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2016 CFB Week 13 Open Thread

Discussion in '2016 Football Season Capsule' started by MD Buckeye, Nov 23, 2016.

  1. youra6

    youra6 It's not over 9000

    Yeah true. The only two teams that realistically can get in without a conference championship is Bama and Ohio State.
  2. Jake

    Jake They took the bar! ‘17 The Deuce Champ '18 The Deuce Champ Fantasy Baseball Champ

    I think the team with the best record in Michigan should get a bid in that case. 8D

    1. Bama
    2. Bucks
    3. Western Michigan
    4. Clemson

    Yeah, I know. :lol:
  3. UrbanBuckeye

    UrbanBuckeye Senior '18 Upset Picks Winner

    I duuuuunoooooo.....

    Florida looks like they could give them a run for their money.

    Wait, never mind. I have that wrong. Florida is giving them money so they can run....away.
  4. OHSportsFan

    OHSportsFan Fan of Ohio Sports in Indy

  5. UrbanBuckeye

    UrbanBuckeye Senior '18 Upset Picks Winner

    OMG.... I love the arguments going on over in the comments section on ESPN.

    Mostly by the fanbases of PSU and Washington. Quite frankly, the PAC 12 is a mess. Now that Utah and Washington St have been beaten they'll both fall out of the rankings. Giving Colorado and Washington literally NO QUALITY WINS.

    Not that I really like USC but they beat both Colorado and Washington. LOLOLOL.... But lost to Utah and Stanford. So...really, the best team in the PAC 12 (which is garbage) isn't going to the conference championship. Sound slightly familiar?
  6. ExpatAkronite

    ExpatAkronite Cascadia Subduction Zone

    SC may be the best in the PAC right now but they are a 3 loss team bound for the Alamo Bowl.
    SEREbuckeye and UrbanBuckeye like this.
  7. UrbanBuckeye

    UrbanBuckeye Senior '18 Upset Picks Winner

    The Conference Championship game I'm most looking forward to?

    SWAC Championship Game
    Alcorn State vs. Grambling State NRG Stadium
    Houston, TX 4pm / ESPNU

    Playoff hopes are on the line here people.

    BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO WIN A CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP to be considered for the Playoff (says half the comments on ESPN)
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2016
  8. UrbanBuckeye

    UrbanBuckeye Senior '18 Upset Picks Winner

    Oh, trust me, I know.... That's why I was hoping Utah would prevail (yeah, I know...) and USC would win the Championship. Just to eliminate the dreck that is the PAC-12
    SEREbuckeye and ExpatAkronite like this.
  9. ExpatAkronite

    ExpatAkronite Cascadia Subduction Zone

    :lol: I just like stating that after the Rose the PAC's best bowl is the Alamo (followed of course by the Holiday)!
  10. Buck33Eye11

    Buck33Eye11 Rocky Mountain High

    i was salty they blew that cover last night, but man, no respect for CU anywhere :(

    i wanna see them blow the fucking doors off Washington next week. if everything plays out how it should they prob get passed over even in that case and that really blows, so i'm rooting insanely hard for VaTech and OkieSt, and they prob need some other domino to fall somewhere somehow also, idk. (btw, it's fucking nonsense trash garbage that OU takes a fucking bye yesterday to avoid getting jumped just so they can maintain the perception of having a meaningful final game vs dogshit OkieSt on championship weekend. entire conference is a fucking grease fire and OU got flat out embarrassed twice this year, one in their own yard, and have zero quality wins sans the WVU blowout, who lost to OU & OkieSt who lost to CENTRAL MICHIGAN @home AND BAYLOR LOLOOLOLOLOL. it's fucking horseshit and i hope the entire B12 burns to the ground..fucktards in Texas and OU ruined the whole damn thing..bunch of fuckin grainy ballbags)

    but CU can play some defense boys. last night prior to that garbage time drive Utah made like 6 redzone trips and kicked 3 successful FGs and fumbled--their first TD was a punt return in the 1st Q. they have some really fucking talented DBs, great redzone D and Luifau is a damn good QB that can run and spin it with the best of them. they get pressure on the QB and they're balanced offensively with athletes that can make plays at all positions, so do not be surprised at all if they win that game Friday night. problem is they did lose to scUM and USC (both w/ out Luifau; they lost by 4 @ USC and were leading in the 3rd Q @scUM until he broke his foot or whatever and they blew a kick coverage..something they did twice again last night, sigh; both are very, very good losses on the road, and they covered both closing numbers--6.5 @ sc and 18 i think @scUM--but losses nonetheless) and their decent wins are against teams that turned into St. Mary's at the end of the season, so if they knock of the Petersons they're still looking up at scUM, the eventual B1G champ & Clemp, and it really hurts them that tOSU is gonna get in regardless of what happens.

    are they one of the best 4 teams out there? idk. on a neutral field with everyone healthy they give scUM, Clemp and even tOSU serious runs. this is a very, very good football team, and if you don't think they absolutely deserve the opportunity to prove on the field how much better they are with Liufau healthy and that they can compete with the best out there then you haven't watched enough football this season and you should feel bad.

    this is the exact reason why 4 teams isn't enough. it has to be at least 6.

    pumped for the final stretch..this is always the best football of the year.
  11. Jagdaddy

    Jagdaddy Senior

    Regarding CU, I think that they've got a better than 50/50 shot at getting in with a win over UW and a Va. Tech win over Clemson. Obviously, Clemson is the domino that must fall for them to have a chance. In that scenario, I think that you're looking at a playoff of Alabama, Ohio State, CU (OU gets punished for last year's playoff debacle and the possibility of a rematch with OSU and CU gets rewarded for being a great story), and the BIG champion. If OU loses, their odds are even better. I can't see them jumping OSU or a BIG champ absent a blowout of UW and probably not even then.

    As far as how good CU is, I love the secondary, Lindsay, the WRs, and the scrappiness of both lines, and they can play with any finesse team but I don't think that they have the horses to stand up to any truly physical athlete-loaded team. Alabama would trample them and probably kill Liufau, OSU would man up the WRs (most teams can't), beat up Lifau, and eventually grind them down with the running game. PSU is a much better matchup for them, and they might be able to do enough against Wiscy's D with tempo to win a close one against them.

    But the biggest issue for CU is that their special teams shit show makes OSU's special teams look elite. I think that that's going to bite them against UW.
    Buck33Eye11 likes this.
  12. Buck33Eye11

    Buck33Eye11 Rocky Mountain High

    yeah i think that's a pretty good assessment and was kinda feeling that way all day today as well. in hindsight, even though they kept it close until Liufau went down, Michigan wasn't prepared for how good CU was & they really got hit in the mouth..there's no chance they'd get as overlooked as they did before, so they'd definitely struggle to move the ball if Mich DL plays anything like they did yesterday. they might be able to hang for a half, but probably not much more.

    perhaps i'm trying to be overly unbiased with tOSU take as well. CU's clearly outmatched athletically here also and OSU's DL actually really surprised me yesterday even though i've had them as a top-3 unit there all year..because we should have been blown out of that game if that unit plays even a little bit poorly and we're not given 3 gift turnovers. OSU offense being so vanilla could let them stay in the game for a while, especially if they keep faking punts on their own damn 20, but even Michigan was completely gassed late in that game and got destroyed on the DL late so that edge would obviously shore out, likely much sooner than it did yesterday.

    honestly i haven't watched a ton of Clemp this yr and most of my thoughts are just metric based there, but Watson throws the deep ball better than anyone left and IMO is the most dangerous of the top-8 QBs and Dabo will just go outscore you with a damn TE if he has to, but i have concerns for them defensively and i'd venture CU could hang here maybe even into the 4th Q before the 60yd bombs start dropping (they could also get run by half lol). if you line up CU-Clemson, prob just bet the over and go make a sandwich.

    agree completely with Alabama..i don't think anybody's gonna be able to stop them unless Hurts keeps turning the ball over twice every game, and might not even then. i think they'd get completely manhandled and it wouldn't be close, so for their sake i hope they don't get in and have to get embarrassed after such an amazing year.

    i'm with you on PSU and Wiscy also, so with that i'd probably put CU at about #6 or 7 and that might be their absolute ceiling with such horrendous special teams.
    Jagdaddy likes this.
  13. UrbanBuckeye

    UrbanBuckeye Senior '18 Upset Picks Winner

    In what scenario do we end up #2 or #3 and in which do we end up #4?

    I'd really prefer to not play Alabama in the first round. IMO, I'd rather see tOSU play them in the Natty in a rematch instead of trying to get past them in the Playoff again.
    LostLassie likes this.
  14. bukIpower

    bukIpower Senior

    We will either be 2nd/3rd or OUT entirely... don't see the reason to drop us to 4th I suppose unless both Clemson or Washington go off in their games like we did two years ago
    UrbanBuckeye likes this.
  15. Buck33Eye11

    Buck33Eye11 Rocky Mountain High

    tbh i think there are possible outcomes where tOSU could end up at any spot from 1-4 or out completely. obv ending at 1 is the least likely, but it's still possible.

    Bama is in 1000% and unless they get completely embarrassed and lose by like 30 they probably don't even drop from 1 in pretty much any scenario. outside of that i have no idea wtf these committee people are going to do, because they don't use math or statistics or logic. that eye test &shrug;

    best case for OSU to get in is probably:

    Bama wins
    Wiscy wins
    WSH loses
    CLEM loses

    that would make #1 Bama vs #4 CU and a rematch of OSU-Wiscy (the seeding doesn't matter but could be Wiscy #2 and OSU #3 i guess, just because of the extra game and the official B1G champ title). they don't want rematches but they'd probably make an exception for a game from the best conference in which the top 2 teams went to OT, but who knows

    worst case seems to be:

    Bama loses
    PSU blows out
    WSH wins
    CLEM wins

    both WSH and CLEM are in as it stands and you can't really drop either of them if they win without admitting that your week-to-week rankings are based on absolutely zero intelligent analysis and foresight (but they did this exactly with TCU 2 years ago when they won a game by over 50pts, so again, who the f knows what they're going to do)

    in between those scenarios are like 60 different combinations where any of the top 9 teams could get in

    like, there's a nonzero chance Michigan could somehow get in (inexplicably) because of the money involved, the officiating shitshow and the ratings orgasm these TV tards would have. it should never ever happen, but tbh i don't even know what i'm expecting to happen, it's a total mess
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