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06 Recruiting: Pennsylvania's Top Recruits

Discussion in 'College Football' started by Highstreet, Jan 22, 2005.

  1. Highstreet

    Highstreet Freshman

    Scout $

    27. QB/Athlete Clem Johnson 5-11/182/4.5, Carlisle

    26. LB Nate Williams 6-2/220/4.7, Pittsburgh Central Catholic

    25. LB Greg Robinson 6-2/205/4.5, Scotland School

    24. LB Archie Donald 6-2/220/4.7, Penn Hills

    23. QB Desmond Brentley 6-2/215/4.6, Perry Traditional Academy

    22. WR/DB Terrance McCrae 6-3/180/4.5, Connellsville

    21. QB/WR/DB Aaron Smith 6-0/180/4.4 Gateway<o ="">

    20. RB/LB, Justin Hargrove 6-4/230/4.52, Baldwin <o =""></o>

    19. DT Jason Kates 6-2/324/5.3, Bishop McDevitt <o =""></o>

    18. LB Jason Kolodziej 6-1/230/4.7, Thomas Jefferson <o =""></o>

    17. RB Travis McBride 6-1/185/4.5, McKeesport <o =""></o>

    16. WR/S Ashton Cobb 6-0/195/4.59, Center <o =""></o>

    15. QB Jeremy Ricker 6-1/195/4.6, Bishop McDevitt <o =""></o>

    14. LB/RB Nate Nix 6-3/205/4.6, Thomas Jefferson <o =""></o>

    13. LB/FB Dan Loheyde 6-2/220/4.7, Gateway <o =""></o>

    12. LB Greg Webster 6-2/225/4.5, Woodland Hills <o =""></o>

    11. DL/OL Tom McEowen 6-4/269/5.12 Neshaminy <o =""></o>

    10. OL Chris Hanna 6-4/292/5.0 Gateway<o =""></o>

    9. S/WR Elijah Fields 6-2/200/4.5 Duquesne <o =""></o>

    8. DL/OL Jared Odrick 6-6/295/4.9 Lebanon <o =""></o>

    7. WR/DB John Maddox 6-4/195/4.5 West Philadelphia Catholic <o =""></o>

    6. DL/OL Jason Pinkston 6-4/260/4.9 Baldwin
    5. (Tie) Athlete Da`Rel Scott 6-1/175/4.38, Plymouth-Whitemarsh <o =""></o>

    5. (Tie)LB Dorin Dickerson 6-3/205.4.6, West Allegheny<o =""></o>

    4. (Tie) RB/LB Jeremiha Hunter 6-2/210/4.5, Manheim Central <o =""></o>

    4. (Tie) QB Pat Devlin 6-4/205/4.7, Downingtown East <o =""></o>

    3. QB Zach Frazer 6-4/217/4.8, Mechanicsburg<o =""></o>

    2.CB/WR Darrin Walls 6-1/185/4.4, Woodland Hills <o =""></o>

    1. RB LeSean McCoy 5-11/215/4.4, Bishop McDevitt <o =""></o>
    <o =""></o>
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2005
  2. msj2487

    msj2487 You bred raptors?

    I'll put money on it that those 1-5 are:

    5. WR Wesley Lyons 6'6" / 185 / 4.4 Pittsburgh, PA

    4. QB Zach Frazer 6'5" / 220 / 4.8 Mechanicsburg, PA

    3. DB Darrin Walls 6'1" / 180 / 4.4 Pittsburgh, PA

    2. QB Pat Devlin 6'3" / 195 / 4.7 Exton, PA

    1. RB LeSean McCoy 5'10" / 193 / 4.3 Harrisburg, PA
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2005
  3. unionfutura

    unionfutura Moderator Staff Member

  4. msj2487

    msj2487 You bred raptors?

    Interesting that Wesley is not even on the list....
  5. bobcat84

    bobcat84 Freshman

    I believe Walls visited a game last year with Wesley. Let's hope for another 4 from PA in 06. Go get'um Daniels!
  6. unionfutura

    unionfutura Moderator Staff Member

    I asked Bob Lichtenfels about Wesley

    and he said his growth spurt has made Wesley a little uncoordinate, he needs to add weight, strength, and speed to become the type of prospect his brother is.
  7. unionfutura

    unionfutura Moderator Staff Member


    Jared Odrick should be in the top five over Da Rel Scott. Odrick is a bad man. He's DT on the next level. Think Pitcock but only bigger. I think OSU would have a good shot if they offer him early.

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