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Feb 5, 2008
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    1. Clarity
      Great to see you still here, Jim. Going through and checking in on some of the old guard and it's terrific to see yesterday as a timestamp. It's going to be another fun season.
      1. BigJim
        Thanks for the comment Clarity! BP continues to be the first website I check in the morning for Buckeye stuff and in general. Can't wait for the season, love that you're trying to get as many involved as possible. Hope all is well with your health and your growing family.
        Aug 20, 2015
        Clarity likes this.
      2. Clarity
        Thanks for the kind words! We've got a move coming up next week and I can't wait to be properly settled in and finally relaxed. Between prep and the BP work and a lack of sleep (Elise) it's been hard on all of us here, but the finish line is in sight. Then we can just focus on relaxing and enjoying the season.
        Aug 20, 2015
        BigJim likes this.
    2. A Pac
      A Pac
      illinois was a bcs team that year, but only because osu was in the national championship. illinois got demolished in the rose bowl and hasn't had a winning record since. it was a fluke. they're not on the national level.
    3. DanLonas1
      whats up bigjim?
    4. MaxBuck
      BigJim has not made any friends yet

      Wonder why that might be, Big Jim? :tic:
    5. BigJim
    6. Poe McKnoe
      Poe McKnoe
      suck a dick, big jim.
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