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2009 '09 KY ATH Justin Green (Illinois Signee)

Discussion in 'Football Recruiting' started by wadc45, Nov 30, 2007.

  1. southcampus

    southcampus Go Bucks

    Barksdale went to LSU to play DT...

    Any news on if we still have a shot there?
  2. Colvinnl

    Colvinnl Freshman

    Eh, he really wanted a shot to play RB. You cannot fault a kid for having that level of confidence in himself. U of I gave him that shot and it did not work out. I cannot fault him for rolling the dice and do not necessarily see something problematic (from the surface) in how Illinois handled it.
  3. NFBuck

    NFBuck The Danger.

    So, he was Zooked?
  4. Muck

    Muck Enjoy Every Sandwich Staff Member

    Brock Bolen went to Illinois to be a TB.

    ...and now we've come full circle.
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2010
  5. Meyer

    Meyer Junior

    Zook is so bad that he has resorted to Zooking only his own players.

    Anyways, just shows that Tressel knows what he's talking about and our coaches (obviously) know how to evaluate players. Kid could have been a corner at Ohio State with the best coaching in the country, but instead wasted his time trying out the running back position and is now a year behind, playing corner at Illinois with coaching that isn't so hot.
  6. Oneshot

    Oneshot Goes For Three

    Sorry to add more examples but... Little Gholston went to MSU to be a LB.
    Muck likes this.
  7. BuckTwenty

    BuckTwenty Parties with Pete Johnson's Beard

    Prescott Burgess went to TSUN to be a S. And get back at Mo.

    Lots of fail there.
  8. Oh8ch

    Oh8ch Cognoscente of Omphaloskepsis Staff Member

    I don't fault the kid. But I do fault coaches who lead kids to believe they can play a position that is not in the stars if their purpose is to get a signed LOI. Is that what happened in each of these cases? Perhaps not. But in each case it appears that the cards JT laid on the table are how the hand played out.

    The only case I can think of where the kid ended up getting what he wanted by not going to OSU is Justin Boren - who went to Michigan because he wanted to be a Buckeye.
    Muck and gracelhink like this.
  9. stowfan

    stowfan Senior

    a BRILLIANT piece of logic!
  10. k2onprimetime

    k2onprimetime All in

    I feel bad for the kid. I mean, he could easily be on are side of the ball. Now he has to face Dane and Devier:(And the worst part is you play for a clown. I hope tressel runs the score up to 72.
  11. Merih

    Merih GO BUCKS!

    Watching the Big Ten in 60 OSU - Illinois game from my DVR...Justin Green would've been a really good one for us. He still has all those qualities that Tressel alluded to in his call-in show before the Illinois game. Quick hips, great backpedal, and good acceleration.

    Too bad the Zooker snake oiled him.
  12. Smudger

    Smudger #ImYourHuckleberry Staff Member BP Recruiting Team '13 BP FBB Champ '14 NFL Pick'em Champ

    Does anyone know if he starts ? I know it's his Senior year, but I have heard nothing about him since he was moved back to DB a few years back. Since this is the first post in this thread in two years, it looks like the pain of losing him to the Zooker has worn off just a little bit. Either that, or the fact he's gone winless against us in his career has eased some peoples feelings just a little.
  13. Poe McKnoe

    Poe McKnoe Senior

    Everybody gets Zooked one time in their lives.
  14. LordJeffBuck

    LordJeffBuck Illuminatus Emeritus Staff Member

    I don't know if he's starting, but, he has 22 tackles on the year, ninth best for Illinois, so he's playing significant minutes.

    For his career: 88 yards rushing, 2 TD's; 102 tackles, 0 INT's; two-time Academic All Big Ten. Not exactly what you'd expect from a "top 100" prospect.
  15. TDunk

    TDunk The Dunk Abides

    Not sure how up to date this is but he at least started out the year as a starter.

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