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Last Activity:
Mar 22, 2016
Jan 10, 2005
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May 19, 1983 (Age: 37)
Tipp City, Ohio. LAAAAAAAME.
Setting up plays & concerts (Local 66). Writing o

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I'm a universal constant, 37, from Tipp City, Ohio. LAAAAAAAME.

Ginn4Heisman20 was last seen:
Mar 22, 2016
    1. gracelhink
      Big Buckeye Planet birthday shout out to Ginn4heisman20
      Enjoy your special day
      and age with grace.
    2. Gatorubet
      Which is why I fly a Bonnie Blue flag on January 19th every year. The Rebel Battle Flag is too associated with hate. Nobody has a clue what my blue flag with single white star represents
    3. Gatorubet
      nahhhh.....i have plenty of time for both :p
    4. FCollinsBuckeye
      See my edit.


      I am by no means an expert on the rich history of TBDBITL, but I did recall that the original script Ohio was indeed performed by the UM band - in script. You are likely correct that they didn't march through the formation though.
    5. jenkinswoody
      lmao- tater tot picture comment.
    6. Gatorubet
      Thanks man - but I have to say that you are taking the minority view. :D
    7. Buckeyeskickbuttocks
      Thanks for the rep - to answer your question, I would say it's clear that the universe has a beginning and in my experience, all things that have beginnings were created. Conversely, my working definition of G-d is that he is infinite - or - always was, always will be. So, in other words, I can "prove" that the universe began, which implies its having been created (as it once was nothing at all) by my common experience. I cannot say the same about G-d. I realize this is a matter of my definition of G-d , but in my defense, if G-d is something less than infinite, he's not worthy of my "worship."
    8. jwinslow
      you don't kill someone and kick field goals. They SHOULD have killed them, UM kept handing them the sword to slay them.
    9. BUCKYLE
      Don't get me wrong. I think Fedor is one of, if not the best MMA fighter in history. I like watching him fight. I'm just surrounded by people that talk about how great he is. That would be fine, except he's the only fighter they've ever seen. It's fucking annoying as shit.
    10. mercer_buckeye
      You're probably right but it's going to be close.

      Western Michigan, Eastern Michigan, Indiana?, Purdue?, FCS game to be named.
      MSU and Iowa lose alot as well.
    11. reagdog
      Thanks for the words of encouragement.
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    May 19, 1983 (Age: 37)
    Tipp City, Ohio. LAAAAAAAME.
    Setting up plays & concerts (Local 66). Writing o
    Favorite Program:
    Ohio State of course
    I'm the shit.

    Doing like towelie does


    You no want test me champion sound.
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