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Nov 28, 2021
Aug 20, 2004
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powerlifter was last seen:
Nov 28, 2021
    1. gracelhink
      Big Buckeye Planet birthday shout out to powerlifter!
      Enjoy your special day and
      age with grace!
    2. 3074326
      I'm pretty happy with the hire. I'm usually not a big fan of college coaches coming to the NFL, but Harbaugh seems to be crazy enough to get anyone to follow him. Seems like a legitimately good coach, too. I'm pumped. Better than the McDaniels rumors.. although I'd love him in SF as an offensive coordinator.
    3. 3074326
      First order of business, trade Frank Gore. Second, trade Patrick Willis. Third, lose until fired. Next up: San Diego.
    4. 3074326
      I have a feeling I'm going to get bashed and dinged to hell and back, but I'm glad at least one person agrees with me. :lol:
    5. 3074326
      That picture is so true. Pretty sad. A rookie head coach shouldn't have that much power..
    6. BUCKYLE
      I'm saddened by the whining.
    7. 3074326
      Posted and repped at the same time. :banger:
    8. OCBucksFan
      Man, you suck! Now that we get along and actually agree on all this MMA shit I am fucking pissed.

      Now, when I want to get into it with someone, I start, they either agree or fucking don't reply.

      What happened to the guy I could fight with

      Who would sit up as long as I would and never give up...

      Seriousy bro, fuck you, fuck you very much. I am so pissed that I get along with you.. you're a dick, you know that?
    9. OCBucksFan
      Happy birthday man.
    10. 3074326
      Oh yeah, I play all the time.
    11. 3074326
      :lol: Figured you'd like that.
    12. Buckeye Chris
      Buckeye Chris
      Sup man, So your close to Ironton? Where you from??
    13. 3074326
      Agree. I don't know much about Ayers. I also thought trading a first was pretty dumb. I was hoping they were trading up to get Maualuga. I think he could be a really good ILB alongside DJ.

      What was that forum you recommended?
    14. 3074326
      Moreno, Ayers, Alphonso Smith, McBath

      What do you think?
    15. powerlifter
      No way they can replace cutler..They did get a lot,but it's not going to be high picks for the next two years. 18th this year and probably 20ish next year...No starting qb..This season is done for them before it starts.
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