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2007 TSUN News

Discussion in 'College Football' started by osugrad21, Dec 15, 2006.

  1. osugrad21

    osugrad21 Capo Regime Staff Member


    [FONT=arial,sans-serif]Michigan OT Long returning next season

    Michigan's first-team All-America offensive tackle Jake Long announced today that he will return to the school for his senior season.

  2. osugrad21

    osugrad21 Capo Regime Staff Member


    Wolverines looking to halt season-ending failures

    Friday, December 15, 2006 From wire reports
    Chad Henne stood in front of a roomful of reporters Thursday, speaking of the opportunity Michigan has to prove it's one of the nation's top college football teams.
  3. osugrad21

    osugrad21 Capo Regime Staff Member

    Detroit News


    Marquee players returning to U-M's offense next year

    December 15, 2006

    Jake Long, Michigan's All-America left tackle, made it official. He's returning for his senior season.
    Quarterback Chad Henne and tailback Mike Hart were especially elated when they heard. Hart had several conversations with the 6-foot-7, 313-pound tackle.
  4. osugrad21

    osugrad21 Capo Regime Staff Member


    College Football

    Motivated Michigan ready for Rose Bowl

    A win in Pasadena would give the Wolverines their second 12-win season in school history.

    The Associated Press

    ANN ARBOR, Mich. ? Chad Henne stood in front of a roomful of reporters Thursday, speaking of Michigan?s chance to once and for all prove itself.
  5. gregorylee

    gregorylee I'd rather be napping!!

    I heard on the radio yesterday that Long stated his reason for return as "Unfinished business", don't think tOSU isn't in their heads... :wink:
  6. BuckBackHome

    BuckBackHome Wolverine is largest member of weasel family

    I think Hart needs to jump this year but I can understand if he wants to stick around for one more try.
  7. Cornerback6

    Cornerback6 Optimism Lover

    I hope Hart & Henne stay and notch one more L against the Bucks before they end their sucking career at scUM. :)
  8. gregorylee

    gregorylee I'd rather be napping!!

    Let him come back for another shot, that defense should be stellar next year.
  9. DaddyBigBucks

    DaddyBigBucks Still Calculating Buckeye DSC... Staff Member Bookie

    I certainly agree that JT has LC's number, but he's not undefeated. With as much talent as they have on that team, and being on a year-long, single-minded mission, they have as good a chance against us next November as they've ever had. They played well this year and they will play well next year. It may not make a difference, but then again it very well might.
  10. SanAntonioBuck

    SanAntonioBuck RIP Our Friend and Hero

    Voyd is going to run that guy into the ground, there's going to be no tread left on those tires.
  11. tsteele316

    tsteele316 Mr. Such and Such

    vince young said similar things before his bowl game last year as well. hart and henne returning isn't surprising. IMO Long would be foolish to come back this year. He's a sure fire top ten pick in this draft.
  12. osugrad21

    osugrad21 Capo Regime Staff Member

    Well earned honor for Coach English...


    December 15, 2006

    English earns top defensive coordinator honors

    David Fox College Football Staff Writer

    The Michigan defense would be different under Ron English.
  13. Zurp

    Zurp I have misplaced my pants.

    If those guys' only goal next season is to beat Ohio State, what do you think the chances are that they'll look past one of their other opponents and get upset?
    LordJeffBuck and DaddyBigBucks like this.
  14. osugrad21

    osugrad21 Capo Regime Staff Member

    We praised Mike Doss for coming back...we hope that Teddy does the same.

    I love it when kids stay in school...even if they do go to TSUN.
    msj2487 likes this.
  15. cincibuck

    cincibuck You kids stay off my lawn!

    Amen... and don't forget Gonzo in the equation... but I sure don't blame kids for signing. It's a real crap shoot. McGahee is the perfect example. He took a real shot in the wallet with that broken leg. Hart, in fact any running back, would concern me the most. RBs take a real beating and their NFL life expectancy is shorter than any other position. Get the money while you can would be my philosophy if I were him.
    osugrad21 likes this.

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