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Aug 8, 2020 at 12:48 AM
Apr 5, 2007
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November 19
Chocolate City, Louisiana
recycling beverage cans

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Loathing All Things Georgia, from Chocolate City, Louisiana

Gatorubet was last seen:
Aug 8, 2020 at 12:48 AM
    1. Bucknut24
    2. jwinslow
      The real kicker is do these guys stay on through the bowl game? Talk about a disaster.

      Most of the rumored assistants are assumed to be waiting out the season before arriving, especially since this bowl season will be more of an evaluation period than an installation of the new system.
    3. jwinslow
      This month just keeps adding more and more bizarre role reversals.

      UM & OSU have already switched sides on the spread, what Urban's success proved (or his departure).

      Now we're not only going after the program that humbled Troy, but there's a solid chance they pursue Chuck Heater (wolverine player) & maybe Loeffler (needs no introduction... well, he didn't until he went from churning out NFL draft picks to not being allowed to alter Tebow's mechanics).

      But the ESPN one is the most bizarre of all. Not that its unsurprising, just what a wild change of discourse from even a few weeks ago /looks at Tom Rinaldi with malice
    4. jwinslow
      Looks like the oversigning perceptions & lawyerisms were right about Urban. He may be an elitist (now an endearing quality), ruthless... but he doesn't cut weight.

      Right now he has half the uncommitted 5-stars fawning over him, but he's honoring all of the existing commits and won't be running anyone off, despite only having about 5 (or so) spots to address major depth issues at DE, OT, LB & Harvin :lol:
    5. PlanetFrnd
      :rofl: sad that its about college sports?
    6. LordJeffBuck
      I could also have mentioned that Florida was the sixth SEC team to win an AP title (well seventh, if you're going to count A+M), but I figured that you were already having a bad week.
    7. stowfan
      Just my opinion, when Meyer showed up at UF, for at least the first two years, he was considered an outsider, gunslinger for hire, great coach who had an irrational desire to someday coach Ohio State. As time passed, all that was forgotten and now a lot of people are pissed. Coaching OSU in the Big Ten, will be like semi-retirement compared to trying to stay on top of the SEC.
    8. sepia5
      You're already old . . . . WAIT!
    9. matcar
      It doesn't matter what you, I or anyone else says about Mr. Tebow. Those that like him will probably continue to do so. Those that don't, will probably continue to dislike. To me, as a Christian, it's just sad that other folks will tear someone down just for trying to be a good person. And what's worse, once he makes a moral mistake...which he undoubtedly will at some point, he'll be ripped for it. Ripped for being human. Sometimes I feel the same way about JT. Yeah, he made mistakes that did, and should have, cost him his job. But to rip someone moreso because they are a person of faith...I can't get right with that.
    10. HypeMachine
      Haha long time lurker, might end up cracking double digit posts by 2016 at this pace.
    11. buckeyegrad
      I said to ding people who post on politics, not the political board. My post was not addressing politics. Taos level fail there. LOL
    12. muffler dragon
      muffler dragon
      Happy Belated Birthday!
    13. DaytonBuck
      hope everything is well in teh big easy
    14. gracelhink
      Big Buckeye Planet Birthday shout out to my favorite Gator fan!
      Enjoy your special day and
      age with grace!
    15. Muck
      "Old Testament comedy gold"

      What did I miss?
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    November 19
    Chocolate City, Louisiana
    recycling beverage cans
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