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Feb 24, 2020 at 3:01 PM
Feb 4, 2005
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July 2
Bryn Du (Polo anyone)

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I Don't Want Any Trouble but People Need Banners!, Male, from Bryn Du (Polo anyone)

I will not open the Tim Beck thread until there is an announcement so you guys who post in there quit trying to Tempt me. Jan 4, 2016

LitlBuck was last seen:
Feb 24, 2020 at 3:01 PM
    1. stowfan
      LOL, you either had to move, or go hang out with the Catholics at Benedictine.
    2. gracelhink
      Hey Litl, congrats to your g-son!
      It sounds like that OWU coach has a good eye for talent and character.
    3. WoodyWorshiper
      Merry Christmas, Litl!

    4. akronbuck
      thxs for posting the link
    5. bkochmc
      I wouldn't say my bball knowledge is vast and overwhelming, but my dad taught me well! :D I remember when he went to his first Buckeye game and he went with his team but they didn't take me. It was '91 with Jim Jackson and they played *ichigan... I was not a happy boy that day! :lol: I have a few games on him now though and have taken him to a few too. His first game in the Schott was in 2006 vs. Iowa. Seats were at eye level and parallel to one of the rims about 15 rows from the court. It was fun watching Oden and company whallop the Hawkeyes that day. :)
    6. Deety
      Random butterfly hello!
    7. JCOSU86
      I agree! I think Colt is going to really surprise some people!
    8. gracelhink
      $65K for a year :yow1:

      That is a major investment with little hope of any substantial return.

      Browns hoping to restore some credibility to those orange helmets? :wink2:
    9. Deety
      Heh... that was a reference to this post. Don't try to make sense of it or your brain might melt. :)
    10. LongwoodBuck
    11. gracelhink
      Big Buckeye Planet Birthday shout out to my favorite poster, Litlbuck!

      Enjoy your special day and
      age with grace!
    12. stowfan
    13. gracelhink
      Thanks for the headsup on Diaz.
      that article would make a good read in the BP OSU Tennis forum!
    14. gracelhink
      Yep I think Rola has a better upside, he was ranked @ #300 in the world before he came to OSU.
      Last Fall's ITA indoor tournament was eye opening.
      Rola stepped into an exclusive and hostile environement and dominated till the semis when Johnson #1 seed from USC beat him.
      Buchanan probably never hit better than #800 ranking, but CBuch is a battler.
      Funny thing is they are both about the same age, maybe Rola is a bit older!
    15. gracelhink
      Just Read you Visitor message!
      You have got Buchanan pegged well, doesn't make unforced errors, hits clean, is quick and punishes short balls.
      Serve could improve with some strength training, but not many holes when he is in the zone.
      Rola's ranking is no fluke, sometimes he can be dominant!
      Has been known to play loose at times especially in the 2nd set, when he lapses in focus, but he is a freshman and is much more advanced than Buchanan when he came to OSU. He is not the #4 ranked player in the NCAA for nothing. ;)
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    July 2
    Bryn Du (Polo anyone)
    Favorite Program:
    Ohio State
    Buckeye & Cleveland sports fan

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