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2007 Akron Zips Game Preview

Discussion in 'News' started by 3yardsandacloud, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. 3yardsandacloud

    3yardsandacloud Administrator Emeritus


    2007 Akron Zips Game Preview
    written by:
    BB73, BuckeyeRyn, Buckeyeskickbuttocks, Bucklion, DaddyBigBucks, Hubbard, jwinslow, OSUBucks22, and 3yardsandacloud

    One way of looking at Akron is to mention that they have the same number of losses to TSUN as Appalachian State does. OK, they've never played each other, but that's a reminder that one should never take an opponent too lightly, and it allows us to once again snicker as we remember the stunned silence in the Big House last Saturday.

    Discussing Akron's history with Ohio State means going back to a simpler time, the 1890s. Yes, those are the 'Gay 90s', in a time when that simply meant joyful. Akron started playing football in 1891, and despite winning their first game, only finished 1-4 that year, including a 6-0 loss to tOSU and a forfeit to Denison because of inclement weather. After a 3-4 season in 1892 that included a 62-0 pasting in Columbus, they got a player-coach named John W. Heisman (yes, that's him). His squad went 5-2 in '93, with a 32-18 loss to the Buckeyes, but they also won by scores of 54-2, 52-4, and 66-4 (TDs were worth 4 points back then). His penchant for running up scores was highlighted in 1916 (TDs were 6 points by then), with a 222-0 wipeout of Cumberland when he coached at Georgia Tech. That begs the question: when was the last time that Georgia Tech wiped out an opponent? OK, it admittedly took a while to work that 33-3 game against Notre Dame into the write-up, but we shouldn't miss out on an opportunity to also snicker at that result.

    Heisman's second year at Akron was his last, and the only game they played in 1894 gave him a 12-6 win in Columbus. That result is the only victory among Akron's 1-15 all-time mark against current Big Ten teams.

    Their other games against tOSU are a 14-6 Buckeye win in 1895, and a 28-14 result that was the first game with Jim Tressel as head coach in 2001. In that game, the Buckeyes had over 500 yards in offense, and held a young Charlie Frye to 134 yards passing, but tOSU's third turnover was a late interception of a McMullen pass that was returned 87 yards for a TD.

    In Akron's modern history, they had a memorable year in 1976, the only time they've won 10 games. They lost to Montana State in the Division II Championship game. In 1980 they had a scoreless tie against Youngstown State, which contrasts a 65-62 3OT win over Eastern Michigan in 2001 (it was 52-52 in regulation).

    The Zips were coached by Gerry Faust from 1986-1994, and went 43-53-3 during his tenure. He had spent the previous 5 years at Notre Dame, who would wait almost 20 years before hiring another guy that wasn't currently coaching college football.

    Akron has been coached by J.D. Brookhart since 2004. They went 6-5 in his first year, which was the last season for current Browns QB Charlie Frye. They did manage to beat Marshall by three points that year, which was the same margin of victory over the Thundering Herd that season as the one provided by Nuge's 55-yarder in the 'Shoe.

    In 2005, they won the MAC Conference Championship Game; needing an 81-yard drive in the final 1:41 with no timeouts, Luke Getsy threw a 36-yard pass to Domenik Hixon with 10 seconds left that gave the Zips a 31-30 win. They returned to Ford Field a few weeks later for their only major college bowl appearance, but fell 38-31 to DeAngelo Wililams and Memphis in the Motor City Bowl.

    Last season, the Zips' non-conference games included a 34-16 loss to the Nittany Lions at Happy Valley; and a 20-17 win over N.C. State in Raleigh, which helped send Chuck Amato ("Coach Chest") back to Tallahassee.

    With their 22-14 win over Army in the inaugural Patriot Bowl in Browns Stadium last Saturday, Brookhart's career mark at Akron is now 19-18.

    Akron's all-time record against teams currently in the MAC is 107-104-6. Ohio State's all-time mark against teams currently in the MAC is 21-1, the lone loss being to the Heisman-coached Akron team in 1894. That does not include the Marshall game in 2004, since they're now in Conference USA.

    This week's opponent is another with personal ties for Jim Tressel. He began his coaching career at Akron as a graduate assistant in 1975. During the next 3 years, he coached QBs, receivers and running backs; and also earned his Masters degree in education.​

    Date and Time
    Date: Saturday, September 8th, 2007
    Time: 12:00 EDT Kick-off
    Location: Ohio Stadium - "The Horseshoe" (Columbus, OH)
    Constructed: 1922 (Renovated in 2001)
    Seating Capacity: 101,568 (Originally 66,210)
    Playing Surface: FieldTurf
    Events: Hall of Fame

    Broadcast Information:
    TV Broadcast: The Big Ten Network: Tom Brennaman (Play-by-play), Charles Davis (Analysis), and Charissa Thompson (Sideline)

    Local Radio Broadcast: Ohio State Radio Network (WBNS 1460TheFan in Columbus): Paul Keels (Play-by-play), Jim Lachey (Analysis), and Marty Bannister (Sideline)

    Satellite Radio: Sirius Radio 140​

    2007 Akron Zips Offensive Preview

    Returning starters: 5

    After a brief but successful game against a (former) I-AA opponent (and quite a bit more successful than certain teams last weekend), the Buckeyes return to I-A with another in-state contest, this time against the Akron Zips. The Zips are coming off of a solid but relatively pedestrian win over Army, and will look to utilize their success in that game to make some noise offensively this weekend in Ohio Stadium. For the Zips, last year was not a particularly good one statistically, as they finished 93rd in the nation in yards per game at 330.6. They were 111th in rushing (83.8) and a more respectable 37th in passing (226.7). They also had trouble putting points up, scoring only 19.7 per contest, 88th nationally. Looking a little deeper, they were mediocre in several key categories, including 77th in the nation with 17.2 first downs per contest, and a horrific 117th in 3rd down percent with only 28%. To add to the problems, gone is last year's leader at the helm, Luke Getsy.

    The Zips will probably rely more on the running game this season, with standout RB Dennis Kennedy and the need to break in a new QB. This trend is evident after one game, as the Zips put 113 yards on the board from the running attack, an improvement from last year's average, and threw for 154 yards, down quite a bit from last season. However, the Zips put 18 first downs on the board and converted only 16.7% of their 3rd downs, so there doesn't look to be all that much improvement thus far in those categories. The Zips look like they can get some big plays, but they'll need more consistent production from the offense to be truly competitive this weekend.

    QB #11 Chris Jacquemain (6-2, 210, SO, Mentor HS, Mentor, OH)

    The QB battle to replace mainstay Luke Getsy was a particularly spirited one, and the job went to Jacquemain, a standout at Mentor who didn't attempt a pass last season serving as one of Getsy's backups. In the first game, he was efficient against Army, hitting with 14 of 24 attempts for 125 yards and a TD to standout receiver Jabari Arthur in the 2nd quarter. It wasn't an earth-shattering performance, but he was only sacked once, didn't turn it over, and led the offense efficiently and acquitted himself well for his first start. He'll get a much more stern test on Saturday against the Buckeyes, and they key for him will be to avoid turnovers and sacks (as it always is) and to be efficient enough with the passing game to make the running game more effective. He will also have to continue to maximize the considerable talent of Arthur. He hit 13 of his first 15 Saturday before tailing off, and he clearly won't have that luxury this weekend.

    Carlton Jackson (#7) is the primary backup, and he saw action against Army as well, completing 3 of 5 passes for 29 yards. Expect to see Jackson get some time behind center in the 2nd quarter on Saturday, and maybe more in the 2nd half if the starter struggles.

    Freshman Matt Rodgers (#5) is the 3rd QB.

    QB Rating: C+

    Head-to-Head: Akron versus Ohio State QBs

    Akron's QBs had a reasonable day against Army to open the season, and they have a dangerous playmaker to throw to in Arthur. Boeckman looked very solid in his first start, and looks to have a great deal of promise for the Buckeyes. Ohio State is 3-deep at the position, and this is a more solid unit overall. It will take the Akron QBs time to develop their confidence and expand their repertoire.

    Edge: Ohio State

    Running Backs
    RB #3 Dennis Kennedy (5-11, 215, JR, Stranahan HS, Ft. Lauderdale, FL)
    FB #32 Joe Tuzze (5-11, 230, SO, Lakeland HS, Mayfield, PA)

    Kennedy has developed a loyal following amongst many Buckeye fans, in part because he originally had signed a letter of intent to play with the Buckeyes in 2004, but was undone by a technicality and ended up at Akron. He really came on strong last season as the Zips primary weapon in the backfield, gaining 914 yards and scoring 9 TDs, averaging 4 yards per carry. This effort led him to be named 2nd team All-MAC last season, and preseason All-MAC this year. He was also a weapon in the passing game, catching 39 balls (3rd on the team behind the excellent pair of wideouts Akron had last season) for 193 yards. His start to the 2007 season was very solid if unspectacular, gaining 72 yards on the ground in 13 tries and catching a pass. With a new QB breaking in, Kennedy will be a key figure in the fortunes of the Zips offense this season. It is imperative for the Zips to get him involved in the game early and often, and let him use his impressive combination of speed and size to put pressure on the opposing front seven, in addition to being an outlet for the developing QBs in the passing game.

    Junior Bryan Williams (#24) is the primary backup, and he carried 5 times for 28 yards in the opening contest. He's more of a sleek back (6-0, 195) who can offer a change of pace to Kennedy's ability to do the punishing between-the-tackles running that is imperative for a successful rushing attack. His speed was demonstrated when he returned the opening kickoff 70 yards against Army, so his ability to find the open field will be important for the Zips ground attack this season.

    Tuzze will also be a key to the fortunes of the Zip running attack, primarily as a blocker, though he did carry the ball once for 11 yards and catch a pass in the opener. He has good size and is a solid blocker, something Ohio State fans can appreciate at the position.

    RB Rating: B+

    Head-to-Head: Akron versus Ohio State RBs

    Kennedy has developed into an impressive player, and should carry the Zips to good fortune this season. The Buckeyes can boast a blue-chipper of their own in Chris Wells, along with 2 quality backups in Maurice Wells and Brandon Saine. Wells is a special player, and the same case can be made for Kennedy, but the Buckeyes are 3-deep and easily get the edge as a unit, though Williams looks to have a bright future for the Zips.

    Edge: Ohio State

    Wide Receivers
    WR #12 Jabari Arthur (6-4, 225, SR, Vanier Prep, Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
    WR #4 Stephon Fuqua (6-1, 200, JR, Glenville HS, Cleveland, OH)

    Any way that one cuts it, Arthur is a big-time player who was named preseason All-MAC this year. He's a big target that can use his size to shield defenders, and he has enough speed to get open downfield. He is also a big threat in the red zone. Last season, he led the team in receptions with 45, for 730 yards and 4 TDs. This year, stepping into the big-play role that David Harvey occupied last season, Arthur shined in the opener, catching 11 passes for 125 yards and the offense's lone TD. He's an excellent player that will be a genuine test for the Buckeye secondary, and he continues to move sharply up the career lists at Akron.

    Opposite Arthur, Fuqua takes over, bringing very limited game experience. He didn't catch a pass last season, and caught 2 for 7 yards in the opener. He's a burner with a track background that will need to use his speed as his primary weapon to create separation and make himself available. He'll need to get more involved this week to take some of the pressure off of Arthur, or else the entire passing game will have very limited effectiveness if the Buckeyes can key solely on one man.

    The primary reserves are Brandon Williams (#17) and Alphonso Owen (#81), a pair of juniors who are unproven commodities. Underclassman Richard Sandilands (#87) and senior Marcus Patterson (#1) round out the depth chart. None of these players caught a pass in the opening contest. Owen was an All-American at Malone college and may offer the most immediate promise.

    WR Rating: C-

    Head-to-Head: Akron versus Ohio State WRs

    Arthur is a great player, but there is virtually nothing of a proven commodity behind him or beside him. The Buckeyes have a well-rounded group with significant game experience, led by Robiskie, who had a monster opening game, and Hartline. This is a no-contest in terms of units, though there is an argument to be made that Arthur might be the best of the bunch here, or at least just as good. Someone will have to step up opposite him, however, because the Buckeyes are too fundamentally sound in their schemes not to be able to stop a single player.

    Edge: Ohio State

    Tight Ends
    TE #84 Kris Kasparek (6-6, 265, SR, New Brighton HS, New Brighton, PA)

    Kasparek is a veteran and a monster on the wing, clearing holes for the running game, and will be very important to Kennedy's success. He caught 12 passes for 152 yards last season, so he can also get involved in the passing game on occasion, though he didn't catch a pass in the opener. Like the FB, his blocking is what makes him a standout, and he is an NFL prospect.

    The primary backup is junior Merce Poindexter (#83), also a veteran of the system who caught a dozen balls last year and a pass in the opener, so expect to see him on the field this weekend often as the Zips use multi-TE sets. He is by and large a starter as well, though he often sees the field in double TEs.

    TE Rating: B+

    Head-to-Head: Akron versus Ohio State TEs

    Neither set of TEs is an integral part of the passing attack in terms of receptions, but both units are important for the running game and can be a downfield weapon on occasion. Both units perform the same function, and both have veteran players, though Akron probably has the best unit in the MAC and the veteran senior mauler, so go with a slight edge to the Zips.

    Edge: Akron

    Offensive Line
    LT #74 Chris Kemme (6-6, 300, JR, Upper Arlington HS, Upper Arlington, PA)
    LG #71 Mike Ward (6-3, 300, FR, St. John's College, Fairfax, VA)
    C #68 Mike Schepp (6-4, 315, SR, Little Chute HS, Little Chute, WI)
    RG #78 Zack Anderson (6-4, 295, SO, Interboro HS, Lester, PA)
    RT #75 Corey Woods (6-5, 285, FR, Exeter Township HS, Reading, PA)

    Getsy was sacked 30 times last year, a number that will have to improve as the Zips break in a new QB. The good news for Zips fans is that there was only sack allowed in the opening week. The best of this group is probably Schepp, a mauler who is the offensive team captain. He has started games at center, guard, and tackle for the Zips, so his versatility reflects his toughness and sound blocking technique, as well as his grasp of the offensive plan. Columbus standout Kemme was named 2nd team All-MAC last season, and returns to continue his stellar play at tackle. He has good size and is efficient at both road-grating and protecting the QB. On the opposite side of the experience spectrum, Ward and Woods bring youthful enthusiasm and plenty of talent, but very little game experience coming in to the season. The coaches were especially high on Woods after the Army game, as he played very well in the opener. Anderson also has little game experience (3 games coming in to 2007) but plenty of size and talent to his credit.

    Keith Huebner (#77) was a potential starter but injuries have slowed him down. He can play either tackle. Sophomore Elliot Bates (#51) is the primary interior backup and can play guard or center. Jason Sekinger (#79) and Zac Kasparek round out the chart.

    OL Rating: B-

    Head-to-Head: Akron versus Ohio State OL

    The Zips have a couple of very good proven players in Schepp and Kemme, but very little experience on the right side and in the interior of the line at the guard spots. The line played well the first game, but it is hard to see how several relatively inexperienced players can stack up with the Buckeye line in this case.

    Edge: Ohio State

    Overall Offensive Analysis

    The offense was solid but unspectacular against a disciplined but relatively weak foe in Army. The QBs didn't turn it over, and ran an efficient gameplan, but unless Kennedy can keep some pressure off the passing game and Akron can find a second weapon downfield it will be a long Saturday for the Zips. This offense can contend in the MAC with solid fundamentals, and they have 2 very good skill position players in Kennedy and Arthur, but they will need to do a much better job of moving the chains, particularly on 3rd down. The running game and pass protection will be the key against the Buckeyes, and as a unit they will have to play significantly better than they did against Army, because one offensive TD will not beat the Buckeyes.

    Overall Offensive Rating: C

    2007 Akron Zips Defensive Preview

    Returning Starters: 8

    Akron returns 8 starters from a 2006 Defense which held opposing offenses to 136.2 yards per game on the ground and 186.2 through the air. The Zips run a 3-3-5 defense, which accounted for 21 turnovers last year, while sacking the quarterback 17 times. The Zips look to improve on these numbers in 2007, having already acquired 2 interceptions and 4 sacks against Army in week 1. The 3-3-5 will give the Buckeyes a look to which the are not accustomed. If the line is able to hold its own, and the the defensive backfield plays solid, the linebackers are experienced and athletic enough to make some plays.

    Defensive Line
    DT #93 Eric Lively (6-2 285 JR)
    NG #91 Wallace Pendleton (6-1 315 SO)
    DE #56 Almondo Sewell (6-2 235 FR)

    Akron replaces Kiki Gonzalez and Jermaine Reid from last year's unit. Replacing Gonzalez in the middle is Pendleton, a big body which can anchor the line. He saw limited action in 2006, but should provide beef which most MAC teams won't have. Lively, bulked up from 250 pounds, replaces Reid and is expected to improve his run defense while putting pressure on the quarterback. Sewell started against Army and provides the speed of the line. The line will be asked to "hold the fort" while the Linebackers take most of the glory.

    The line is backed up with a combination of experience and youth, with Nosetackles, Senior #95 Nate Robinson (6-5 315) and Freshman #60 Dan Marcoux (6-3 260) along with Junior End #22 Mitchell Magloire (6-1 220) and Tackle #83 redshirt Freshman Viktor Rajek (6-4 230). Against Army Robinson saw limited action, recording a sack.

    DL Rating: C+

    Head-to-Head: Akron DL versus OSU DL

    Ohio State lost the services of Lawrence Wilson against Youngstown State to a broken leg. That notwithstanding, there is still a great deal of talent available for the Buckeyes. Playing different schemes makes the comparison somewhat difficult, but it's hard to bet against the likes of Gholston, Rose, Worthington, Larimore, Denlinger and company. Both units do what they're asked to do, but the edge goes to the Buckeyes owing to superior depth, size and speed. Akron's D-Line, replacing 2 of 3 starters, is the weakest part of the defense, but will be plenty adequate once MAC play begins.

    Edge: Ohio State

    SLB #43 Brion Stokes (5-11 220 SR)
    MLB #30 Kevin Grant (6-2 245 JR)
    BANDIT #54 Doug Williams (6-2 235 JR)

    This unit is the strength of the Akron defense. Each of Stokes, Grant, and Williams is a returning starter. Stokes is a bit small, but provides excellent speed for his position, brings the wood, and led the Zips with 5.5 sacks in 2006. Grant returns in the middle, bringing along with him 160 career tackles. A disruptive force, Grant can find his way in to the backfield in a hurry. Williams, a converted defensive end, made 50 tackles in 2006, along with seven for loss.

    Backing up the starters will be SLB #7 redshirt Senior Parris McNeal (6-0 220), Senior #44 Ray Siler (6-1 225) at MIKE, and Sophomore #46 Amin Kabir (6-1 190) at Bandit. McNeal recorded 5 tackles against Army in week one. Kabir is undersized at 190 pounds, but does provide defensive back type speed and isn't afraid to give up his body on a hit. Siler has been around and knows the system.

    LB Rating: B

    Head-to-Head: Akron LBs versus OSU LBs

    Akron's LB unit is probably the best in the MAC. Experienced, strong and quick, they are the key to Akron's scheme's effectiveness. Still, Ohio State - one of the better units in the nation - is a better unit overall. With more size, speed and athleticism, the edge goes to Freeman, Laurinaitis, Grant and company.

    Edge: Ohio State

    FCB #20 Reggie Corner (5-9 175 rSR)
    FREE #21 Andre Jones (5-11 185 JR)
    SS #10 Chevin Pace (5-10 185 SR)
    BCB #5 Davanzo Tate (5-11 185 SR)
    ROV #19 John Mackey (5-10 215 SR)

    The secondary is filled with loads of experience, with Jones being the youngest. Both Tate and Corner, while smallish, provide solid speed at Corner. Corner lead the Zips with 4 interceptions and had 8 pass break ups in 2006, while Tate, a West Virginia transfer, broke up 13. Each had a pick against Army, with Corner's going for 74 yards and a score. Mackey was the leading tackler for Akron in 2006 with 88 and should be at the top again in 2007. Not the best pass defender, he provides solid run support. Jones recorded 7 tackles against Army, leading the way. He forced 3 fumbles in 2006 and is known as big hitter. Pace was a very solid defender before a knee injury set him back some. He lacks the speed he once had, but is still very able and has worked his way back in to a starters role.

    Backing up this senior laden bunch are SS #28 Brandon Anderson (5-11 175 JR), #27 Rover Wayne Cobham (6-2 190 SO), FCB #11 Miguel Graham (5-9 160 JR), FREE #8 Yamari Dixon (5-9 200 SR), and BCB #23 Rodney Etienne (6-2 195 SO). Each of these men recorded tackles against Army with the exception of Graham and can be counted on to play well keeping everyone's legs fresh.

    DB Rating: B

    Head-to-Head: Akron DBs versus OSU DBs

    Much like the LBs, this unit is one of the best in the MAC. Solid experience with depth, the DBs should only improve on last year's campaign. They look to continue their big hitting, while also gaining more interceptions. That said, Ohio State's DBs are outstanding. Akron does not have a Malcom Jenkins caliber DB in the mix. Without taking anything away from Akron, starters Jenkins, Donald Washington, Anderson Russell and Kurt Coleman are better athletes and Ohio State has outstanding depth with Jamario O'Neal, Chimdi Checkwa, Eugene Clifford and Aaron Gant leading the way.

    Edge: Ohio State

    Overall Defensive Analysis

    Akron returns a host of experienced defenders. The group should be among the best, if not the best, in the MAC in 2007. While the defensive line replaces two of its three starters, the back eight should provide them with the cushion they need to hone their skills. The 3-3-5 will give Ohio State a look they do not often see and it may take time to adjust. Akron needs to work on putting pressure on the quarterback and will also have to establish that it can stop Ohio State's running game. If it cannot, Ohio State may enjoy several big plays.

    Overall Defensive Rating: B-

    2007 Akron Zips Special Teams Preview

    Returning Starters: 2

    So far the theme of our opponent's special teams is inexperience. The Zips to return their punter and punt returner, but their place kicker is new as is both of their kickoff return men. The first game of the season saw some miscues for Akron, but there was a highlight or two.

    It was the first Saturday of college football, soooo excuse my use of stats rather than game breakdown for OSU's part as I don't remember a whole lot of what happened in that facet. And watching most of the 4th quarter of the Appalachian State game also didn't help my focus.

    Special Teams
    P #38 John Stec (5-9 190 SO)
    PK #45 Igor Iveljic (5-11 195 rFR)
    PR #21 Andre Jones (5-11 185 JR)
    KR #24 Bryan Williams (6-0 195 JR) and # Alphonso Owen (5-10 170 JR)
    LS #15 Brian Flaherty (6-4 230 JR)

    Kicking Game:
    Igor Iveljic may be a redshirt freshman, but he wasn't just handed the job. He had to beat out a senior for the position, which is no small accomplishment and now handles both PK and kickoff duties. He was redshirted last year because of a back injury. The juries still out on Iveljic, but he had a solid first outing going 3 out of 4 on field goal attempts. He doesn't seem to have a huge leg with a career/season long of 32 yards and missed on the 44 yarder against army. Spring saw him come up short on a few long kicks including a 50 yarder.

    Punter John Stec started last year as a freshman and averaged 38.6 yards per punt with a long of 54 yards. In addition he placed 11 of his 60 punts inside the 20 yard line. After the first week of the season he is averaging 29.8 yards on 6 punts, one was blocked and rolled into the end zone where army fell on it. The season is not going so well for Stec as of now, but it has no where to go but up ... or not. Be sure that Tressel is reviewing that tape and look for OSU to go after some punts this game.

    Kicking Game Rating: C+

    Head-to-Head: What I remember of OSU's kicking game this past week: zilch, so here is a breakdown of the stats. Pretorious went 5-5 on extra points and 1-1 on field goals to win OSU's special team player of the week. Good enough for me! I don't think this week we will be relying on the kicking game to win. Pretorious beat out a very good incumbent Pettrey for the job and Tressel knows his special teams. OSU had two punts by A.J. Trapasso for 96 yards (46 yard average) and both of them were inside the 20 damn good start to the season.

    Edge: Ohio State

    Return Game:
    Continuing our theme, Bryan Williams and Alphonso Owen are unknown commodities at this point, but Williams did take the opening kickoff from the season 70 yards down to the Army 23. Owen only had one opportunity and only had a 12 yard return. Not too shabby of a start.

    One of the two returning starters on special teams, Andre Jones had a 5.8 yard punt return average on nine punt returns last year. In the Army game this year Jones kicked it up a notch or two and had a 32.0 yard average on 3 punts. He had a 63 yarder to help out that average. Jones could be the star of the bunch, but not this Saturday against the Buckeyes.

    Return Game Rating: B+ (Week one helped their case quite a bit, but still skeptical of them against decent competition.)

    Head-to-Head: Well Robiskie returning the punts didn't fit into my plan, but Jenkins did get in there and have a return like I predicted. I still like Jenkins more than Robo, but with either of these guys I feel we are a bit better punt returners than the Zips. I like Maurice Wells back returning kicks even with his counterpart outperforming him. The Anderson Russell return was a bit of a surprise (then and now, don't remember that at all) and he made the most of his opportunity. It doesn't matter who Ohio State has back there, they are all great athletes. Not to take anything away from Akron, but there is a considerable jump in overall athleticism from the MAC to the cream of the crop of the Big Ten.

    Edge: Ohio State

    Overall Special Teams Analysis

    The Zips kickers had a not-so-great week on opening week, but it could've been just opening day jitters. On the other hand the retuners had a out of this world week, but conversely don't count on that happening again this week. Playing in front of 105,000 rabid fans may also have an impact on the performances. I expect a blocked (or at least OSU getting a piece of one) punt.

    Overall Special Teams Rating: B (probably being a bit generous, but their performance speaks for itself)​

    BB73's prediction: 38-13, Ohio State
    BuckeyeRyn's prediction: 34-13, Ohio State
    Buckeyeskickbuttocks' prediction: 45-10, Ohio State
    Bucklion's prediction: 31-13, Ohio State
    DaddyBigBucks's prediction: 33-3, Ohio State
    daddyphatsac's prediction: 34-10, Ohio State
    Hubbard's prediction: 45-10, Ohio State
    jwinslow's prediction: 42-10, Ohio State
    OSUBucks22's prediction: 31-10, Ohio State
    osugrad21's prediction: 38-14, Ohio State
    OSUsushichic's prediction: 42-9, Ohio State
    3yardsandacloud's prediction: 35-9, Ohio State

    Previous Game's Results (OSU 38 - YSU 6)
    Low score wins the year long battle of prediction supremacy! (Difference of actual score versus predicted score. 10 point penalty for picking the losing team.)

    (0) Hubbard's prediction: 38-6, Ohio State (0 + 0 = 0)
    (0) OSUsushichic's prediction: 38-6, Ohio State (0 + 0 = 0)
    (1) OSUBucks22's prediction: 38-7, Ohio State (0 + 1 = 1)
    (2) 3yardsandacloud's prediction: 40-6, Ohio State (2 + 0 = 0)
    (4) BB73's prediction: 38-10, Ohio State (0 + 4 = 4)
    (7) BuckeyeRyn's prediction: 41-10, Ohio State (3 + 4 = 7)
    (7) daddyphatsac's prediction: 44-7, Ohio State (6 + 1 = 7)
    (10) jwinslow's prediction: 42-13, Ohio State (3 + 7 = 10)
    (11) DaddyBigBucks's prediction: 45-10, Ohio State (7 + 4 = 11)
    (11) Deety's prediction: 45-10, Ohio State (7 + 4 = 11)
    (16) Buckeyeskickbuttocks' prediction: 51-3, Ohio State (13 + 3 = 16)
    (17) Bucklion's prediction: 48-13, Ohio State (10 + 7 = 17)

    Adjusted scores for weeks missed. Participant must take the highest score from the week they missed:
    (17) osugrad21 (no prediction week 1)​

    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 7, 2007
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    :osu3:Buckeyes will win by 30, and somehow drop another spot in the polls.....Go Bucks!!!
  4. DaddyBigBucks

    DaddyBigBucks Still Calculating Buckeye DSC... Staff Member Bookie

    Not a chance.

    If we win by 30, Louisville will drop below us. There is also the distinct possibility that VPI (VT) will drop below us as well. Worst case scenario if we cover the spread is standing pat in the polls. Considering how pointless the polls are this early in the season, that's not a bad worst case.
  5. Mike80


    Updated weather forecast (not good)

    60% chance of thunderstorms and looking at the hourly graphs, the chance of precipitation peaks right at Noon tomorrow.

    Winds will be light and variable but it will be muggy and warm at the stadium.
  6. Bleed S & G

    Bleed S & G Taking Crazy Pills

    Hey guys, great work as usual.. one mistake.. Kemme is from Upper Arlington, OH and not PA
  7. Bucklion

    Bucklion Throwback Staff Member Former Premier League Champ

    Whoops...typo. I'll take credit for that, though I did identify him as being from the Columbus area in the write-up. :)
  8. JCOSU86

    JCOSU86 2019 Rose Bowl Champions! Staff Member

    Corrected a couple of minor spelling mistakes (we have to keep OSU_Buckguy happy, :lol:). Otherwise, awesome effort, guys and gals.
    bkochmc likes this.
  9. POJO_Risin

    POJO_Risin Newbie

    Once again gentlemen, you prove to have the most comprehensive and real look at the game. Thank god for the Buckeye planet...

    ...and thank god for the Horseshoe. There's nothing like a see of Scarlet and Gray.

    THE Horseshoe--The Ohio State Blog at MVN

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