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2005 Miami University RedHawks Game Preview

Discussion in 'Content' started by 3yardsandacloud, Aug 28, 2005.

  1. 3yardsandacloud

    3yardsandacloud Administrator Emeritus

    2005 Miami University RedHawks Game Preview

    Welcome to another season of college football! The long off-season is finally over, and the Buckeyes are ready to open up against the Miami RedHawks. Let's look at how tOSU has performed in opening games.

    All-time record in season openers: 99-13-4 (98-8-4 since 1895)
    All-time record in home openers: 102-9-4 (100-6-4 since 1895)
    Note:the reason we have 1 less game in the home opener totals is because during the inaugural season of 1889, the Buckeyes only played 1 road game

    All-time record against teams currently in the MAC conference: 18-1, with the only blemish being a 12-6 loss to Akron in 1894. This doesn't include last year's win over Marshall, who is now in Conference-USA.

    All-time against opponents from Ohio: 174-50-15 (.759, vs .709 overall winning %)
    Last loss to a team from Ohio: 1921's 7-6 loss to Oberlin, played in Columbus
    Last non-win vs. an Ohio team: 1924's 7-7 tie with Wooster in Columbus

    Preseason polling for the AP started in 1950. Here is a comparison of the Buckeyes preseason vs final AP rankings:

    Started in top 10: 32 times (16 of those years also finished in top 10)
    Started #11-#25: 19 times (6 ended in top-10, including 1954, '57, '68 and 2002 NC years)
    Started unranked 4 times (1966, '67, '79, '88) ended #4 in '79, unranked in others

    Let's look at how Miami has performed in road openers. Since 1947, when they joined the MAC, they have played their first game on the road 34 times. They have a record of 17-15-2 in those games. They are 3-4 in those games when they start the season at a Big-10 stadium. The wins were against Northwestern (twice) and Indiana. They lost to Purdue twice, as well as recent games at Ann Arbor in 2001 and Iowa City in 2003.

    Date and Time
    Game time: Saturday, September 3rd, 2005
    12:00 noon EDT Kick-off at Ohio Stadium (Columbus, OH)
    ABC will carry the game​

    Miami RedHawks Offensive Preview

    Returning starters: 8

    Miami fans were wondering how the team would respond to the magical 2003 campaign at this time last year, and 2004 turned out to be a good season to start off the post-Big Ben era in Oxford. Shane Montgomery’s multiple formation (3 receiver/single back base) passing attack didn’t skip a beat last year, finishing 11th nationally with 282.9 passing yards per contest and ranked 34th nationally in total offense with 399.7 yards/game. As the tailback position is up for grabs this season, look for the offense (which Montgomery will still run) to rely heavily on the passing attack again this year, with a returning QB and several other key returnees. The RedHawks will need to attack through the air and run the ball enough to keep opposing defenses honest. It will be interesting to see how Coach Montgomery chooses to scheme for the big, physical, and athletic Buckeye defense.

    QB #8 Josh Betts (6-3, 225, SR)

    Betts proved he could play with the best the MAC had to offer last season by passing for a gaudy 3495 yards and 23 scores while completing just over 60% of his passes. He threw 14 interceptions in 442 pass attempts, and his rating was a solid 137.7, but he will work on cutting down on the turnovers this season…9 of his interceptions came in Miami losses. He threw for over 300 yards 4 times last season, including a 419 yard, 4 TD performance against Cincinnati, which amazingly, came in a losing effort. His numbers did get better as the season wore on last season, giving coaches and fans cause for optimism of a repeat performance in this his senior season. Betts is a high energy guy who can move around the pocket to create space to throw, but he is not a threat to run (86 yards on 83 official carries last year). He was sacked 6 times in a loss to Marshall last season, and was sacked at least twice in 6 more games, so the Buckeyes will undoubtedly try and put pressure on him…a task made more difficult by a veteran offensive line. Look for Betts to put up more gaudy numbers in the MAC this year. Now whether he can do that against the Buckeyes … may be a different story.

    There is a backup battle between sophomore Mike Kokal and redshirt freshman Jared Elliott. Kokal was 9/16 for 109 yards and 2 picks last year. Though coaches like the work both men are putting in, if either sees the field this year, Betts is injured, and the RedHawks are probably in trouble.

    QB Rating: B+

    Head-to-Head: Josh Betts versus "whoever lines up under center"

    Not much that can be directly said here. The offenses that the two teams run are quite a bit different, and it is unclear who is going to be calling signals for the Buckeyes when they take the field. Smith and Zwick have different strengths, and each would probably have a gameplan more tailor-made for them to attack the RedHawk defense, again making a comparison with Betts difficult. Suffice it to say that the Buckeye QBs have a load of talent, but given the instability at the position early in the season, the edge goes to the veteran who is his team’s unquestioned leader.

    Edge: Josh Betts

    Running Backs
    RB #24 Brandon Murphy (5-8, 180, SO)
    FB #49 Matt Vogele (6-3, 241, JR)

    Angst and excitement abound as the RedHawks try and replace their top 2 rushers from a year ago. Gone are Luke Clemens, who rushed for 899 yards and scored an impressive 12 TDs, and his backup Mike Smith, who chipped in 6 TDs. The job now falls to Murphy, who carried for 248 yards and 4 TDs in limited action in 2004. He had 2 nice games, rushing for 75 yards and 2 scores against Central Florida and carrying for 90 yards and a TD against Akron. Murphy is a quick back who relies on elusiveness and speed, in contrast to Clemens, who was more of a bruiser. It will be interesting to see how Montgomery incorporates his strengths into the game plan. He is fairly untested, and durability is a serious question, given his size. Vogele will play a limited amount of FB, but Montgomery is reincorporating the position, at least on a limited basis, to try and bolster the running game.

    The No. 2 position is a battle between sophomore Austin Sykes and redshirt freshman Jimmy Calhoun, both bigger players who will provide a nice compliment to Murphy. Neither player had a carry last season. Cory Jones could also be in the mix. Redshirt freshman Nick DeBartolo will also see some time at fullback.

    RB Rating: C-

    Head-to-Head: Murphy/Sykes versus Pittman/Haw

    Lots of questions here. Miami has a fairly unproven tailback who is the unquestioned starter, and OhioState has Pittman with experience and Haw in the mix to get significant carries. The Buckeye running game struggled at times last season, but there have been periods of success, and it is much more a focal point for the Buckeyes than for the RedHawks. Both teams have veteran offensive lines, so the edge goes to the more established Buckeyes.

    Edge: Pittman/Haw

    Wide Receivers
    WR #15 Martin Nance (6-5, 210, SR)
    WR #2 Ryne Robinson (5-10, 165, JR)
    WR #82 R.J. Corbin (6-1, 201, JR)

    Rarely can a team lose their all-time leading receiver and feel confident that they won’t have any dropoff … but welcome to Oxford. Michael Larkin was a stellar receiver, catching 57 balls for 832 yards and 8 TDs in his final campaign. Certainly he will be missed on a personal level, but unit production could be just as high. Nance returns after having missed most of 2004 with an injury. In 2003, he caught 1498 yards worth of passes, a school record. He still caught 25 for 337 and a TD in 4 games in 2004, and he will be back for a big season in 2005. Opposite Nance is Robinson, who led the team last year with 64 catches for 932 yards and 4 TDs. He lit up Toledo for 146 yards, and caught for 101 in the bowl game against IowaState. Corbin holds the experience edge at the 3rd WR position, having caught 26 passes for 319 and a score in 2004. Ryan Busing (11 for 96 yards, 1 TD) and Josh Williams (21 for 402 yards, 3 TDs) are regularly in the mix, and are consistently rotating into the game. Williams may end up winning the starting job based on production. Overall, this unit is deep, experienced, and very talented, and they will make the QB’s job a whole lot easier.

    Adding depth are Patrick O’Bryan (3 for 50 yards) and Sean McVay.

    WR Rating: A-

    Head-to-Head: Nance/Robinson/Corbin versus Holmes/Ginn/Gonzalez

    What a great group these two receiving corps make. There is nothing bad to say about either group, and the durability of Nance coming back from injury is the only question mark. Despite the glowing praise for the RedHawks, the Buckeyes have one of the nation’s best corps, with the ultra-dangerous Ginn and the ultra-productive Holmes competing for top awards and honors. Again, there are no real weaknesses in these groups, but both are deep, and the edge goes to the Buckeyes, whose receivers are a danger to score on every play, no matter who lines up defensively.

    Edge: Holmes/Ginn/Gonzalez

    Tight Ends
    TE #89 Dan Tyler (6-5, 244, SR)

    This was nearly a forgotten position in 2004. Tyler caught only 12 passes for 126 yards, and was hampered by injuries. The coaching staff hopes that his healthy return will result in another viable and consistent option for Betts in the passing game. He won’t lead the nation in receptions at the position in this offensive scheme, but 20-25 catches is a distinct possibility, and could be a significant addition to the offense.

    Tyler Vogel is also back. He’s been more of a blocker in his career (1 catch for -2 yards last year). Underclassmen Tom Crabtree, Jake O’Connell, Pat Shepard, and Justin Davis add plenty of depth, and suggest that this position will be more prominent in the coming years.

    TE Rating: D

    Head-to-Head: Tyler versus Hamby

    Despite the optimism that the TE position will be more involved this season, the RedHawks didn’t get much production from the spot in 2004. Ryan Hamby caught 16 passes for 178 yards and a TD in 2004. Those numbers aren’t that much greater than those of Tyler, but he is a capable blocker and much more involved throughout the gameplan.

    Edge: Hamby

    Offensive Line
    LT #75 Mark Kracium (6-5, 295, SR)
    LG #72 Steve Meister (6-2, 286, SO)
    C #62 Todd Londot (6-7, 300, SR)
    RG #79 Nate Bunce (6-6, 321, SR)
    RT #76 Charlie Norden (6-6, 304, SO)

    2-time all-MAC honoree Londot is a versatile 3-year starter, returning to center from tackle this year. He is good enough to warrant some condideration for the Rimington award. Bunce is a certified bulldozer at the right guard spot. Kracium is a former tight end who has great agility and quickness. Norton and Meister are also very solid, with plenty of game experience in the system.

    Steve Kosky, Pete Walters, and several talented underclassmen provide quality depth.

    OL Rating: B+

    Head-to-Head: Miami versus Ohio State

    There are a myriad of similarities between these 2 lines. Both offensive lines are veteran, with lots of starting experience and plenty of talent. Arguably the best player on both is at the Center position, with Londot and Mangold. Sims and Barton are formidable and versatile linemen, and Datish has a lot of upside at guard. The line at Ohio State probably gets the edge in physicality, while the RedHawk line is more built on speed and agility. Both lines are quality, but the Buckeye unit gets the edge based on the quality of competition, and the number of sacks that Betts took last season.

    Edge: Ohio State

    Overall Analysis

    The RedHawks are a formidable opponent, and the Buckeye D will do well to take them seriously. Shutting down the prolific passing attack will be a full afternoon's work for the secondary, and the key to the game is for the front four to get a push to put some serious pressure on Betts, generating sacks, hurried throws, and possibly turnovers. The front seven must also stop the questionable running game so that the defense can key on the aerial attack. The Hawks will need to run the ball to keep the defensive playcalling is unclear whether that will be possible. The RedHawks can pile up the numbers through the air, and can score plenty of points, but they are far too one-dimensional to be considered an elite offense.

    Overall Offensive Rating: B

    Miami RedHawks Defensive Preview

    Returning Starters: 7

    Miami brings a defense to Columbus that will look to improve upon it's efforts from the 2004 season. As a team, they gave up 339 yards of total defense per contest, along with 23 points per game. They are led by a fantastic linebacking unit, which should be the nucleus of a defense that will probably be a little better than last years unit, especially later on in the season. In the secondary they will have to find replacements for Alphonso Hodge and Matt Pusateri. The secondary along with the defensive tackle spot are two areas that are question marks for Miami coming into the season opener. If they do not get solid play from these units, it won't matter how good their LB's are. Time will tell for this RedHawk team, and the journey begins against a dangerous (yes I said it … dangerous) Ohio State offense.

    Defensive Line
    DE #93 Marcus Johnson, (6-3, 253 SR)
    DT #65 John Glavin, (6-0, 278 SR)
    DT #99 Mike Barz (6-4, 250 SR)
    DE #58 Craig Mester (6-5, 242 SO)

    The Miami defensive line will feature 2004 all-MAC first team selection Marcus Johnson. Johnson led the Redhawks with 12.5 tackles for loss, and 7.5 sacks in 2004. Johnson has a very nice blend of quickness and power, in fact he started his career at Miami as a defensive tackle. Johnson is the lone returning starter along the defensive line for the Redhawks, so he will be relied heavily upon to slow down the Buckeye attack.

    The other end spot will be manned by sophomore Craig Mester. Mester, who saw limited action early, really came on late in the 2004 season, including a pair of 2 sack performances against Akron and Kent St. Mester finished up the 2004 season with 14 tackles, including 6.5 for a loss, along with 5 sacks (T-2nd on team). Mester has great height and an explosive first step. When teamed with Johnson, they make a very good pass rushing duo.

    Leading the way at one of the tackle slots for Miami is senior John Glavin. Glavin finished up the 2004 season with 39 total stops, including 8.5 for a loss and 3 sacks. He was named the MAC defensive player of the week for his play against Akron where he had 3 sacks. He is good against the run, but a bit inconsistent with his pass rush. Glavin will need a big performance to keep the OSU line off of the talented linebacker corps.

    The other tackle spot will be anchored by Mike Barz. Barz saw limited action in the 2004 season, during which he managed 3 tackles. Barz has excellent strength, but is a bit undersized for the tackle position. Look for him to have a rough go of it against a very big OSU offensive line.

    Impact Backups

    DE # 95 Tranaine Sills (6-1, 254, JR) 7 tackles, 2.5 sacks, 3.5 tackles for loss in 2004. If he can stay healthy he’ll be a very key backup for Miami.

    DT #94 Ben Huddle (6-4 240 FR) Saw first extensive action in the spring, highly talented Columbus native who has a bright future in the Redhawk program.


    Miami brings a bit inexperienced, and undersized line into Ohio Stadium. Johnson is without a doubt, the best player along the front, and is someone who will be relied upon heavily to apply pressure against the Buckeyes. Mester has shown flashes of all league caliber play, and will look to carry his momentum into this season. The interior is Miami’s Achilles heel of this group. They are undersized, and inexperienced. This is definitely an area that will be tested by OSU’s run game.

    DL Rating: C

    OLB #12 John Busing (6-4, 228 SR)
    MLB #38 Derek Rehage (6-2 239 SR)
    OLB #32 Terna Nande (6-1 228 SR)

    Led by preseason first team all Mac candidates Terna Nande, and John Busing, Miami brings a very experienced linebacker corps into Columbus. Nande, who was tabbed by Lindy’s as the preseason MAC defensive player of the year will without a doubt be someone who the Buckeyes need to focus on. Nande has freakish athletic abilities (4.43 in the 40, 36.5 inch vertial leap, 525 LB bench press), and is a two time All MAC selection (2nd team in 2003, 1st team in 2004). He was also put on the Nagurski Trophy watch list for the nation's best defensive player for this upcoming season. In 2004 he had 86 tackles (3rd on team), 10 tackles for a loss (2nd on team), along with 4 sacks. Nande has the ability to line up at the OLB spot, or move down to provide an extra rush end, which makes him very tough to block. He’ll be a first day pick in next years NFL draft.

    Three year starter John Busing, and honorable mention all MAC performer in 2004, will anchor down the other OLB spot. Busing is Miami’s returning leader in tackles (93 in 2004). He also was credited for 7 T.F.L’s to go with his 1 QB sack. Busing has a nice blend of size and speed, which enables him to stop the run and get into pass coverage.

    The middle will be manned down by senior Derek Rehage. Rehage, who enters his second year as the starter at MLB, finished with 79 tackles (4th on team), and 10 T.F.L’s in 2004.

    Impact Backups

    OLB #30 Bryan Tyson (6-1, 210 SR) 23 tackles, including 2 for loss in 2004. Possesses excellent speed, is utilized a lot during passing situations.

    MLB #46 David Hutzelman (6-1, 227 SR) 15 tackles in 2004. Had excellent spring, will serve as MLB backup.


    Miami brings a very talented, and experienced LB crew into Ohio Stadium. The expectations are probably higher for this group than any other on their defense for 2005. They are said to be arguably the best unit in the MAC. Nande is a phenomenal athlete, and will be someone who be around the ball quite a bit. Busing and Rehage are not slouches by any standpoint. The sad thing for this unit is that they will be overshadowed by an all world Buckeye linebacker unit, which features backups that could be future first round draft picks. The key to this game will rest solely on this unit, they will need blitz often to get pressure on the passer, and pick up the slack for a very inexperienced defensive line.

    LB Rating: B+

    CB #28 Darrell Hunter (6-1, 213 SR)
    SS #1 Joey Card (6-0, 197 JR)
    FS #36 Steve Burke (6-0, 187 SR)
    CB #21 Ryan Redd (5-10 183 SR)

    Miami will be led in the secondary by All-MAC and Thorpe award candidate Darrell Hunter. Many consider Hunter to be the top returning corner back in the MAC this season. Hunter, a second team all-Mac selection in 2004 comes in looking to build upon his successful junior campaign during which he picked off 2 passes (T-1st on team). In addition he had 30 tackles, including 3 for a loss. Hunter is blessed with very good size (6-1 213), and phenomenal speed (4.32 40 time). He is already being mentioned as one of the top corners for next years NFL draft. As Miami’s shutdown corner, Hunter will have his work cut out for him trying to cover the very talented OSU receiving corps. A good showing against the Buckeyes could make him a lot of money come next April.

    The other corner spot will be manned down by Ryan Redd. Redd, who was used primarily as a nickel back over the past two seasons will finally get his shot to play as a regular for the RedHawks. He had 28 tackles in 2004, including 2 for a loss, and 1 sack. In addition he was credited with 4 pass breakups.

    Leading the way at free safety will be senior former walk on Steve Burke. Burke was plagued by injuries during his junior campaign, but brings much needed experience (18 career starts, 132 career tackles) to a Miami secondary that will be breaking in two new starters in their defensive backfield for the 2005 season. During the short time that Burke was able to play in 2004 he tallied up 25 tackles, including 1 for a loss, and picked off a pass.

    The strong safety spot will be manned by junior Joey Card. Card saw action in the first 8 games of the 2004 season for Miami before suffering a season ending hand injury in late October. Card was credited with 33 tackles, including 1 for a loss, along with an interception. Card is a very strong tackler, and someone who has a great nose for the ball.

    Impact Backups

    CB #5 Frank Wiwo (6-3, 171 JR)- 25 tackles, 1 interception, 4 broken up passes in 2004. Started 5 games at free safety last season, lanky player with good vision.

    CB #33 Jarrid Gaines (5-11, 197 JR) 15 tackles, 1 interception, 2 broken up passes. One of the fastest players on Miami’s team (4.4 40), great ball skills.


    This Miami secondary will be led by multi talented Darrell Hunter. After that, there is a significant drop off in talent for the RedHawks. Although they do have a decent amount of experience in the secondary, this is one area that has to be considered a weak link for the Hawks. Look for Ohio State to come out firing, especially early on. Expect them to really test Ryan Redd, who will be making his first career start at corner. There certainly are less talented secondaries in college football, but then again there are many that are better than this Miami bunch. If this group of guys cannot contain OSU’s talented receiving corps. this one could get ugly.

    DB Rating: C

    Overall Analysis

    Overall Miami brings an average defense with them to Columbus. They have a very talented bunch of linebackers, but really lack firepower as a whole. Terna Nande is a surefire standout from his outside linebacker slot, he will be relied heavily upon to make big plays for the Redhawks. Busing on the other side gives Miami a lot of stability and experience. Darrell Hunter is the real deal at corner, and will be one that the Buckeyes will want to avoid if at all possible. Marcus Johnson is a dominant defensive end, and will be someone that the Buckeyes have to contain coming off the corner. Other than that this defense is average at best. Look for OSU to expose a weak Miami secondary, especially Redd at one of the corner spots. If Ohio State can establish a passing attack, this one will get out of hand. Miami has the ability to make this thing close from a defensive standpoint, but will need career games from a majority of their defense … I’m just not thinking they will.

    Overall Defensive Rating: C+

    Miami RedHawks Special Teams Preview

    Returning Starters: 3

    Special teams have been a large part of Miami’s recent success and expect the trend to continue this year. They return 3 out of the 4 starters with their punt returner, Ryne Robinson, being the star of the bunch. Punting will be the only major question mark going into this year, having replaced a 4-year starter.

    PK #35 Todd Soderquist (6-2 201 SR)

    While he has been a 3-year starter at kickoffs (think strong, leg career long of only 43, but has connected with a field goal of 52 yards in the spring game) this will be his first year on full time duty for field goals. He is a career 10-14 for field goals and last season he was near perfect in extra points, going 24/25. He has plenty of experience and leg, but accuracy has been a problem in the past. Will him being the man this year lead to more consistency? If Miami expects to have a chance in the Shoe, it better, but I know the crowd will do the best to make each attempt tough.

    As a side note, his back up will be Brian Pierce from St. Ed’s who was at one time on the OSU roster. He transferred to Miami and walked on.

    PK Rating: B

    Head-to-Head: Todd Soderquist vs. Josh Huston

    Todd has three solid years of experience, but with some accuracy issues, which could come into play with the atmosphere of the Shoe. Even though this is a late summer/early fall game, the stadium will still be rocking so look for that to have an effect even on this experienced kicker. Josh has the unenviable task of following up one of the most loved kickers, maybe even players, in OSU history. He doesn’t have much experience, except from his freshman year, which was less than stellar. I think experience will be key here.

    Edge: Todd Soderquist

    P #04 Jacob Richardson (6-1 190 RS FR)

    This is where Miami might run into some problems. Jacob (walk-on RS freshman) replaces a 4-year started who was in Miami’s top 5 punters of all time. He has a reported strong leg, but with no real experience he may run into some trouble with his first time kicking in a place as intimidating as the Horseshoe. His coach has mentioned he was impressive in practices, but his consistency is a problem and something he still needs to work on. Look for OSU’s punt coverage (and crowd) to put major pressure on him and early. I sense a block or at least a couple shanked punts here.

    P Rating: D+

    Head-to-Head: Jacob Richardson vs. A.J. Trapasso (Kyle Turano hasn’t heard back from the NCAA about 6th year and won’t in time for opener)

    Well what we have here is two very similar situations, two redshirt freshman punters who have no game experience, both who are going to have major pressure. Jacob will have the full fury of the crowd to deal with, but at the same time A.J. will have the pressure of 102,000+ pair of eyes on him. I expect some ugly kicks from both of these guys in this game.

    Edge: Even

    Punt Returner
    PR #02 Ryne Robinson (5-10 165 JR)

    What he lacks in size he makes up for in vision and agility. He is the MACs leader in career punt return yardage after only two seasons (also the nation’s active leader in punt return yards) with 1201 yards, and reigning MAC Special Team Player of the Year. He has already taken back 5 punts all the way. He is an electrifying player and one of Miami’s stars and main weapons. While I don’t expect him to take one back against OSU, it is definitely possibility. OSU better come prepared for him otherwise they may have an unpleasant surprise. He did try his best to forge a comeback versus Michigan with back-to-back punt returns into the red zone.

    PR Rating: A-

    Head-to-Head: Ryne Robinson vs. Ted Ginn

    In one corner we have the MAC’s special Teams Player of the Year and in the other a Heisman candidate. I went over all of Ryne’s accomplishments previously and I think he will be a real threat to OSU and the punt coverage will have to bring it’s A game to contain him. Then we have Ginn whose lore I need not rehash here. I might take Ryne versus anyone else in the NCAA, but in this case it’s not that close in my mind.

    Edge: Ginn

    Kick Returner
    KR #28 Darrel Hunter (6-1 206 SR)

    Kick returner Darrell Hunter is entering his third year of duty. He has the experience, but doesn’t seem to have the game breaking speed and/or moves. His over all stats are; 25 returns for 363 yards (14.5 yard per return average) with a career long of 38 yards, he is yet to return a kick for a touchdown. As long as OSU’s athletes stay in their lanes I see no threat for him to make his first touchdown return against us. I am sure he will have a few attempts though, Huston doesn’t have the leg of former OSU kicker Mike Nugent.
    The winner of the Brandon Murphy and Ryan Redd battle will fill the other spot. Look for Ryan Redd to be the man here, he was the MAC East Special Teams Player of the Week for a couple of kick returns against Akron.

    KR Rating: C

    Head-to-Head: Darrell Hunter and Brian Murphy/Ryan Redd vs. Ginn and Holmes

    *warning a bit of homerism here* Is there a more exciting duo in college football than Holmes and Ginn? I say nay. Darrell Hunter is a solid returner, but with the two unknown sophomores fighting it out for the second spot, there is no comparison.

    Edge: Ginn/Holmes

    Overall Analysis

    For the most part Miami brings a very experienced special teams unit to Columbus. However with the inexperience at punter I expect OSU to capitalize on a mistake or two made by the RedHawks on special teams. As long as their kick returners are adequate I see no problems there, they may not be flashy but will get the job done. The only reason I rate them this high is Ryne Robinson and the experience by their kicker Todd Soderquist.

    Overall Special Teams Rating: B+

    Bucklion's prediction: 31-20, Ohio State
    BB73's prediction: 31-13, Ohio State
    daddyphatsac's prediction: 31-10, Ohio State
    Hubbard's prediction: 24-13, Ohio State
    Jaxbuck's prediction: 33-14, Ohio State
    LordJeffBuck's prediction: 24-20, Ohio State
    osugrad21's prediction: 35-17, Ohio State
    3yardsandacloud's prediction: 28-14, Ohio State

    Link to: Additional Information
    A wealth of additional information about this week's opponent.
  2. 3yardsandacloud

    3yardsandacloud Administrator Emeritus

    Thank to ALL the folks working on this year's previews: BB73, Bucklion, bucknuts44820, daddyphatsacs, exhawg, FKAGobucks877, Jaxbuck, jwinslow, LordJeffBuck, OilerBuck, osugrad21, vrbryant, and wadc45. Some you will read weekly (like Bucklion on O, daddyphatsacs on D, BB73 on Historical, Jaxbuck with the Numbers and LordJeffBuck with Recruiting) and the rest will rotate in and out as schedules permit ... like Hubbard and Special Teams.
  3. scooter1369

    scooter1369 Chief Toad Fart

    Very well written, guys. We aren't going to blow these guys out. We have the ability to, but we won't.
  4. chuck_jax

    chuck_jax Newbie

    EXCELLENT job, guys. Good collaborative effort - not an easy task to do. I salute your work.

  5. iambrutus

    iambrutus Screw Blue

    wow! you guys again, put up another great article!

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