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'06 FL JUCO DE Louis Holmes (Arizona signee)

Discussion in 'College Football' started by Helpinghand, Apr 11, 2004.

  1. osugrad21

    osugrad21 Capo Regime Staff Member

    Rivals $


    Bigfoot has verballed to Arizona.
  2. scarletngrey11

    scarletngrey11 All right, all right, all right.

    USC Misses Out

    The Holmes thread is locked, so I dont know where to put this. I know we are all huge Pete Carrol fans here so I figured everyone would like this:<!--EZCODE AUTOLINK END-->


    Friday, December 16, 2005
    Trojans spend three hours trying to lock up Holmes


    SCOTTSDALE - Louis Holmes was 45 minutes late for his news conference yesterday, in part because USC football coach Pete Carroll wouldn't take no for an answer.

    LSU coaches wouldn't, either.

    "I had to cut my phone off," Holmes said.

    By the time he had dodged the last-second pleas and made it back to Scottsdale Community College, Holmes had out-run the Tigers, stiff-armed the Trojans and given Arizona its most significant recruit since . . . since . . . ever?

    "I'm one who looks at things differently," said Holmes, a defensive end who is widely considered the nation's top junior college prospect. "I wanted to go somewhere that would best suit me, rather than where everyone else thought I should be."

    Carroll thought Holmes should be in USC cardinal and gold, singing "Fight On" and starting on the Trojans' defensive line, which will have a vacancy at defensive end next season.

    The Trojans - winners of two consecutive national titles, three of the past four Heisman trophies and 34 games in a row - thought so much of Holmes that Carroll, offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin and defensive line coach Jethro Franklin spent three hours with Holmes last week.

    They met in Scottsdale coach Ken Giovando's cramped office, amid the books, tapes and boxes, the all-mighty Trojans intent on leaving with a commitment.

    "It wasn't like they came in here and were like, "Hi, hi, adiós," said Giovando, adding that he has never seen recruiters stay for as long as three hours in his 40-year coaching career. "They weren't going anywhere.

    "From the stuff I heard, they need him. They made that very clear. The defensive line coach had his laptop out, showing plays and pointing out where Louis would be. They made a joke that if he didn't show up, they were going to cancel their schedule. You know, ha ha ha."

    But seriously, folks . . .

    Isn't a scholarship from golden boy Carroll an offer you can't refuse?

    "It wasn't too hard because (UA coach Mike Stoops) is a good coach," Holmes said. "He knows defense and is known for coaching some good defensive players, too. He has won championships. He is as good a coach as Pete Carroll."

    But look at it this way: USC has won the same number of games this season (12) as UA has in the past four.

    Yet the Wildcats, whose record indicates that maybe they should be competing with New Mexico, San Diego State and Washington State on the recruiting trail, are living somewhere in the neighborhood of the penthouse.

    "We're not afraid to battle USC head to head," said Arizona recruiting coordinator Dan Berezowitz. "We're not afraid to battle Texas head to head."

    Carroll battled to the end (although the official end is technically Wednesday, when Holmes can sign as a midyear transfer), calling Holmes repeated times yesterday, and getting on a three-way hookup with Franklin.

    It has to take a pretty strong person to say no to that kind of USC pressure.

    "Yeah, it does because they're winning and competing for national championships every year," Holmes said.

    "Most of the top players want to go somewhere where it is already set. I want to set my own mark, be a part of something special.

    "That could be the reason UA hasn't been successful lately. Maybe some top recruits don't want to step up to take the challenge."

    Maybe it just takes one guy to get the ball rolling.

    "Exactly," Holmes said.

    Without Holmes' commitment, which had been made privately days earlier, the Wildcats probably don't get five-star junior college player Gabe Long, a defensive tackle who stated he wanted to play alongside Holmes. Long was a onetime USC commit who was sidetracked to junior college.

    This recruiting high life has UA fans giddy . . . and USC backers a bit puzzled.

    The Trojans' message boards were buzzing yesterday, with plenty of mocking of Holmes' decision:

    "I look forward to seeing Holmes and Long on their backsides next year."

    "We didn't need him anyway and I didn't want him. We can do a lot better."

    Well, Carroll did want him. Badly. Which makes this recruiting win so special for an up-and-coming program such as Arizona.

    "Coach Carroll did a great job recruiting him," Giovando said. "He was talking about how USC was bigger than ever, even bigger than when O.J. was there."

    All that was just talk to Holmes, who spent some time chatting with Stoops' former players, including Oklahoma All-American defensive tackle Tommie Harris.

    One bit of advice Holmes picked up: "It's not about what school I go to, it's what I do at the school," he said.

    To USC's dismay, that school is UA.

    Arizona's commitments

    The Wildcats have 18 known commitments, with national signing day in early February. (, star rankings in parentheses)

    Player (Scout, Rivals) Pos. Ht. Wt. High school/hometown
    Cody Anderson (3, 3) TE 6-6 252 Apache Junction HS
    Colin Baxter (3, 3) OL 6-4 295 Palos Verdes Peninsula HS, Rolling Hills, Calif.
    Glyndon Bolasky (3, 3) TB 6-0 192 Sabino HS
    DeLaShaun Dean (4, 3) WR 6-4 190 Fairfield (Calif.) HS
    Cory Elmore (2, 3) OL 6-5 255 Grace Brethren HS, Simi Valley, Calif.
    Ricky Elmore (2, 3) DE 6-5 235 Grace Brethren HS, Simi Valley, Calif.
    *Louis Holmes (5, 5) DE 6-5 280 Scottsdale CC; Dillard HS, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.
    *Gabe Long (5,5) DT 6-4 280 Fullerton (Calif.) College
    Tyler Lyon (3, 3) QB 6-6 210 Hart HS, Newhall, Calif.
    Earl Mitchell (3,3) TE 6-2 245 North Shore HS, Galena Park, Texas
    Cam Nelson (3,3) CB 6-1 175 Kimball HS, Dallas
    *Nate Ness (4, 3) FS 6-2 180 El Camino (Calif.) CC
    Brooks Reed (3, 3) HB 6-3 220 Sabino HS
    Terrell Reese (4, 3) WR 6-4 200 Hendrickson HS, Pflugerville, Texas
    Derke Robinson (4, 4) TB 6-0 200 Hebron HS, Lewisville, Texas
    A.J. Simmons (4,4) TE 6-4 245 Bishop O'Dowd HS, Oakland, Calif.
    *James Tretheway (3, 3) OL 6-6 295 San Mateo (Calif.) College
    Mike Turner (3, 4) CB 5-11 160 Manteca (Calif.) HS

    *Junior college player
  3. BuckTwenty

    BuckTwenty Parties with Pete Johnson's Beard

    Arizona is almost SILENTLY putting together a nice little class down there!

    Good luck, Louis! You've got a fan in me. I'll be keeping track of ya
  4. Buckskin86

    Buckskin86 Moderator
  5. osugrad21

    osugrad21 Capo Regime Staff Member


    UA Sports

    Holmes finally suits up for Cats in practice

    By Ryan Finley
    Arizona Daily Star
    Tucson, Arizona | Published: 08.04.2006

    Louis Holmes' waiting game is over. The UA football team's five-star prospect has been accepted to the university and was in uniform with the Wildcats for Friday's practice at Rincon Vista Complex. Holmes, a defensive end, had been in a holding pattern since he failed to qualify academically for the UA's spring semester. He enrolled in classes at Pima College in the spring, and finished his final summer class Thursday. Holmes spent Friday being fitted for a helmet and shoulder pads, and was one of the final players off the last bus to Rincon Vista in the afternoon. Holmes' arrival is seen as a major coup for Arizona. The UA pried Holmes, who initially committed to Ohio State, from USC during an 11th-hour recruiting battle last winter, and are banking on the 6-foot-6-inch junior to start at defensive end this fall. Holmes was the top-rated junior college player in the country following his 2005 campaign at Scottsdale Community College. He will wear jersey No. 1. Holmes and UA coach Mike Stoops will address the media at 8:30 tonight.
  6. methomps

    methomps an imbecility, a stupidity without name

    A defensive end wearing #1? This has disappointment written all over it.
  7. osugrad21

    osugrad21 Capo Regime Staff Member


    UA Sports

    UA football
    Welcome, Holmes

    Highly regarded recruit arrives in camp, earns Stoops' praise after first practice
    By Ryan Finley
    Arizona Daily Star
    Tucson, Arizona | Published: 08.05.2006

    The UA football team has known for months that Louis Holmes knows how to take down ball carriers and crush quarterbacks.
    Friday night, the Wildcats learned that Holmes is pretty good at making appearances, too.
    Holmes, one of the most anticipated recruits in program history, practiced with the Wildcats for the first time Friday night after completing six months of academic hurdles.
    Holmes was admitted to the university Friday morning. Hours later, the five-star recruit was wearing his old jersey No. 1 and cutting a wide swath as one of the Wildcats' largest — and most physically gifted — players.
    Holmes, a defensive end, stands 6 feet 6 inches and weighs about 270 pounds after shedding 20 pounds during the off-season.
    "It's a relief," Holmes said of his ordeal. "I found out (Thursday) night. I was excited, too, and happy to get started. I knew it was coming. I had been working pretty hard."
    Holmes' academic ordeal has been well-documented. The former Ohio State signee committed to the UA in January, rebuffing USC coach Pete Carroll's 11th-hour sales pitch to become a Trojan.
    But Holmes ran into academic issues after signing his letter of intent. He did not qualify academically for the UA's spring semester, meaning his letter of intent was void. He moved to the Tucson anyway and began taking courses at Pima College.
    "Other schools contacted me, but I didn't answer the phone," Holmes said. "I was pretty much set for Arizona."
    Holmes' enrollment is key for coach Mike Stoops' incoming class, which was ranked 18th in the country — and second in the Pac-10 — by the recruiting service earlier this year.
    Freshmen Derke Robinson, D'Aundre Reed, Michael Turner and Braylon Broughton are still awaiting academic clearance. Junior college transfer Gabe Long, another five-star recruit, is waiting on his Pima College grades.
    Long is still considered a long shot to enroll.
    Holmes fit right in during practice, running drills and participating with the first-team defense in seven-on-seven and 11-on-11 drills without pads.
    Stoops said the newcomer played with great urgency and showed an uncommon knowledge of the sport.
    "He's everything I thought he would be," Stoops said. "You can see why he was the No. 1 (junior college) recruit in the country.
    "First impressions go a long way, and I got a really good first impression of him."
    Holmes' arrival bolstered an already peppy UA defense Friday.
    The Wildcats' blueshirts stayed intense during seven-on-seven drills, at times overwhelming their offensive counterparts.
    At one point, Holmes inadvertently knocked running back Chris Henry to the ground with a nasty hit.
    Henry, a physical specimen in his own right, sprung to his feet, charged Holmes — and hugged him.
    For a day, at least, the Wildcats were all smiles.
    Extra points
    ● The Wildcats might not have cracked the first USA Today college football poll of the season, but they did receive votes. Two of them.
    Arizona was one of 27 schools listed among the "others receiving votes" portion of the poll. Seven of the UA's 11 opponents for 2006 either made the Top 25 or received votes.
    USC was picked third in the nation, while LSU was ninth, California was 12th and Oregon was 20th.
    Arizona State, UCLA and BYU also received votes.
    ● Defensive back Gerold Rodriguez and defensive tackle Rickey Parker have left the team. No reasons have been given for their departures.
    Rodriguez lettered as a special teams starter and wide receiver as a freshman last season, but was moved to defensive back in the off-season. Parker played in eight games as a junior last year.

    How he got here ● Prized recruit Louis Holmes, a 6-foot-6-inch, 270-pound defensive lineman, wasn't a sure thing to play in Tucson — until Friday:
    Fall 2002 Moves from his hometown of Memphis, Tenn., to Fort Lauderdale, Fla., for his final year of high school.
    Winter 2003 Verbally commits to Ohio State University.
    August 2004 Enrolls at Scottsdale Community College.
    Dec. 15, 2005 Verbally commits to the UA during a news conference in Scottsdale. The announcement is delayed 50 minutes while USC coach Pete Carroll makes a last-ditch effort to land Holmes by phone. Holmes chooses the UA because he "was interested in being a part of something new."
    Dec. 22, 2005 Holmes faxes his letter of intent to the UA football offices, more than 24 hours after it was expected.
    Jan. 20, 2006 Holmes, who is still awaiting transcripts, fails to enroll on time for the spring semester.
    Feb. 1 Holmes and fellow junior college recruit Gabe Long are left off the UA's list of signees when Stoops announces the incoming recruiting class.
    Feb. 9 Holmes tells the Arizona Daily Star he's finishing coursework and should be enrolled by fall camp. "It's all good," he says. "I'm busy working out and going to school."
    April 20 Holmes, attending the UA's spring camp as an observer, confirms his pledge to the UA.
    Aug. 3 Holmes receives an "A" in his final summer class at Pima College.
    Aug. 4 Holmes is admitted to the UA. He practices with the Wildcats.

    All about Louis Holmes
    l Height: 6 feet, 6 inches l Weight: 270 pounds
    l Position: Defensive end l Year: Junior
    l Hometown: Memphis, Tenn.
    l High School: Fort Lauderdale (Fla.) Dillard, graduated in 2003
    Fast facts l Spent two seasons at Scottsdale Community College after attending a prep school for a year following high school
    l Turned down offers from Florida, Florida State, LSU, Oklahoma, Tennessee and USC to attend the UA
    l Named's No. 1 junior college player in 2005
    l Has a tattoo on his right biceps that reads "Only God Can Judge Me."
  8. osugrad21

    osugrad21 Capo Regime Staff Member

    Scout $


    Bigfoot is living up to the hype.
  9. methomps

    methomps an imbecility, a stupidity without name


    Defensive end to face charges in Scottsdale

    By Ryan Finley

    Arizona defensive end Louis Holmes will appear in a Scottsdale court next week on charges of criminal damage and disorderly conduct stemming from a fight at a nightclub last month.

    Holmes, 22, is accused of punching a patron and ripping a doorman's Kenneth Cole blazer as he was being escorted from the Pussycat Lounge, 4426 N. Saddlebag Trail, around 2 a.m. on July 1, according to a Scottsdale Police Department report.
    "It's news to me," UA coach Mike Stoops told the Star after practice Tuesday. "I don't know anything about it."

    Stoops said nothing about disciplinary action and then called Holmes over and the two huddled together for about five minutes.

    According to the police report, Holmes was asked to leave the club after a bouncer saw him "lay out" an unknown male with one punch. It took several people to escort Holmes ? at 6 feet 6 inches, 260 pounds ? from the club, the report stated.

    Defensive end to face charges in Scottsdale | ®
  10. Jagdaddy

    Jagdaddy Senior

    I guess Steve Austin wasn't there to rip off "Bigfoot's" arm.
  11. Oh8ch

    Oh8ch Cognoscente of Omphaloskepsis Staff Member

    Anyone else notice how many kids who were on OSU's radar and who we were all clamoring for but who did not come to OSU end up with articles like this one?

    (Wilson and Daniels for two.)
    LordJeffBuck likes this.
  12. ScriptOhio

    ScriptOhio Everybody is somebody else's weirdo.

    It's possible that if he would have gotten into Ohio State after the Winter 2003 commitment things would have worked out differently (no legal problems) for him.
  13. goodguy

    goodguy I loathe goodguy

    I doubt many are familiar with your refernce, but it's hilarious non the less. Steve Austin and Bigfoot joining forces is classic and really bad television at the same time. Those 70's TV producers snorted way to much coke, that's the only excuse I can think of for allowing that episode script into production. :! Oliver joining the Brady Bunch is another example of how coke skews one's judgement.

    You gotta love reading Holmes tidbits. This kid has been one of the most interesting recruits since I've been following. Buster Davis and Kenyon Rambo come to mind too.

    Can we rename this thread to "What's up Holmes!"
  14. starBUCKS

    starBUCKS BPCFFB League #2 League Champion 2008 & 2010

    Tore his "Kenneth Cole" blazer.... real important detail.:shake: Ahhh... Snottsdale AZ.
  15. wadc45

    wadc45 Bourbon, Bow Ties and Baseball Hats Staff Member BP Recruiting Team

    I need to see a profile of that haircut before I can pass judgement.

    The ol' JT adage comes to mine...nothing good happens after midnight.

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