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'19 IL PF EJ Liddell is a Buckeye!!!

Discussion in 'Basketball Recruiting' started by OSU_Buckguy, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. nomatta

    nomatta Junior

    Also, I don't think Evan Flood has updated his prediction since he made it last year.
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  2. OSU_Buckguy

    OSU_Buckguy Magister Equitum

    for every 100 times that a pair of recruits talk about a package deal, i would guess only once does a package deal actually happen. the only notable duo that i can recall from recent memory is okafor and jones to duke. i'm not saying that liddell and mckinney won't go to missouri together, but my guess is liddell is going to make his own decision and mckinney will make his.
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  3. LitlBuck

    LitlBuck I Don't Want Any Trouble but People Need Banners!

    not my fault:biggrin:
  4. wigmon

    wigmon Sophmore

    Conley and Oden were a package deal (Oden following Conley oddly enough), but I agree, they don't tend to work out that often.
  5. nomatta

    nomatta Junior

    Jerry Meyer with an EJ Liddell CB to OSU.
  6. nomatta

    nomatta Junior

    From the Nike Skills Academy going on right now, EJ measured in at 6'7, 6'10 wingspan, 226 lbs.
  7. nomatta

    nomatta Junior

    EJ's Top 5 tonight at 8 CST/ 9 EST via Tipton Edits.
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  8. nomatta

    nomatta Junior

    EJ is now, instead, announcing a Top 6 tomorrow at 2 pm EST.

    Me no likey.
  9. nomatta

    nomatta Junior

    General speculation about this is that Duke may have given EJ a call to try to make sure he knows that they are legitimately interested (or may have even offered). I guess we will find out soon enough.
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  10. OSU_Buckguy

    OSU_Buckguy Magister Equitum

    fortunately for us (and for duke), k is sitting very well for moore, carey, and stewart, though carey (power forward) is less certain to be a dookie than the other two. depending on how things turn out, they're also in it for timme (edit: scratch timme; duke not in top 10), hurt, and bacot. liddell has to know where he stands on k's board. until an offer arrives, he's a contingency plan and may even be one after an offer. if duke sticks at a 5-deep class for 2019, then i'm less worried about them making a serious run. if they go 6-deep, though...
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2018
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  11. nomatta

    nomatta Junior

    The problem is, if this is a Duke related thing and Duke's saying things like they want EJ to take a visit there or anything to that degree, it really diminishes our chances of wrapping this thing up on his OV here at the end of the month. And the longer a recruitment drags out, the less beneficial it is for whoever the supposed current leader in the recruitment is. He could very easily not end up at Duke but just through the process of the recruitment prolonging and getting more complicated, EJ might end up picking some other school that enters the mix or one of his current favorites has enough of a chance to really persuade him. I think about the prolonged and tangled recruitments of guys like Kobi Simmons and Elijah Weaver (well, Weaver's was prolonged and tangled in the short span that it had to take place in) and those didn't work out well for us after an avalanche of early Crystal Balls had favored us.

    If Duke's on this list today, I don't think it sinks OSU in the recruitment, but I do think it is going to hurt in a variety of ways. We might stay the leader for EJ, we might even get him to commit on his visit, and I'm sure he will remain a high priority, but to this point I think the staff has had a lot of irons in the fire for the third guy in the 2019 class but they have VERY clearly arranged things where EJ is their first priority. They might have to change just a little bit if Duke's included today. I think the staff wants to sign 3 guys this Fall, so they might have to become a little more intent about getting some of these other visits scheduled soon.
  12. OSU_Buckguy

    OSU_Buckguy Magister Equitum

    my guess is the list is going to be ohio state, missouri, illinois, kansas state, duke, and louisville or iowa state or north carolina. with mckinney putting isu and l'ville in his top 7, i think it's one of those two. isu and l'ville make plenty of sense because both have offered liddell (and mckinney), but neither has received a commitment so far from a power forward.

    heck, maybe it's going to be isu and l'ville but not duke. i mean, it's not like ej is beholden to today's list. if duke offers tomorrow, you better believe the list will expand.
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2018
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  13. OSU_Buckguy

    OSU_Buckguy Magister Equitum

    okey dokey...

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  14. OSU_Buckguy

    OSU_Buckguy Magister Equitum

    osu, missouri, illinois, wisconsin, and kansas state

  15. starBUCKS

    starBUCKS BPCFFB League #2 League Champion 2008 & 2010

    Well that's that with Duke...

    EDIT: For now at least.
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