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LGHL 5-star WR from Michigan will roam sidelines at Ohio State spring game

Discussion in 'News' started by Bret Favachio, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. 5-star WR from Michigan will roam sidelines at Ohio State spring game
    Bret Favachio
    via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
    Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here

    After striking out in 2016 at Cass Tech (MI), Ohio State hopes to land a big-time prospect from the program in Donovan Peoples-Jones.

    In a shock to no one, Ohio State will host an impressive list of visitors when they hold their spring game in a little over two weeks. Let's take a look at the latest prospect who confirmed his intentions of being in The 'Shoe for the event.

    Peoples-Jones set to see OSU

    As of today, head coach Urban Meyer and Ohio State have constructed a class that's good enough to hold the top spot in the 247Sports Composite Team Rankings. However, the Buckeyes have yet to add a wide receiver to the fold so far.

    Make no mistake about it, Ohio State is in great shape with a few prospects including Trevon Grimes, Jaylen Harris, and Tyjon Lindsey. With that being said, one name to not forget is '17 WR Donovan Peoples-Jones of Cass Technical (MI). This 6'2, 192-pounder grades out as a five-star and the Buckeyes will have a chance to impress him sooner rather than later.

    According to the tweet below from '16 QB signee Dwayne Haskins, who would surely love to deliver some passes to the Detroit native, Peoples-Jones will be on campus on April 16th when the Buckeyes hold their annual spring game.

    The man himself will be in attendance @dpeoplesjones at the spring game talk about a nightmare for d coordinators #Zone6 #BuckeyeNation

    — Dwayne Haskins, Jr.♚ (@dh_simba7) March 30, 2016

    The tweet was later retweeted by Peoples-Jones which would seemingly confirm the visit. That mid-April visit will be big for Ohio State's chances with the top ranked pass-catcher in the entire 2017 recruiting class. We'll see if the Bucks can knock this one out of the park after swinging and missing at the program last year.

    Bucks check on Stewart

    Despite the departure of three members of the hoops squad in the last two days, the show must go on. On Wednesday, Ohio State coaches stopped by Union City (TN) to see '17 SG Parker Stewart, according to Zach Fleer of

    As mentioned in the linked tweet from Fleer, Michigan was also in attendance to visit the 6'5, 195-pounder. Despite not having an offer from either program at this time, both schools are keeping close tabs on the Volunteer State prospect. For now, Stewart holds offers from Florida, Kansas State, Memphis, Missouri, Nebraska, Wisconsin, and more.

    Stewart finds himself graded as a three-star recruit in the 247Sports Composite Scale and is ranked nationally as the 135th-best player in the class. Additionally, Stewart is pegged at 35th overall at his position and the second-best player from the state of Tennessee.

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