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Nov 27, 2013
Aug 30, 2005
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My swing feels like an unfolding lawn chair., from A local golf course

fourteenandoh was last seen:
Nov 27, 2013
    1. reagdog
      Where did you go to HS at in AZ?
    2. BUCKYLE
      I read the comment, and I haven't stopped laughing for about six minutes. I don't know why I think that shit is THAT funny...but it is. Now I have to go watch the re-mix and piss myself. :lol:
    3. BUCKYLE
    4. DaytonBuck
      You and your witch doctor like knowledge of finances makes you the biggest enemy in Obama's America
    5. BUCKYLE
      g-g-give me the gold. :lol:

      I just read your beer!

      I never had it dude.
    6. starBUCKS
      Not sure what to think about the Cards. So many years of "same old story". I think they can win the West... it's pretty bad, and it's theirs unless they shoot themselves in the foot. They have good yound talent...if Warner can step it up through the whole season, they can cause some headaches in the playoffs.
    7. Flocka
      Heading up to NYC on Friday.
    8. BUCKYLE
      :lol: The part about you being bombed was funny enough, but then you took a swipe at TSUN's D, and that's where I lost it.
    9. BUCKYLE
      Big Vern ya say. Hmm. I wasn't on til after football season. Makes sense.
    10. BUCKYLE
      I would've made "friends" eariler, but you not having the Ricky Bobby avi threw me off. :D
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  • About

    A local golf course
    Favorite Program:
    spring '04 graduate of tOSU

    golf, billiards, horse-racing


    Since when is being passionate about something wrong? Ohio State fans can seem like they are a little crazy on the outside, but for better or worse this is who we are. This is what we get behind, our Buckeyes. This whole town lives and breathes and dies Ohio State Football.

    -Aaron Marshall
    Cleveland Plain Dealer
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