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2008 '08 OH WR Cordale Scott (Illinois Signee; Transfer to Toledo)

Discussion in 'Football Recruiting' started by OSUBucks22, Sep 1, 2006.

  1. It isnt like I am really going out on a limb here...Ginn, Rose, Small, etc. all did and said the same things as Scott, coud be the very reason why those others schools arent even bothering to offer, they know where Scott is going to go...
  2. ShakerBuck

    ShakerBuck Junior

    At some point there will be a Tarblooder that we want that goes elsewhere..not saying Cordale will be that guy, but it will happen.
    LordJeffBuck likes this.
  3. ant80

    ant80 Think less, feel more.

    Blasphemy!!!:mad2::mad2::mad2::mad2: Unless OSU hasn't offered, of course.
  4. osugrad21

    osugrad21 Capo Regime Staff Member

    Don't waste your money...
  5. osugrad21

    osugrad21 Capo Regime Staff Member

    BG $

    Cordale discusses the Ginn Bus tour and says he is not worried about all of the commitments tOSU is receiving.
  6. jwinslow

    jwinslow A MAN OF BETRAYED JUSTICE Staff Member Tourney Pick'em Champ

    Scout Free


    Photo Gallery of OHSAA Track Finals... feat. Isles, Scott, Dane S, Merrill, Clements, Jefferson, Posey.
  7. osugrad21

    osugrad21 Capo Regime Staff Member


    Cordale names a top five of Illinois, Ohio State, Wisconsin, North Carolina and Indiana. He says the Brew Crew has been in frequent contact.
  8. OWUBuckeye51

    OWUBuckeye51 is not receiving a bail out

    This is more of a Wad question as I noted in Fred Smith's thread that he thinks Cordale moves to D @ tOSU...

    Just curious why you think that?

    Most film I have seen of him has been on the offensive side of the ball - few of the shots have been on D. He reminds me of Dwayne Jarrett in terms of build and body control and for the life of me, I can't see this kid on D...

    Then again, I have a hard time seeing Eugene Clifford on D...I think Genie will be a WR, so what do I know.
  9. jwinslow

    jwinslow A MAN OF BETRAYED JUSTICE Staff Member Tourney Pick'em Champ

    He struggled with his routes and hands in some recent camps, including the two camps I attended.
    Gene can play well both ways imo... and proved many (me too) wrong about CB... but I think he was born to be a head hunter at safety.
  10. wadc45

    wadc45 Bourbon, Bow Ties and Baseball Hats Staff Member BP Recruiting Team

    What jwins said...based on what I have been told (by jwins and others) Cordale does not show the fluidity and route running ability of a kid who projects as a college WR. What he does show is the freakish athleticism and frame to be a smash mouth safety, if he doesn't end up growing all the way into a OLB.
    OWUBuckeye51 likes this.
  11. jwinslow

    jwinslow A MAN OF BETRAYED JUSTICE Staff Member Tourney Pick'em Champ

    Agreed wade (didn't want to come off negative). Cordale is raw but the potential is certainly there, on defense, especially with his athleticism for his size.

    It takes a special WR to hang with the likes of Posey & Stoneburner, let alone 3-4 years worth of WR recruits already on campus.
    OWUBuckeye51 likes this.
  12. Buckeyecty4

    Buckeyecty4 Junior

    Is this why staff wants to take another WR in this class in addition to Scott, Posey, and Stoney??

    Im guessing there is some question about Scott and even Stoneburner sticking at the WR position...

    I like what I see from Scott at safety or OLB.. He has good closing speed and can hit

    Regardless of where he ends up, it's looking like the 09 Ohio class is pretty loaded, especially if Desmar plays football

    I dont think we'll have any problems fielding a lethal WR core in the future
  13. OWUBuckeye51

    OWUBuckeye51 is not receiving a bail out

    I agree w/ you - Posey has proved to be an elite HS wideout and his sky is the limit. Stoneburner as well.

    Getting back to 'Dale, any chance that a redshirt year or two under Coach Hazell changes that and refines his abilities?
  14. MililaniBuckeye

    MililaniBuckeye The satanic soulless freight train that is Ohio St Staff Member Tech Admin

    Not trying to contradict what you or anyone else is saying, but how many 6'5" safeties are there? Also, at 185 pounds on a 6'5" frame, there's a lot of beef (absolute minimum 40 pounds, 60 pounds would be ideal) that would need to be put on to reach LB size, IMO. Again, not doubting you or anyone else mentioning those positions as options for Cordale, but it would seem with his build that any move to defense would seem to be at corner...
  15. eobuck

    eobuck Freshman

    Scott has been measuring in at 6'3 200 in the most recent camps. He shouldn't have much of a problem getting to LBer size if that is where he would be best suited to play.

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