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'05 GA TE Stephen Gowland (Auburn walk-on)

Discussion in 'College Football' started by Buckskin86, May 30, 2004.

  1. Buckskin86

    Buckskin86 Moderator


    claims to have just received a written tOSU offer

    Ht: 6-4 Wt: 220 40: 4.69
    Position: TE
    High School: Parkview HS- one of the top HS programs in the country
    (Lilburn, GA)
    2003 stats: 20 passes for 450 yards and three touchdowns.
    Grades: 4.0 GPA and 1300 SAT

    free insiders article on MSL performance-considered most impressive TE

  2. Buckskin86

    Buckskin86 Moderator

    Rivals Premium confirms the tOSU offer

    His top 5 Auburn, Florida, Wake Forest, Georgia and Ohio State. He will try and visit tOSU this summer but it sounds like he prefers to stay in the South, closer to home.
  3. CleveBucks

    CleveBucks Serenity now

    Unless we blow him away on his visit, we better start recruiting someone else.
  4. Georgia Terp

    Georgia Terp Newbie

    Wants the big stage

    He is seeking an offer from Florida or Georgia. If it doesn't come, tOSU has an excellent shot at landing him.
  5. BuckNutty

    BuckNutty Hear The Drummer Get Wicked Staff Member Bookie

    Thanks for the update, GT. How would you describe Gowland's game?

    Welcome to Buckeye Planet :)
  6. Buckskin86

    Buckskin86 Moderator

    Thanks GA Terp!

    There is no bigger stage than the Shoe.

    Hopefully he can camp here this summer. We need a quality TE in this class- he could get early playing time.
  7. CleveBucks

    CleveBucks Serenity now

    GA Terp,
    Welcome aboard. Any info you can share with any GA prospects would be appreciated. It sure seems like Gowland is looking to stay in the south. Do GA and FL need TE's in this class, and if so where does Gowland rank on their lists?
  8. Georgia Terp

    Georgia Terp Newbie

    Complete Package

    He benches 330, squats 560 and hang cleans 370 (high school record). Great blocker and great hands. Was the best blocker on OL for RB Brad Lester (Auburn signee & over 2000 yds). Caught 20 passes for 456 yards last year and was not team's primary receiver (that was Navy signee WR Greg Sudderth). He has an intense desire to win. As a sophomore he lettered on a senior heavy team that went 15-0 winning GA 5A state and ranked no. 2 in nation by and USA Today. Last year's team went 11-2 and to state quarterfinals. He's smart and he's a team leader.
  9. LordJeffBuck

    LordJeffBuck Illuminatus Emeritus Staff Member BP Recruiting Team

    Thanks, GTerp. Stephen sounds like a Tressel player to me!
  10. Georgia Terp

    Georgia Terp Newbie

    Bulldog Chances

    Right now he appears to be one of about nine candidates for maybe one TE opening at Georgia. Check out, June 7th posting. As far as Florida goes, I only know whats been posted on He will attend both camps in July.

    He attended the Wake Forest camp last weekend and returned with his third scholarship offer. He's going to Auburn next weekend.
  11. Buckskin86

    Buckskin86 Moderator

    Rivals Premium

    He is about to get an Auburn offer

    GaTerp- Is tOSU out of the running once he gets any SEC offer (even if it isn't his two favorites Florida and GA)? Sounds like he really wants to stay in the South.
  12. Georgia Terp

    Georgia Terp Newbie

    Wants more info

    He really is undecided about that at this point. He still wants to visit tOSU to find out what its like. Right now, he is most familiar with the SEC and likes the general quality of play there and the speed of the game. I don't think Auburn is the best fit for him because they seem to be stacked with underclassmen tight ends and they don't use the position much in their passing game. He is as good a receiver as he is a blocker and he wants to do both. His 22 plus yards per catch average last year led all receivers (including backs and wide receivers) in Gwinnett County, GA last year (with at least 6 catches).
  13. Buckskin86

    Buckskin86 Moderator

    SEC and likes the general quality of play there and the speed of the game.

    Thanks GATerp!

    The Big Ten is constantly fighting the Big & Slow player stereotype. I believe Ohio State showed the world the last few years that is a myth. Even Iowa handled Florida pretty handily in their ball game this year.

    Hopefully Steve gives tOSU a chance. But best of a luck in whatever he decides.
  14. LordJeffBuck

    LordJeffBuck Illuminatus Emeritus Staff Member BP Recruiting Team

  15. Naplesbuckeye

    Naplesbuckeye Newbie

    When he arrives at Auburn he will have to decide what color interior leather he wants as well as what type of vehicle.

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