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BTN 15 Big Ten players land on SI ‘Top 100 College Football players’

Discussion in 'News' started by Sean Merriman,, Jul 12, 2016.

  1. 15 Big Ten players land on SI ‘Top 100 College Football players’
    Sean Merriman, web editor via Big Ten Network

    It’s that time of year when fun-filled college football lists flow through your Twitter timeline like running water. Today, Sports Illustrated released a list of the Top 100 Players in College Football. A total of 15 Big Ten players were included on the list, highlighted by Michigan CB/LB Jabrill Peppers at No. 5 and Iowa’s DB Desmond King at No. 7 overall. Michigan defensive back Jourdan Lewis (14) and Ohio State quarterback J.T. Barrett round out the list of Big Ten players in the Top 20. Who get’s your vote for the top Big Ten player this year? Tweet me[​IMG]

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