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33 Prospects Who Are (or Might Be) Favoring the Buckeyes

Discussion in 'Content' started by osugrad21, Jul 26, 2005.

  1. osugrad21

    osugrad21 Capo Regime Staff Member

    33 Prospects Who Are (or Might Be) Favoring the Buckeyes

    This article is a quick update on 33 high school prospects who are (or might be) favoring Ohio State. With only about 20 scholarships currently open, it is obvious that not everyone on our list will actually receive an offer. In addition, a few of the offered players will probably end up selecting another school. However, we feel fairly confident that most of Ohio State's signees will come from the players profiled below.

    Offensive Backs

    :osu: Antonio Henton, Fort Valley (Georgia) Peach County (6' 2", 210 lbs, 4.6 forty). At Ohio State's summer camp, Antonio solidified his position as the Buckeyes' number one quarterback target, and committed to the staff shortly thereafter. With Henton's verbal, the Bucks are probably done recruiting quarterbacks this year.

    :osu: Chris "Beanie" Wells, Akron Garfield (6' 1", 228 lbs, 4.5 forty). Wells is the clear #1 player in Ohio, and quite possibly the top tailback in the entire nation. Chris was the Bucks' first verbal commitment for the class of 2006.

    Jacob Ramsey, Columbus Independence (6' 0", 205, 4.5 forty). Ramsey sat out his junior campaign with a leg injury, but he has the size and speed to be legitimate Big Ten back. Jacob probably favors Ohio State, even though the Bucks have yet to offer; if Jacob can prove himself on the field as a senior, then an OSU offer might be a possibility.

    Devven Sutton, Elizabeth City (North Carolina) Northeastern (6' 0", 239 lbs, 4.6 forty). Sutton has tremendous strength, having posted a 435-pound bench max, 35 bench reps at 185 pounds, and 27 bench reps at 225 pounds. Devven has an offer from Virginia Tech, but he is waiting to hear from the Buckeye staff, who were impressed with his performance at summer camp. Devven has called Ohio State a dream school, and he would certainly fill a need as a big, brusing fullback prospect.

    Paul Warford, Richmond (Kentucky) Madison Central (5' 11", 193 lbs, 4.43 forty). Warford is a true speedster who averaged almost 12 yards per carry as a junior. Although super blue chipper Chris Wells is already in the fold, it has long been rumored that the Buckeye staff is looking for a second running back in this class. Warford would certainly be a change-of-pace runner who could complement "big back" Wells. Paul claims to be a lifelong Buckeye fan, and calls Ohio State his dream school.


    :osu: Josh Chichester, West Chester (Ohio) Lakota West (6' 8", 210 lbs, 4.7 forty). Chichester is an intriguing prospect who might play wide receiver or tight end or both at the college level. Josh impressed the coaching staff at summer camp, earned an offer, and accepted right away; he will be a walk-on forward/center for the Buckeye hoops squad.

    Raymond Small, Cleveland Glenville (6' 0", 190 lbs, 4.4 forty). Small plays wide receiver, running back, and corner for the Tarblooders, and he could conceivably end up at any of those positions in college. Raymond has received an offer from Ohio State, and the Buckeyes are his current leader. Although he may check out a few other schools, we believe that Ray will eventually don the scarlet and gray.

    Konrad Reuland, Mission Viejo, California (6' 6", 235 lbs, 4.75 forty). Like his former MVHS teammate Ryan Williams, Reuland was born in Ohio, grew up rooting for Ohio State, and is still a fan of the Buckeyes. Konrad has received an offer from Ohio State, and he will visit Columbus some time in August. The Bucks are still very much in the picture, especially if his visit goes well; of course, Southern Cal will also be a major player in this game.

    Wesley Lyons, Pittsburgh Woodland Hills (6' 6", 205 lbs, 4.65 forty). Wesley really likes Ohio State, but wonders whether he can earn playing time in the Buckeyes' offense, which is currently loaded with receivers (including his brother Devon). Miami's depth chart is more inviting, but we feel that Wesley will eventually follow his older brother to Ohio State.

    Jeff Cumberland, Columbus Brookhaven (6' 6", 220 lbs, 4.55 forty, 34" vertical). Like Josh Chichester, Cumberland is another big receiver who might play wide out, tight end, or both in college. Jeff grew up rooting for the Buckeyes, and Ohio State has consistently been at the top of his list of favorites. Jeff's main issue is academics - if he can get his grades in order, then Ohio State might be the school to beat.

    Chris Slaughter, Fort Valley (Georgia) Peach County (6' 3", 170 lbs, 4.55 forty). Normally, a top southern prospect like Chris Slaughter would not make a list like this. However, Slaughter's high school quarterback is none other than Antonio Henton, who has already committed to the Bucks. In addition, Chris claims that he was a huge Buckeye fan as a child. Although it would be a stretch to call Ohio State the leader at this point, Ohio State is in Slaughter's top four, and we feel that the Bucks have a legitimate chance to sign him next February.

    Offensive Linemen

    :osu: Jacob Ballard, Springboro, Ohio (6' 7", 255 lbs, 4.8 forty). Ballard has been a lifelong Buckeye fan; he received an Ohio State offer in early June and committed almost immediately thereafter. Jake will begin his college career as a tight end, but should quickly grow into an offensive tackle.

    Connor Smith, Cincinnati Colerain (6' 5", 280 lbs, 5.1 forty). Smith's father played offensive line for Ohio State in the early 1980's, and most experts and insiders firmly believe that Connor will follow in his dad's footsteps. Connor, who is one of the top overall prospects in Ohio, will announce his decision by August 1st.

    Aaron Brown, Cincinnati Princeton (6' 6", 270 lbs, 5.1 forty). Based on potential, Brown is probably the top lineman in the state of Ohio for the class of 2006. While some observers feel that he is a virtual "lock" to Ohio State, others believe that his apparent love for the Buckeyes is a smoke screen, and that Aaron is definitely headed out of state. We're not quite sure what to believe, but the Buckeyes should at least be considered a primary contender in this battle.

    Ryan Palmer, Canton Glen Oak (6' 7", 280 lbs, 5.1 forty). Palmer favors the Buckeyes, period. Although Ryan has yet to receive an offer from Ohio State, he did perform well at summer camp, and one might be in the works.

    Bryant Browning, Cleveland Glenville (6' 4", 339 lbs, 5.82 forty). Like Ryan Palmer, Browning is lineman who clearly favors Ohio State but has not yet been offered. However, the coaches liked what they saw at camp, and Bryant is certainly "in the mix" for an offer.

    Bob Gulley, Berea, Ohio (6' 4", 274 lbs, 5.2 forty). According to SuperPrep, Gulley is one of the top ten offensive linemen in the Midwest. Although Bob does not yet have an offer from Ohio State, he is one of the five in-state OL whom the Buckeye staff are currently considering. His favorites are Ohio State and Michigan State (also not offered), but a Buckeye offer should be able to sway him to Columbus.

    Defensive Linemen

    Robert Rose, Cleveland Glenville (6' 5", 238 lbs, 4.6 forty, 4.6 shuttle). Rose is yet another Tarblooder who favors Ohio State. Robert received an early offer from the Buckeyes, but he will undoubtedly look around a bit before making his final choice. We are confident that he will follow the Glenville pipeline to Columbus.

    Bill Nagy, Hudson, Ohio (6' 4", 285 lbs, 4.85 forty, 4.5 shuttle). Nagy is a two-way lineman who could play on either side of the ball in college. While Bill does not have an offer from Ohio State, we feel that he is a likely candidate to receive one in the near future. If the staff offered, Nagy would give the Buckeyes serious consideration.

    Alex Dekle, Statesboro, Georgia (6' 2", 273 lbs, 4.82 forty). Dekle claims an offer from Ohio State and that the Buckeyes are his leader; however, he also admits that he has some serious academic issues which might require a year of post-graduate work. We're not sure what to believe, but we know that Alex is talented and that he will be on the radar for a while longer.

    Walter Dublin, Sarasota, Florida (6' 3", 235 lbs, 4.58 forty). Dublin is a speedy defensive end prospect who clearly favors Ohio State and Nebraska (both offered) at this point. Whether he eventually becomes a Buckeye or a Husker will largely depend on his official visits to Columbus and Lincoln.


    :osu: Ross Homan, Coldwater, Ohio (6' 2", 220 lbs, 4.55 forty). Homan received a Buckeye offer in February and committed on the spot. Ross is one of the top ten players in Ohio, having amassed almost 500 tackles over the past two seasons combined.

    Thaddeus Gibson, Euclid, Ohio (6' 3", 208 lbs, 4.4 forty). Most people close to the situation feel that Gibson strongly favors Ohio State. Whether Thaddeus eventually becomes a Buckeye may depend more on his academic performance than anything else. Gibson is currently attending summer school in hopes of improving his grades.

    Tyler Moeller, Cincinnati Colerain (6' 1", 205, 4.48 forty). Moeller is a fast-rising prospect who was a virtual unknown in recruiting circles until the beginning of summer. Since then, he has impressed coaches around the country with his camp performaces, which have confirmed the talent which he displayed during his stellar junior campaign (120 tackles, 11 sacks, and an interception for the undefeated Division I state championship team). Tyler had been favoring Iowa and Virginia Tech prior to receiving his recent Buckeye offer; now, Ohio State could very well be the team to beat.

    Navorro Bowman, Suitland (Maryland) Suitland (6' 0", 218 lbs, 4.7 forty). Navorro has an offer from Ohio State, and has the Buckeyes in his top five. From his recent comments, it seems that Bowman is giving the Bucks some serious consideration. Although Virginia Tech might enjoy a slight lead at this point, we feel that the Buckeyes are right behind and closing fast.

    Defensive Backs

    :osu: Kurt Coleman, Clayton (Ohio) Northmont (5' 11", 190 lbs, 4.44 forty). Coleman is the clear choice for top defensive back in the state of Ohio; he could play either cornerback or safety in college. Kurt received a Buckeye offer in July, and accepted it at summer camp.

    A.J. Wallace, Pomfret (Maryland) McDonough (6' 1", 195 lbs, 4.4 forty). Rumors abound that Wallace is very high on Ohio State, especially after his trip to Columbus this summer. A.J. will be back in town for the Texas game, and that experience might just put the Buckeyes over the top. A.J. is ranked the #3 corner in the country by Rivals.

    Chris Fox, Westwood (Massachusetts) Xaverian Brothers (5' 11", 191 lbs, 4.47 forty, 4.10 shuttle). Chris is the son of former Buckeye DB Tim Fox and the cousin of former Buckeye DB Dustin Fox. Do we detect a pattern here? Although the Buckeyes haven't offered, the staff is high on Chris, and an offer could be forthcoming in the near future. Chris has Ohio State as his second-place school, right behind Boston College, which has offered. We feel that a Buckeye offer would move OSU to the top of Fox's list.

    Grant Schwartz, Dana Point (California) Dana Hills (6' 0", 201 lbs, 4.5 forty). Grant's father, Brian, played football for Ohio State from 1976-79; not surprisingly, Grant has been a Buckeye fan all of his life, and he has stated that he would love to play for the scarlet and gray. Schwartz performed well at Ohio State's summer camp, but has yet to receive a Buckeye offer; a strong season might just net him that offer.

    Robert Williams, Cincinnati Withrow (5' 11", 179 lbs, 4.5 forty). Williams is an unabashed Buckeye fan who would love to wear the scarlet and gray; however, he does not yet have an offer from Ohio State. Some observers have called him the best pure corner in Ohio this year, while others have cautioned about his grades. Whether Robert eventually receives a Buckeye offer will be dependent on his academics, and also on whether a top out-of-state cornerback (say A.J. Wallace) commits to Ohio State.

    Royce Adams, Cleveland Glenville (5' 11", 165 lbs, 4.68 forty, 4.12 shuttle). Last season, Adams played at St. Edwards, but he has since transferred to Glenville; naturally, he favors Ohio State. Royce could play either receiver or defensive back in college. Although there are a few prospects ahead of him, Adams might earn a Buckeye offer down the road.

    Elijah "Scoot" Fields, Duquesne, Pennsylvania (6' 1", 198 lbs, 4.55 forty). Fields is a two-way prospect who could play either wide receiver or safety at the next level. Even though Ohio State hasn't offered, the Bucks have made Elijah's final three schools, along with Pitt and West Virginia (both offered). At this point, we feel that a Buckeye scholarship would be an offer that Scoot couldn't refuse.

    Taylor Price, Hilliard (Ohio) Darby (6' 2", 195 lbs, 4.29 forty). Price is a kid who literally emerged from nowhere with some tremendous camp performances this summer - at Ohio State's camp, Taylor ran a pair of 4.29 forties, and he posted a 4.25 at Akron's camp. To date, the Zips are Price's only offer, but the Bucks might just be interested in a big cornerback with blazing speed. Taylor favors Ohio State, and he might be willing to wait for a Buckeye offer.

    11 National Recruits Who Might Be Seriously Considering Ohio State

    Isiah "Juice" Williams, Chicago Vocational (6' 2", 207 lbs, 4.77 forty, 4.19 shuttle). Williams is one of the top QB prospects in the nation. Although he remains a "soft" verbal to Illinois, Juice has re-opened his recruitment to some extent. As things currently stand, Isiah is planning to make an official visit to Ohio State, which he claims is one of his top five schools. We feel that Williams will probably stick with his Ilini commitment, but the Bucks still have an outside chance here.

    Carlos Brown, Heard County, Georgia (6' 0", 195 lbs, 4.57 forty). Carlos is a versatile athlete and one of the most highly-rated running backs in the coutry. While he still claims interest in Ohio State, we feel that he will stay south of the Mason-Dixon line. We also wonder whether a top-flight tailback would want to share duties with Chris Wells.

    Josh Adams, Cary, North Carolina (6' 0", 170 lbs, 4.58 forty, 4.09 shuttle). Adams is one of the top running backs prospects in the country, and for the moment he is still considering Ohio State, where he would be a nice complement to Chris Wells. However, he admits to being a Tar Heel fan, and we feel that the Buckeyes are most likely an extreme long shot.

    David Ausberry, Lemoore, California (6' 4", 200 lbs, 4.72 forty). Ausberry might be the top receiver prospect in the country. Although David was born in Columbus and grew up rooting for the Buckeyes, he has never been to the Ohio State campus and does not know much about the football program. In the mean time, his family relocated to California, and David became a fan of Southern Cal, which is now his clear leader. The Bucks have a small chance to change Ausberry's mind, but only if he makes an official visit to Columbus.

    J.B. Walton, Indian Head (Maryland) Lackey (6' 3", 270 lbs, 5.1 forty). In a year that the state of Ohio has produced some many quality offensive lineman, Walton is one of the few out-of-staters who has received an offer from Ohio State. With his speed and mobility, J.B. would be a perfect fit for the Buckeyes' offense; however, OSU seems to be a long shot, at best.

    Jason Adjepong, Carteret, New Jersey (6' 3", 248 lbs, 4.69 forty). Adjepong is a new name in Buckeye recruiting circles. Jason is listed as either a fullback or defensive end, and the Bucks could use a player at either position. Currently, Ohio State is in Adjepong's top seven, and the Buckeyes seem to have as good a chance as anyone else.

    McKenzie Matthews, Syracuse Christian Brothers (6' 3", 235 lbs, 4.8 forty). Defensive lineman Matthews claims that the Buckeyes have offered, and that Ohio State is near the top of his list. Syracuse will be tough to beat here, but the Bucks should be considered legitimate contenders.

    Bani Gbadyu, Gaithersburg (Maryland) Quince Orchard (6' 1", 205 lbs, 4.52 forty, 4.19 shuttle, 39" vertical). Like current Buckeye CB Ashton Youbouty, Gbadyu is a native of the African nation of Liberia. Although he is rather new to the sport of football, Bani is certainly one of the most athletic linebackers in this class. Currently, the Bucks are in his top seven, but we feel that Ohio State is rather a long shot in this race.

    Jeremiha Hunter, Manheim (Pennsylvania) Central (6' 2", 210 lbs, 4.5 forty). At first, Ohio State seemed to be a serious contender for Hunter's services. In recent weeks, however, Jeremiha seems to have cooled on the Bucks (or vice versa), and he is now claiming that Michigan and Tennessee lead.

    Marcus Ball, Stone Mountain (Georgia) Stephenson (6' 0", 200 lbs, 4.49 forty, 4.13 shuttle, 19 bench reps, 33" vertical). Marcus might be the best overall player in the country this year. He is a major talent at either linebacker, safety, or running back, but he will likely play defense (probably safety) in college. Ohio State is still in the mix, and some insiders have even speculated that the Bucks are near the top of Ball's list.

    Bryan Thomas, Zephyrhills, Florida (6' 0", 186 lbs, 4.39 forty, 4.06 shuttle). Thomas is a true two-way player who could excel at either receiver or corner. Bryan likes Ohio State quite a bit, but he likes Florida a little bit better. If the staff can somehow convince Bryan to visit Columbus, then the Bucks might have a legitimate chance to move from second place to first.

    For more detailed articles on Ohio State's recruits, check out the following:

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