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Jan 21, 2015
Jan 8, 2005
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Resident hater

scott91575 was last seen:
Jan 21, 2015
    1. BUCKYLE
      :lol: Exactly. People like this dude just lie on top of lies. I'm not the smartest dude ever, but usually when I'm confused by someone's lengthy explanation despite reading or listening to it more than once, it turns out the person is straight up full of shit. You start to feel like maybe you just aren't understanding something, which is almost always a clear sign that the person is still lying. I'd bet a paycheck he's a con-man, and all of the aliases are his. Bet he did hard time. :lol:
    2. jwinslow
      You really need to check in to the thread.
    3. jwinslow
      He is online checking the thread and BP
    4. jwinslow
    5. jwinslow
      we'd love to have you in the league. A headset isn't required (we usually only use em when we devote an evening to the offseason (recruiting, cuts)), and not everyone has them anyway.
    6. IronBuckI
      :lol: I did bring it on myself
    7. jwinslow

      Amazon has spoiled me, not only do I get free two day shipping, but almost everything shipped by Amazon's warehouse arrives next day since it ships from Kentucky to Columbus. infrequently it takes a full 36 hours instead of 18 :D
    8. jwinslow
      got it. Thanks! :D

      So what happens if I run this thing with a 430w PSU? Newegg is taking their sweet time delivering it, and I don't want to wait until wednesday to use it.

      Note, I'd just be using it for viewing & editing HD video, no gaming yet.

      I assume that's a no go but I'm itching to start using it.
    9. jwinslow
    10. jwinslow
    11. jwinslow
      Thanks, how old is the ti
    12. jwinslow
      Thanks. How big of a jump in performance would you guess there is between the two ?
    13. jwinslow
      Finally found the post. what is the brand of your card? does it have hdmi out?
    14. jwinslow
      Amazon rocks. Great to the customer, and often give credits or small things when they can't honor a bad mistake.

      what was the price again? I just upgraded with three new hds.
    15. jwinslow
      Let me check my old rig. I think it has a much better PSU. I was an enthusiast back in college (graduated in 05).
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