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2007 TSUN News

Discussion in 'College Football' started by osugrad21, Dec 15, 2006.

  1. BuckTwenty

    BuckTwenty Parties with Pete Johnson's Beard

    Why all this comparing DickRod to Tressel? That's apples and oranges.

    You're going to have a crappy year of football this year. Your 2009-2010 season will depend on how your players learn the system, develop within that system, and handle the adversity of a trying year. It'll also depend on how you recruit. Hopefully you guys will start getting some commitments from some linemen, or else you're going to have another long season after this one.
  2. HailToMichigan

    HailToMichigan Maize and Blue Wahoo

    It took me a little while. Thought this was a Washington State website for the longest time.
  3. MaxBuck

    MaxBuck 2014 National Champions!

    Wazzzzuuuuu (ppppp)?
  4. DickRod reminds of "turnaround specialist" CEOs whom would do anything, even at the expense of unethical behavior and sacrificing long-term profitability, to achieve short-term success, pick up the fat compensation package, and leave the organization in shambles. So far, his lack of defensive recruiting is a sign that he plans to ride the success, if you can even call it that, from the current defensive unit and use UM to add to his credential as an offensive guru. It wouldn't surprise me if he is coaching in Tallahassee after a couple of 9-4 seasons.
  5. brutus2002

    brutus2002 Junior

    The bigger question is who is gonna play DL for them next year.
  6. HailToMichigan

    HailToMichigan Maize and Blue Wahoo

    Winning records against both Pitt and Maryland. I'd be OK with it if he went 4-3 against OSU in 7 years. It'd be about the same as Bo did against Woody.

    I'd sure like to think that the difference between Michigan and the Iowas and Illinois's of the world is better than that between WVU and the rest of the Big East. There's not that much to work with in Morgantown.
  7. HailToMichigan

    HailToMichigan Maize and Blue Wahoo

    What lack of defensive recruiting? It's not like he's been ignoring that side of the ball. You'd think Signing Day was tomorrow instead of six months from now.
  8. Jaxbuck

    Jaxbuck I hate tsun ‘18 Fantasy Baseball Champ

    Don Nehlan did all right. Even played for a National Championship.
  9. NFBuck

    NFBuck Total Coverage.

    That's the biggest rub of this whole situation. Recruits are committing earlier and earlier these days. No real "blue-chippers" on defense are very high on um. The CB from Arkansas (whatshisname) mentioned them a couple months ago and we haven't heard much since. They have shots at a couple "under the radar" type guys, but defensive recruiting for DickRod isn't the same as offense. He can recruit these ping-pong balls on offense and get production from them due to the system he runs. Not so on defense. On defense, he's still gonna need to bring in big time recruits. He never did that at wvu (on D) and is struggling to get any to notice him now at um. I don't know if it's a lack of trying or if the big-time defensive prospects um used to be able to reel in are looking elsewhere because of DR's reputation.

    Save the "he's just getting settled in at um, it'll come around" crap too. He's a name coach at a name university. He shouldn't have such a hard time attracting "name" recruits. Les Miles recruited immediately at LSU, Meyer at UF, Saban did at 'Bama, hell even Randy Shannon with the Canes in shambles is reeling in good classes. I'd be nervous about DickRod's defensive recruiting prowess if I were a scUMmer (God forbid).
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2008
    brutus2002 likes this.
  10. NFBuck

    NFBuck Total Coverage.

    Ohio State and Pitt/Maryland are in two seperate universes. Try again.

    True, but there is a bigger difference between the Pitts/marylands and tOSU's and the PSUs/Wiscys and the USFs/Louisvilles. His offense struggled against the better defenses in his conference and it reflected in his W-L record. There's not that much to work with in michigan either (relatively speaking) where he isn't cleaning up in recruiting. His recruiting thus far, particularly defense just isn't up to snuff by um standards. See my post above if you want to trot out the "it's his first year" excuse. Other "name" coaches have done quite well in their first year at new stops that didn't quite have um's cache.

    True. But what really good defensive recruits does um have a legitimate shot at right now. They're getting scooped quite a bit for defensive recruits. He's simply gonna have to step up his defensive recruiting, especially considering how thin the DL is, if he doesn't want to spend a couple years trying to catch up.
  11. billmac91

    billmac91 Senior

    Because big time recruits aren't going to want to play for a coach who doesn't produce NFL players.

    His style worked at Tulane and WVU feasting on poor won't work in a major conference especially when blue-chip atheletes understand his style does not prepare them for pro-ball.

    Just the way it is. Ho wmany NFL players did he produce at WVU?

    Chris Henry, Pac-Man, Steve Slaton, and who else? I mean I'm sure I'm missing a few names, but what a joke.
    muffler dragon likes this.
  12. jwinslow

    jwinslow A MAN OF BETRAYED JUSTICE Staff Member Tourney Pick'em Champ


    The 1987 season marked the beginning of the Major Harris era in West Virginia. In Harris' sophomore season, 1988, West Virginia went undefeated and played Notre Dame in The National Championship Fiesta Bowl. West Virginia lost the game 34-21, after Major Harris' injury on the third play of the game.

    In 1993, Nehlen led West Virginia to another undefeated regular season, but Florida exacted revenge in the Sugar Bowl, winning 41-7.
  13. brutus2002

    brutus2002 Junior

    NFBuck hit the nail on the head.

    Remember last years defensive haul for Michigan???? Yep LLoyd Carr recruited them not RR. If LLoyd Carr would not have went out gracefully half those recruits would have bailed. The Michigan faithful ought to give Carr a big applause for his class and how he left the program. RR hasn't show me he can recruit defense...or even at all. I don't look at starratings but I do look at offer list. The big boys are committing elsewhere. Michigan is rumored to have around 9 ships left...Things are not looking that promising.
  14. NFBuck

    NFBuck Total Coverage.

    Bump to drive home my point earlier of DR's success again competitive football teams.
  15. Muck

    Muck Enjoy Every Sandwich Staff Member

    He Played For The National Title Six Times & Won Four.

    RR is 0-1

    In the NAIA title game.

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