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2004 Freshman

Discussion in 'Buckeye Football' started by BrutusBobcat, Jul 12, 2004.

  1. BIATCHabutuka

    BIATCHabutuka out of chaos comes playoffs

    my vCash is on E-Haw to outrun pittman if there were such a bet.
  2. Buckeye1

    Buckeye1 Senior

    I did not get to see any of Haw's video, but I have a hunch that haw indeed will jump Pittman. I did see Pittman during the Spring game, and the numbers looked good. However, here are my points...1) He ran against untested D-line, which was not even our first team Defense due to split up for the Spring game (granted the O-line blocking for him was split up too), 2) The defense night have been tired by the time Pittman came in. He might have an egde because he joined the team early, but that's about it. Haw seems to have greater potential...for now. I am not knocking on Pittman at all, just do not feel like he is the best we have. I hope he proves me wrong.
  3. CleveBucks

    CleveBucks Serenity now

    We definitely need a Haw v. Pittman vBet. Actually, why can't we just have a dedicated thread for suggesting new vBets?
  4. daddyphatsacs

    daddyphatsacs Let the cards fall...

    It appears to me like Pittman will get the early nod at reserve TB, look for Haw to really emerge by the Northwestern game this season. I have my doubts about Mo Hall (sorry to see it), so either one of these guys will be the 2nd string tailback.

    Keep in mind fellas, Lydell Ross is going to have a break out year. Much like Chris Perry had last season, mark it down in permanent marker.
  5. Halls health will have something to do with this.

    'Hall Still Not Health: Senior Tailback Maurice Hall is coming back this season off surgery to both his knees. According to Tressel, Hall is not yet full go.

    "I don't think Maurice Hall is totally healthy yet, but he's a lot further along than he was in the spring," Tressel said.

    "What I see out of him is a lot of pride in wanting to help this team. Even tough he's not 100%, when he's in there he's giving 100%."

    Hall demonstrated that today when he took a pitchout and ran hard around the end. When Bobby Carpenter roughed him up a bit along the sidelines, Hall got up and did a little pushing with Carpenter. The knees may be sore, but there is still plenty of fight in Mo Hall.

    "He's been a good leader," added Tressel.

    "He's worked hard with Erik (Haw) and Antonio (Pittman).

    "He's just a good guy to have around.

    "I think he'll get healthier as time goes, when two-a-days are over, when the long days are over.

    "I think he'll freshen up a little bit.

    "I'm encouraged in what I see of Mo Hall."'

    Doesnt sound good for mo hall to me.
  6. Articles in Dispatch about Frosh
    Trio gets chance to play as freshmen
    Redshirt seasons fast becoming thing of past
    Tuesday, October 26, 2004
    Tim May
    <!--PHOTOS--> <table align="right" border="0" class="phototableright"> <!-- begin large ad code --> <tbody><tr><td id="story-ad"> <noscript> [​IMG] </noscript>
    </td></tr><tr><td align="center"> [​IMG] </td></tr> <tr><td class="credit" width="200"> FRED SQUILLANTE | DISPATCH </td></tr> <tr><td class="cutline" width="200">OSU fullback Dionte Johnson (49) saw his first playing time Saturday against Indiana. </td></tr> <tr><td align="center"> [​IMG] </td></tr> </tbody> </table>

    Don’t punch the fire alarm. That smoke coming from the Ohio State football team is rising from the pyre of freshman redshirts.

    Three more — those of offensive tackle Steve Rehring, fullback Dionte Johnson and linebacker Chad Hoobler — were tossed on the pile Saturday during the win over Indiana. That makes 11 members of the 2004 recruiting class who have seen action, compared with a mere five a year ago.

    It’s obvious that with the team at 4-3 overall, and having just snapped a 0-3 start in the Big Ten, the OSU coaching staff has determined that the future is now. This week, the two-deep roster shows nine first-year players, including Antonio Pittman, who yesterday was listed No. 1 at tailback, ahead of senior Maurice Hall.

    When senior tailback and co-captain Lydell Ross was suspended from the team Friday for using a fake currency at a local strip club, Pittman became the main man in the backfield. He responded by gaining 144 yards and scoring a touchdown in the 30-7 win.

    But Pittman had proved himself capable of contributing before the season, as had fellow freshmen Ted Ginn Jr. (receiver) and Marcus Freeman (linebacker). Conversely, Rehring, Johnson and Hoobler seemed destined for a redshirt year — seeing no playing time and still having four more seasons of eligibility.

    Now, make that three.

    "It’s a big factor in a lot of those guys’ lives now to know they have to come in and fight harder and prepare a lot better than even what they were doing before," said sophomore receiver Santonio Holmes, who was redshirted in 2002. "Their mind-set is going to be a lot different.

    "I know when I redshirted, I really didn’t focus on a lot of the things. I learned my plays, but it didn’t really matter to me until I was coming into that next season knowing I was going to get a lot of playing time."

    Hoobler, listed as the backup to middle linebacker Anthony Schlegel, didn’t expect to play, considering veterans Mike D’Andrea and Schlegel were ahead of him. Then D’Andrea suffered a season-ending knee injury three weeks ago.

    "I now have to step it up a little bit in everything that I do," Hoobler said. "I used to be like on the back burner, but now I’m up there."

    Like Pittman and Freeman, Rehring left high school early so he could go through spring drills in April. But Rehring didn’t benefit from someone else’s fall. At 6 feet 8, 320 pounds, he just made his presence known.

    "You go to practice every day with a positive attitude, and good things will happen for you," Rehring said. "Coach Tressel told me I was going to play, and I was just happy as can be."

    Tressel said if a freshman proves he can help, he has a good chance of getting that call.

    "What we’ve always said to people about redshirting from day one is you’re redshirted on a daily basis," Tressel said. "What the team needs is what you need to do."

    Johnson had found a satisfying support role even before he found out he might play.

    "The last couple of weeks had been great because we’ve got a scout team, the Marauders, and we’ve been playing against our No. 1 defense in practice, which we feel like is the best defense in the country," Johnson said.

    He was making do, just as his father, former Ohio State captain and All-American linebacker Pepper Johnson, had suggested.

    "He told me never to stop working, that just because I was redshirting, don’t use it as an excuse to take a year off and get lackadaisical," Dionte Johnson said.

    With Stan White Jr. out with a recurring stinger injury, Branden Joe still not 100 percent after suffering a high-ankle sprain in preseason camp and Brandon Schnittker having to leave the Indiana game with a leg bruise, Johnson got the call. Holmes wasn’t surprised that Johnson was able to answer.

    "A lot of those young guys, they have practiced their butt off," Holmes said. "They’ve gotten into the weight room, they’ve studied their plays, and they are ready to give it all they’ve got. It was just waiting for an opportunity from the coaches."

    OSU freshmen into the fray
    Tuesday, October 26, 2004
    <!--PHOTOS--> <table align="right" border="0" class="phototableright"> <!-- begin large ad code --> <tbody><tr><td id="story-ad">
    <script language=\"JavaScript1.1\" type=\"text/javascript\" src=""></script></td></tr></tbody> </table>

    The 11 freshmen from Ohio State’s 22-player 2004 recruiting class who have played this season: Marcus Freeman — Secondteam outside linebacker, special teams Vernon Gholston — Secondteam defensive end Ted Ginn Jr . — Second-team receiver, punt returner Chad Hoobler — Second-team middle linebacker Dionte Johnson — Secondteam fullback Devon Lyons — Second-team receiver, special teams Rory Nicol — Second-team tight end Antonio Pittman — First-team tailback Steve Rehring — Second-team left tackle Curtis Terry — Reserve defensive end, special teams Sirjo Welch — Special teams

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