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2019 Week 11 CFB Open Thread

Discussion in '2019 Football Season Capsule' started by ScriptOhio, Oct 28, 2019.

  1. MaxBuck

    MaxBuck 2014 National Champions!

    I've always thought hating Mississippi was a waste of energy.
  2. Systems_id

    Systems_id Senior

    Surprised the narrative behind Alabama's loss has more to do with their trash-tier defense rather than "ZOMG AMAZING SEC OFFENSE" like I thought it would. Vilma saying if those were two Big 12 teams playing, we'd be trashing them to high heaven (and he's right).
  3. lvbuckeye

    lvbuckeye Silver Surfer

    They both look like 2018 Ohio State, but with worse offense.

    Najee Harris must have had 200 yards in the second half alone.
  4. Jagdaddy

    Jagdaddy Senior

    I'll take LSU's 2019 offense over OSU's 2018 offense. Both also run the ball better than 2018 OSU, although we did get better late last season. Still, the general resemblance is on point.
  5. MGMT

    MGMT Senior

    Week 12 chop chop
  6. BB73

    BB73 Loves Buckeye History Staff Member Bookie '16 & '17 Upset Contest Winner

    Watched a couple of games that were on during Bama-LSU so they weren't being followed real closely, but there were these tidbits:

    Kansas State returned a kickoff for a TD against Texas. It was K-State's 50th punt/kickoff TD return since 2005. Bama was in second place with 31, but that probably didn't count the one that had happened a little earlier in the afternoon for Bama. That's an unbelievable margin between first and second place.

    USC's Kedon Slovis threw for 297 yards and 4 TDs against Arizona State - in the first quarter. USC barely hung on, 31-26.

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