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Last Activity:
Jan 4, 2018
Jul 28, 2008
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Chandler, AZ

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Junior, from Chandler, AZ

reagdog was last seen:
Jan 4, 2018
    1. starBUCKS
      Nice... Pac-10 Defensive Freshman of the Year
    2. BUCKYLE
      I know. I've seen it.
    3. BUCKYLE
      That kind of rep happens when someone doesn't have enough positive rep to hand any out. If a poster were in the red, or had only one green chicklet, and gave you rep, it would show up as white.
    4. BUCKYLE
      You're probably not cool enough to choose it. Keep on...keep truckin'.
    5. BUCKYLE
    6. JCOSU86
      Baseball America does one
    7. BUCKYLE
      Old news here pal. We've had them since we first got the Cheladas.
    8. BB73
      I'll probably wait until they get to 8 teams in Omaha.
    9. BUCKYLE
      No. The only people that care about those sports are the people playing them and their parents.
    10. BUCKYLE
      :lol: No one cares about those sports.
    11. BUCKYLE
      :roll1: Just use that energy hoping you never have to play tOSU in football. :lol:

      I'm just fuckin' witcha.
    12. BUCKYLE
      Not to mention the pass interference right before the P.I. they called. Dude straight grabbed Demetrius Stanley's jersey and yanked him.

      Call Santonio a scrub again and we can't be friends. By the way, it was a catch, check the replay homie.

      :lol: I was just fucking around on youtube and saw that shit. I just had to let you know about it again. You're on a Buckeye website for Christ's sake. :D
    13. BUCKYLE
      Oh, also, the play when Plummer scored to take the lead, your O line held like a motherfucker. Check out #94 (Vrabel) getting dragged to the ground right as Plummer runs by. Fucking cheaters.

      YouTube - 1997 Rose Bowl - game winning drive
    14. BUCKYLE
      I just wanted to remind you about the '97 Rose Bowl. That first TD you guys had...wasn't a catch. That was some bullshit.

      YouTube - Ohio State vs Arizona State Rose Bowl
    15. 3074326
      :lol: Give the frosty/fry combo a try. You'll be surprised.
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  • About

    Chandler, AZ
    Favorite Program:
    Arizona State
    ASU graduate and enjoy drinking beer and charcoal bbq

    Beer, sports & bbq
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