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'09 WI PF Jamil Wilson (Oregon Verbal)

Discussion in '2009 Basketball Recruiting' started by wadc45, Jun 25, 2007.

  1. Scoopfan

    Scoopfan Rookie

    Hell if I know. The only thing we have to go by is the factual information provided by the recruiting sites that tell us that when Jamil will be a college freshman, Wisconsin's roster will consist of three seniors (Bohannon, Gavinski, Hughes), three juniors (Leuer, Nankivil, Jarmusz), five sophomores (Wilson, Berggren, Jordan Taylor, Markolf, & the newly signed Evans), and two freshmen (Diamond Taylor, Bruesewitz). That's thirteen players, which is the NCAA limit for scholarships. Now, knowing the type of person Bo is, I certainly wouldn't put it past him to boot someone to make room for Jamil, but at this point, the fact is undisputable: Wisconsin has no scholarships available for the 2009 class.

    Now, some Wisconsin fans have been claiming that Gavinski will "transfer," but looking at his history and comments, the only way the kid leaves is if Bo shows him the door. He committed to Wisconsin the summer after his sophomore season, is from Wisconsin, and has been a diehard Badger all his life. If JP Gavinski voluntarily transfers from Wisconsin, then I'm the next President of the United States.
  2. Like Bernini has said one player on average has left Wisky every year...Is it crazy to think that one of the guys as frosh might not see the time they think, or one of the sophomores and leave...

    I am not saying they are going to boot someone, but when you have a top 15 kid in the country from your home state, you don't fill up your scholarships and not have one open when you know you have a good chance with him...

    Try and use common sense on this one and not blinded glasses for a good chance for MSU to pull him in...Would MSU of filled up their ships if Delvon Roe would of wanted to wait...If it did look like they had 13 don't you think that Izzo and the coaching staff would of known something that maybe everyone else didn't?
  3. assuing all players stay for years, make the grades and enjoy the program.

    bern has shown hes a good reliable accurate poster. is he always right, no but no one is excetp for uni...

    id caution you to dial it back a tad. what you are saying is good stuff you just dont have to push the envelope so hard to say it...
  4. Scoopfan

    Scoopfan Rookie

    Considering we had Ed Davis ready to visit if Delvon had committed to UNC, I'm quite sure Izzo would've taken a commitment from Davis rather than waiting for a decision from Roe.
  5. back to jamil...
  6. Scoopfan

    Scoopfan Rookie

    And IU suddenly has room again!

    Brandon McGee dismissed from IU basketball team | The Hoosier Scoop: Indiana University Hoosiers Basketball, Football, and more
  7. itownbuckeye

    itownbuckeye Freshman

    Shouldn't this be move to the 2009 Basketball Recruiting Forum since Wilson seemingly has no interest in OSU? I'm tired of seeing new posts in this thread only to open it and find more talk about his interest in Wisky, MSU, IU, etc.
  8. Bernini

    Bernini I don't want to play fair I'm a thugs-are-us coach

    Your slanderous character assassination of Bo Ryan wouldn't have anything to do with 11-3 against Michigan State, would it?

    If anything he's criticized for being too loyal to the players already in the program. He's distributed significant minutes to walk-ons like Kevin Gullickson and Tanner Bronson in the past. Clayton Hanson started after joining the program as a walk-on. 90 percent of the scholarship players who stay in the program for their entire college careers, start eventually. Jason Chappell, Andreas Helmigk, Ray Nixon, had no business starting over their under-class teammates. But Bo prefers experience because he thinks continuity in his system breeds consistency and he wants to re-pay players for committing to the Wisconsin program when they had the option of going elsewhere.

    So why then would he force out junior to bes for a freshman? He wouldn't.

    Bo Ryan runs one of the cleanest programs in the country. He's conservative at the risk of putting a cap on his success. But if the kid is considering leaving, Bo needs to cover his bases, just like every other coach in America.

    You're really clueless about this situation, the Wisconsin program, etc.
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  9. OSUBasketballJunkie

    OSUBasketballJunkie Never Forget 31-0 (Free)

    Jamil Wilson AAU Update....
  10. Scoopfan

    Scoopfan Rookie

    Jeronne Maymon just committed to Marquette and per the Marquette Scout board, this quote is directly from Mark Miller's article:

    "They guaranteed me a starting spot, but I know I will have to work hard to keep that starting spot," Maymon said.

    Wisconsin High School Basketball - Boys / Youth Basketball - Boys

    Buzz may not be too confident on the Wilson front....
    Last edited: May 28, 2008
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  11. Bernini

    Bernini I don't want to play fair I'm a thugs-are-us coach

    Jeronne Maymon was the Wisconsin State player of the year as a junior. He almost single handedly led Madison Memorial to the D1 title. He averaged 30 pts, 11 rebs, 5 blks, 3 asts, and 3 stls at state. He averaged 21 and 12 during the regular season. Scored 30+ at each game during the King James Classic. Named one of the Elite players at the Real Deal on the Hill. MVP of the GBOA. It's very arguable that he's better than Jamil.

    The Badgers never showed serious interest because his grades are terrible (2.2 GPA), but that didn't stop: Tennessee, USC, Marquette, Providence, Baylor, Iowa St., etc. The real elite schools would have been involved, but they have the luxury of not taking on grade risks, and were never given the cue early on by Wisconsin so they thought something else was wrong with him. He's not a slow play recruit. You're either willing to risk him not qualifying or you aren't. Marquette isn't an elite program, so they're rilling to take a risk. Marquette will have an idea if Maymon's grades are terminal by the time Jamil is ready to his decision. Marquette taking his commitment is not indicative of their position with Jamil.

    If Maymon does get on pace to qualify though, I don't see how Wilson can go to Marquette. Jeronne's overly involved father Tim, in an attempt to defend his son, has ripped apart Jamil's game referring to him as average and not college ready in comparison. So in that way, Michigan State's and everyone else's chances are improved. I bolded words in the previous sentence to accomodate your myopia.
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  12. Scoopfan

    Scoopfan Rookie

    Oh, I certainly don't believe that MU taking Jeronne Maymon is indicative of their position with Jamil, but I do believe that guaranteeing a starting spot might. Unfortunately, I haven't had the pleasure of seeing Maymon play, but I've heard great things from some who have. I have no doubt that he's on Wilson's level as a prospect. But when you've got stud in your backyard (Racine's close enough) who has thought very highly of your program for a long time, and would be a major statement for a program that very rarely (ever?) pulls in kids ranked in anyone's national top 10, it just doesn't make sense to guarantee a starting spot to another player at the same position. Of course, Jamil's commitment to Marquette is no sure thing, but with his professed desire to stay close to home, any objective analysis at this point would show Marquette as the favorite to land him. Getting Maymon is a great boost for the program (if he qualifies) but I'm amazed that Buzz didn't think he could pull Maymon in without guaranteeing a starting spot and alienating Wilson in the process.
  13. OSUBasketballJunkie

    OSUBasketballJunkie Never Forget 31-0$ (Kansas site)

    Wilson Re-Evaluating Schools............Wilson is unsure if he will visit Kansas and their interest. Wilson will visit Michigan State. Wants to trim his list to 10-15 schools in July.
  14. Bernini

    Bernini I don't want to play fair I'm a thugs-are-us coach

    Buzz Williams hasn't developed a reputation whether he's the used car salesman type coach, or a straight-shooter. One of Jeronne....errrr Tim....Maymon's stipulations were that he'd be promised a starting spot. Buzz making the promise sealed the deal with Maymon. Without it he's going to Baylor.

    However, you can project Williams' philosophy and style, because he's a disciple of Crean. Crean recruited perimeter players and almost paid no attention to frontcourt. He's a small ball guy. The 2-4 positions are pretty much interchangeable to him, just like they are to Mike D'Antoni. So Maymon isn't blocking Wilson just by occupying one of those 3 spots.

    But your point about alienating Wilson is a salient one. Recruiting is 100 percent perception.....0 percent reality. If Wilson perceives himself as being blocked, he's blocked. I don't know what he perceives, but Tuesday's announcement couldn't have helped. Regardless, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

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