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Apr 6, 2020 at 2:08 PM
Feb 4, 2005
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July 2
Bryn Du (Polo anyone)

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I Don't Want Any Trouble but People Need Banners!, Male, from Bryn Du (Polo anyone)

I will not open the Tim Beck thread until there is an announcement so you guys who post in there quit trying to Tempt me. Jan 4, 2016

LitlBuck was last seen:
Viewing thread CBB Transfer Portal, Apr 6, 2020 at 2:08 PM
    1. Deety
      Uh-oh. You can't get in on 7 as easily as before? If you need 7 help or want to automate some things (say, make a macro so one command opens all the programs you usually run at the same time), post about it in the Computer forum. Either I or someone better at that stuff should be able to help out.
    2. NJ-Buckeye
      What have you been saying to the Browns VP player personnel? and can you shed some light on WTF they are doing... I still haven't gotten over losing Dawson and Cribbs
    3. Buckeneye
      That's already in the works. A donation will be made shortly - working it out with a fellow BP'er because I don't have a paypal account. It'll be taken care of just after the holiday.
    4. Deety
      Thank you! :) I slept in and will be going out for a yummy dinner. Good day!
    5. NJ-Buckeye
      Oh my ... "saw Lucas play in person for Pipers @ old Cleveland Arena"
    6. Deety
      Hey, you! Haven't been on much, but wanted to drop a hullo over here. I hope things are going well for you!
    7. RB07OSU
      Awesome, I was a Phi Psi. Rock on.
    8. Bill Lucas
      Bill Lucas
      Thanks. I don't know if you live near Columbus but if you do come check us out during the All Ohio Red Tournament on April 20-21. We have 3-4 kids on our team who we think will end up playing D1 basketball and a whole slew of good role playing guys who will probably play D3.
    9. JonBenke
      I haven't checked it out, but it's recording on my DVR - thanks.
    10. stowfan
      I wish that was the case, I have 8 in-laws due within the hour.
      Merry Christmas........I wish you lived in town, at least I would have someone to talk to. lol
    11. TooTallMenardo
      Merry Christmas to you too! And yeah, I'm so busy.... Wait, I'm sitting here playing Call of Duty as I type this. :rofl:
    12. Deety
      Whatcha doing for Christmas? Having visitors? There will be eight of us here on Saturday... I need a nap first. :p
    13. Deety
    14. Coqui
      I understand the heartbreak of Browns fans. Believe me. Redskins have just been in an extremely competitive division where all four teams were good enough, and it just never panned out since 1992. Going from the Super Bowl to immediatly nothing was a hard pill to swallow, and it's still going down.
    15. Poe McKnoe
      Poe McKnoe
      Someone makes it. Not sure who, but had it in Cincy before. Old brewery with the big "Hudepohl" smoke stack is right near a client of mine.
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    July 2
    Bryn Du (Polo anyone)
    Favorite Program:
    Ohio State
    Buckeye & Cleveland sports fan

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