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2008 '08 OH WR Cordale Scott (Illinois Signee; Transfer to Toledo)

Discussion in 'Football Recruiting' started by OSUBucks22, Sep 1, 2006.

  1. Redhawk

    Redhawk All-American

  2. NFBuck

    NFBuck Total Coverage.

    So, Illinois has no shot here?
  3. Pimpinnati

    Pimpinnati What Would Evan Turner Do?

    Woah. Don't be hasty.

    The Zooker is never out of it!
  4. sepia5

    sepia5 JoePa apologists = Pendejo

    I was just watching the MSU / Illinois game and started thinking about Cordale. I was wondering why he hadn't gotten any time, and only just realized he transferred to Toledo because of "family issues." But now it looks like he's not even on Toledo's 2010 roster:

    I can't seem to find any other information about what happened to him after the transfer. Anyone know if he is out of football altogether? That would be too bad.
  5. BuckeyeNation27

    BuckeyeNation27 Goal Goal USA! Staff Member

    I don't remember Cordale in our game, but he just missed a pass that would have been a long TD against Boise.

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