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2008 '08 OH DT Dawawn Whitner (Erie Community College)

Discussion in 'Football Recruiting' started by osugrad21, Oct 23, 2006.

  1. keep lloyd

    keep lloyd Newbie

    BN $

    He's going to Columbus St. for a year and then plans on being a Buckeye.
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 3, 2008
  2. sandgk

    sandgk Watson, Crick & A Twist

    The very best of luck to him.
  3. osugrad21

    osugrad21 Capo Regime Staff Member

    Article linked above...please use them in the future guys.

    Also, PMs work best if you see an article we have missed...

    Anyway, congrats Dawawn.
  4. gold_pants

    gold_pants Freshman

    Always loved the players that have talent and would run thru a brick wall to be a Buckeye. Would love to see him go to Columbus State get grades, go to tOSU and become a STAR!
  5. jazzman

    jazzman Junior

    Wow...this is a bit of a surprise. Didn't see this one coming. Cool...Dawawn, I can't wait to see you in S&G in the near future!
  6. BuckWrestler141

    BuckWrestler141 Senior '18 Bowl Mania Champ

    Ahem.... :biggrin:
    stowfan likes this.
  7. wadc45

    wadc45 Bourbon, Bow Ties and Baseball Hats Staff Member BP Recruiting Team

    My post was assuming he had everything else in order...he didn't choose walking on at OSU over a scholarship from Illinois (his Illinois offer was contingent upon him getting his ducks in a row academically). He chose walking on at OSU after a year at Columbus State over walking on anywhere else after a year at some any other community college.
  8. BuckWrestler141

    BuckWrestler141 Senior '18 Bowl Mania Champ

    I kind of figured:(. Is it for sure that he couldn't get into any D-1 school; and it wasn't OSU's standards that kept him out?
  9. OregonBuckeye

    OregonBuckeye Semper Fi Buckeyes

    How do you not get into West Virginia?
  10. MililaniBuckeye

    MililaniBuckeye The satanic soulless freight train that is Ohio St Staff Member Tech Admin

    By driving west from Ohio...
    BB73, Fungo Squiggly and wadc45 like this.
  11. BuckWrestler141

    BuckWrestler141 Senior '18 Bowl Mania Champ

    By firing RichRod.
    Muck likes this.
  12. Definitely a rough road to go but he has got to do what he has got to do. Good Luck to DaWawn. It is never too late to build a solid academic foundation.
  13. DaytonBuck

    DaytonBuck I've always liked them

    He turned down a full academic ride at WVU for CBus state
    stowfan likes this.
  14. ol104

    ol104 RIP Neutron Man

    similar academic standards...

    i dont think he had the grades to get in anywhere, he did not reach minimum NCAA standards i believe
  15. BigJim

    BigJim Senior

    I had a feeling wadc45 was missing something here...

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