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2021 Ohio State vs Akron

Discussion in '2021 Football Torrents' started by BUCKDUBBS007, Sep 28, 2021.



    Go Buckeyes


    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Sep 30, 2021
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  2. twister55

    twister55 GO BUCKS

    thanks ... seeding on 2 computers
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2021
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  3. Thanks for the upload. Watched the game Saturday all night (France is 6 hours ahead) and am glad I can watch it again.
  4. JCroniger

    JCroniger Rookie

    Awesome! Thank you :)
  5. BleedsScarlet

    BleedsScarlet Rookie

    BDubbs is more like a Timex watch. He keeps on ticking!! If you all are as old as I, you'll remember their ads.
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  6. chornii

    chornii Rookie

    John Cameron Swayze!
  7. BleedsScarlet

    BleedsScarlet Rookie

    Anyone here had any problems downloading the Akron game? It's been sitting in my Bit Lord program all week with no movement at all. At one point, it showed 11 seeders and today 0 seeders. I'm still seeding the Oregon and Tulsa games.
  8. andy123

    andy123 Newbie

    I'm seeding it. I've observed at least two leechers from me over the last several days.
  9. BleedsScarlet

    BleedsScarlet Rookie

    OK...I'm going to clear the Akron game from the queue and restart the download process again. Hope this works.
  10. BleedsScarlet

    BleedsScarlet Rookie

    Update...I deleted the Bit Lord program and turned to Bit Torrent. Now seeding Oregon and Tulsa. The Akron game is finally downloading along with the Minn game.
    andy123 likes this.
  11. atg284

    atg284 Freshman

    Thanks a ton! Appreciate the efforts!

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