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2005 '05 Glenville DL Curtis Smith (Cincinnati signee)

Discussion in 'Football Recruiting' started by Buckskin86, Feb 26, 2004.

  1. another good pick up for uc, i saw curtis play this year, hes a real nice player.

    coach d is putting a nice little class together down in the 'nati
  2. BuckTwenty

    BuckTwenty Parties with Pete Johnson's Beard

    Congrats Curtis! Can't go wrong with Coach Dantonio. You're learning from one of the best defesive-minded head coaches in the nation. Good luck Curtis! We'll be keeping track of ya!
  3. TheStoicPaisano

    TheStoicPaisano But I didn't, so it doesn't

    Smith, now going by Curtis Young (his father's name) is listed 3rd at a DE spot, behind fellow Glenville grad Angelo Craig. Young had a sack in the opener.
  4. TheStoicPaisano

    TheStoicPaisano But I didn't, so it doesn't

    Hopefully Curtis will have a successful senior year after the tribulations he's been through.

    11 tackles (2 TFL) is a good start.
  5. MSURacerDT55

    MSURacerDT55 Lineman aficionado

    This guy was a monster before he got hurt
  6. Buckskin86

    Buckskin86 Moderator

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