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2008 2008 U.S. Army All-American Bowl - Jan. 5th

Discussion in 'Football Recruiting' started by wadc45, Jun 26, 2007.



    Just got back to Columbus from the game .This is what i saw and what happened .First off the players at the game were some real specimens i mean these guys are for real. ALSO THE SPEED OUT THERE WAS SICK .I would take any of the east receivers they all are fast and big .Also Floyd and Goodman going to nd they got two good ones . While at the game all the guys coming to osu really hung out with each other .From what i saw if tp doesn't come to osu it will be the biggest shock but i didn't get that feel with jj he was pretty much just being a loner some interaction early but not as much as tp . The game was great would highly recommend it. God the weather was so awesome 80 on sat and Sunday hard to leave .The people in San Antonio are great .So after the game we head back to hotel to change and head to the river walk .It is so cool down there the only draw back was they had drained the river i guess they do it every year to fix repairs. So after we leave the river walk and head to market square we are walking down the side walk and i look ahead and i see jj coming toward us I stop him and talk to him for a while. I SAY SO ARE YOU COMING HE SAYS COMING I SAY YES TO THE BUCKEYES HE SAYS OH I DON'T KNOW .I said well i hope you do you wont find a better place he says yes sir .I must say he was one of the most polite kids i have met everything was yes sir.I was so impressed with him but with the game and what i saw there and how he answered my question. I don't think he comes here .So while I'm waiting at the airport in Houston for my return flight. I look up and who do i see coming toward the gate we are at none other than. Mike Brewster with his mom and dad. So i walk over introduce myself we talk for a while with him and his parents great people his dad was a really cool guy. So i ask mike is tp coming .He says I'm not sure i hope but not sure . I told him how he is like the most popular recruit ever and he smiles .So i say take care and cant wait to see you play so we head to our plane . And when were boarding i look up and its mike and his parents. So how cool is that. We talked about a lot of things i cant stress how nice mike and his parents are .He said he was nervous because he was stating school on Monday i said . Mike don't be nervous it the best time of your life your going to be an Ohio state buckeye .And he said yeah .When we was walking out there were about 10 people shouting lsu lsu lsu at us and mikes dad says yeah your gonna have that L tattooed on your head Monday night is was so funny . So any way from what i take from what i saw and heard tp will be a buckeye i don't think jj will. But guys this is just my opinion from what i saw and heard. Hope both come but i think we get one of them. Sorry this was so long just wanted to share my weekend with you thanks.
  2. Flocka

    Flocka Where you going? NOWHERE!

  3. NFBuck

    NFBuck Total Coverage.

    Mother of God, learn punctuation and sentence structure and maybe I'd read that. What a mess!
  4. notfadeaway

    notfadeaway Sophmore

    Its of consciousness man....dont you read Kerouac:pimp:
  5. sandgk

    sandgk Watson, Crick & A Twist

    It's like the anti-Gonzo Journalist - all valley girl, all the time.
  6. OSUBuckeye4Life

    OSUBuckeye4Life "THE" Ohio State Buckeyes

    It's a decent read once you look past all that.
  7. SNIPER26

    SNIPER26 Banned

    Paragraphs, commas, punctuation and spelling are your friends.
    wadc45 likes this.


    Sorry all you guys care about is writing and English . No worries i will keep all things to myself from now on .
  9. NFBuck

    NFBuck Total Coverage.

    Well, Sorry. I just couldn't read past the third line. I'd love to know what you thought, but I honestly can't read that.
  10. NJ-Buckeye

    NJ-Buckeye They Hate Us cuz They Ain't Us.. Banners are good Staff Member

    pic of Lamar Thomas from yesterdays game

  11. NJ-Buckeye

    NJ-Buckeye They Hate Us cuz They Ain't Us.. Banners are good Staff Member

    oop.. found one of Adams too

  12. BuckIStallion

    BuckIStallion Rookie


    Good post. Ignore the haters but do post again.
  13. lvbuckeye

    lvbuckeye Silver Surfer

    the frenetic pace comparisons are appropriate, but... the prose was a little lacking... did you know that On the Road is a gay anthem? i didn't until i read it was... but anyway. it's great book.
  14. osugrad21

    osugrad21 Capo Regime Staff Member

    Hollywood, thank you for the recap. Good stuff.
  15. SNIPER26

    SNIPER26 Banned

    No I care about things being spaced out so I don't have to have my face three inches away from my computer so I can read what you're saying.

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