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Last Activity:
Nov 29, 2021 at 3:10 AM
Nov 24, 2006
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Jan 20, 1989 (Age: 32)
Huber Heights

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Senior, 32, from Huber Heights

'17 Bowl Pick Em Champ
TooTall was last seen:
Viewing thread Defensive Staff Next Year?, Nov 29, 2021 at 3:10 AM
    1. Bucknut24
      hey, i was born in Dayton, lived basically north side just a few minutes south of Huber Heights, it was pretty crappy there as well :lol:
    2. gracelhink
      Love your avatar choice and all your graphics as well!
    3. PlanetFrnd
      yep, finally got it - turns out I'm just an idiot
    4. PlanetFrnd
      Busy mods, no one has tried yet
    5. PlanetFrnd
      Yours? Its genius... mine is still stuck...
    6. Gatorubet
      Well - nothing to see. Just me making fun of your not making fun of Mili's Tress rumour. :lol:
    7. Gatorubet
    8. Give me glory
      Give me glory
      Hey i love to see your a sports fan, well i was wandering if you would be interested in joining MSL(my sports legion) its an active sports discussion forum and we are looking for some active and quality members who will post, and help our community grow. We do Vbookies( betting on games of the day with legion points) you earn legion points by posting, and staying active. Once you have enough LP you can redeem for prizes(tickets, jerseys, and gift cards.) its a great expierence!

      Please go to * *And sign up!*

      Refer me: Give Me Glory

      We are trying to start a NBA sim league on our forum, so we need members like you. We also are starting up NCAA12 OD, and other contests!
    9. jwinslow
      You're up in the draft for the 360 dynasty
    10. Bucknut24
      do you have NCAA?
    11. muffler dragon
      muffler dragon
      You're welcome. It's a good set.
    12. Pyro Kinesis
      Pyro Kinesis
      Why do you have Prince holding pancakes in your signature image?
    13. TooTall
      Hahaha It's all good man, I don't think I was on very much longer after that. But yeah, catch us when Sunshine and Jewzombiejesus are on... Once one of them hop into a chopper, it's game over. LOL I went 39-6 on Valparaiso Rush. It was disgusting.
    14. jwinslow
      Hey sorry to snub ya the other day, I was heading out in about 15 min and didn't feel like hopping over briefly. I need to play with you guys again (even if my lazy side likes non-hardcore mode), I actually enjoy myself instead of getting furious with 12 year olds :lol:
    15. TooTall
      Thanks! And Jwins, wish I had NCAA but had to boycott this year due to J.C. being on the cover.
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    Jan 20, 1989 (Age: 32)
    Huber Heights
    Favorite Program:
    Ohio State
    Xbox Live GamerTag:
    Expired Pot
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