be focusing too much on the drums because I always listen to the rhythm to hear the bass. I'd be interested to see how much a bass track would 'tame' the drums and/or mesh with the guitar. Good stuff as always though. My favorite part is the multilayered guitar tracks from 2:50-3:50. Sounds like something that would be played during the end credits of an action or thriller movie! Made me think of Casino Royale or even Se7en. :lol:
    14. BUCKYLE
    15. BUCKYLE
      Are your wives fat?
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    May 22, 1987 (Age: 34)
    Favorite Program:
    Ohio State


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