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Last Activity:
Jan 4, 2022
May 11, 2003
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Sep 26, 1971 (Age: 50)
Home Page:
Dublin, OH

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Will Bryant, 50, from Dublin, OH

Staff Member

grrr Oct 3, 2013

Clarity was last seen:
Jan 4, 2022
    1. jwinslow
      Is it difficult to add a welcome Nebraska banner to the top of the page temporarily?

      It's clearly not necessary, so if it's a pain to format or puts a strain on the server, no need, but I thought it could be a nice touch.
    2. Deety
      On this, the day of BuckeyePlanet's birthday, I send my respects to the SiteFather.
    3. LitlBuck
      Merry Christmas and hope you have a better New Year's healthwise.
    4. jwinslow
      Wondering if you could point me in the right direction...

      1) I took PHP, ASP & MYSQL classes 7 years ago and successfully forgot everything I learned.

      2) I remodeled a hideous church website, but when we moved to the new webhost, the CDONT language was not supported, so our potluck signup pages (ASP & database files) died. Like I have any idea how to convert it to CDOSYS :lol:

      3) I need a virtual signup sheet. 10 rows, 4 for entrees, 2 for desserts, etc. A user goes to the webpage, types their name (like signing their name at church), and hits submit. Also need to be able to reset the form.

      Do you know of a quick way to do this for a PHP/ASP illiterate feller like myself? Or could you point me in the right direction?

      I've googled for way too long, but perhaps my illiteracy is hampering my searches.
    5. WoodyWorshiper
      Haven't had a chat in awhile, just wanted to send you a well wish and hope that all is well with you and Jo.

      And as always, THANKS for starting this thing, and having it blossom into what it is. YOU and your staff blow away the competition in terms of providing us fans with the best place on the PLANET to tune in to Buckeye Football.

      Peace, and as always:

      GO BUCKEYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    6. Clarity
      Thanks, OC and Chris! JWins, that is such a disturbing (but great) pic. Her beard wins.
    7. Buckeye Chris
      Buckeye Chris
      Happy Birthday!
    8. OCBucksFan
      Happy Birthday bud.
    9. jwinslow
      You need to step up your game. Soccer chicks are beating your beard in the middle of competition. (from my shoot tonight)

    10. Best Buckeye
      Best Buckeye
      verify addy please for return of 2002 tapes
    11. PlanetFrnd
    12. TRON 2.0
      TRON 2.0
      Just want to say sorry for the shit I caused, and would like to be back into the community. If not I understand and will bounce. Sorry for the personal attacks and was totally out of line.
    13. BlockONation
      Hello, I was told to come see you about linking from and to your site and mine! I have many OSU sites or sports sites in gernal who already link to me (Bleacher Report, SportstimeOhio, ClevelandFan, OSUSilverBullet, MenoftheScarletandGray,etc...)

      Would you be willing to add my site to your blog links here?

      Thank you for your consideration!

    14. cincibuck
      Look at item 11 in the Bryant - Denny Stadium thread. some asshole is trying to pimp his business for free.


      PS, sne dme you snail mail address so I can contribute. Danke
    15. DaytonBuck
      I'll take it that's a yes
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    Sep 26, 1971 (Age: 50)
    Home Page:
    Dublin, OH
    Favorite Program:
    Ohio State
    Xbox Live GamerTag:
    OSU sports, with a little Navy and Princeton football thrown in.


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