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Game Thread #7 tOSU 18, Purdue 26 (Oct 17, Noon ET, BTN)

Discussion in '2009 Football Season Capsule' started by BB73, Apr 3, 2009.

  1. muffler dragon

    muffler dragon Bien. Bien chiludo.

    oxymoronic? :biggrin:
  2. Apache

    Apache Frank Kremblas wore #22

    Purdue Boiled the Bucks

    Purdue outplayed Ohio State in almost every phase of the game. The Bucks played very un-inspired the whole game. Sorry to say but the offense was predictably poor most of the day. The defense played a very mediocre game for them. They got "out physicalled" most of the game. Time to get better or be prepared for the "toilet bowl". Ouch!

    Go Bucks.
  3. Taosman

    Taosman Fear and Loafing

    He did throw to a specific area! I recall Troy doing the same thing early in his career(but they did look better).
    It's important to remember that the WRs are still learning also! Posey looked better this game. Sanz was missing for some reason(coverage or TP not looking for him?) And Small did make some catches. Carter made a catch or 2. Saine made a terrific catch of a ball behind him(he played a very good game).
    The big problem was a lack of protection.
    And the refs seemed to be helping Purdue a lot! (we lost a turnover at the Purdue 15, no whistle and we had a TD called back on a debatable call)
  4. buckeyesin07

    buckeyesin07 Veni. Vidi. Vici.

    That occurred to me during the Purdue game as well--I think our defense excels against pocket passers and is a little less effective against QBs that can roll out and hit short passes on the run, which is the kind of offense that UM runs.
  5. JimsSweaterVest

    JimsSweaterVest Retired!

    Things that piss me off:

    1. Losing.

    2. Losing to farkin' Purdon't!

    3. scUM fans rejoicing in our loss and talking about how this gives them hope for Nov. 21.

    I hope Tress demolishes them in the Big Outhouse. Nov 21 would be a good day for our D to get another shut-out this season!
  6. cincibuck

    cincibuck You kids stay off my lawn!

    Then Tress needs to do something that will get his outstanding defense off the field and get some production out of the O. At the beginning of the year I'd have v-bet all I have on OSU winning the game. Now I have some serious questions. Tater tot has shown a good deal more presence under pressure than Terrell and it's time to admit to what we see as opposed to what we want to believe we see.
  7. cinci buck, I agree. Saturday's game reminded me of the Emperor's Clothes in that the coaching staff was not willing to pull Terrelle, to admit that he was not getting it done. My contention is that if you care about your QB in that situation, you get him out of the game, tell him to stop yelling at his receivers and just watch from the sidelines for awhile.

    I saw a lot of players for the buckeyes out there bustin' their butt, only to have people say after the game, "poor Terrelle, the O line is so bad."

    Two words: BAUSERMAN.

    I think we imploded instead of exploding.

    Well, I still believe that this will be a learning experience, and starting with Minnesota, other teams will pay for this.

    Go Bucks!!
  8. jwinslow

    jwinslow A MAN OF BETRAYED JUSTICE Staff Member Tourney Pick'em Champ

    Unless you know your quarterback and realize that will do more harm than good to his fragile confidence.
  9. mooktarr

    mooktarr Proud member of the No Ma'am club

    I hope this game turns us around and wakes us up to the need for change and hard work. Ugly game for us.
  10. Woody1968

    Woody1968 Agent Provocateur

    Maybe the staff has no confidence in Bauserman, Rightly or wrongly. I would not be opposed to seeing him play a series or two if something like this happens in the future, but my guess is that we will go conservative over the rest of the season, and stick with TP, trying to get him to calm down and stay focused. With the turnovers against Purdue, it's hard to argue against that line of reasoning.
  11. ..his fragile what??????
    PlanetFrnd likes this.
  12. cincibuck

    cincibuck You kids stay off my lawn!

    That may be the problem. Quarterback is no place for someone with fragile confidence. TP is beginning to remind me of Ron Powlus, yelling at his team mates, stomping off the field.
  13. utgrad73

    utgrad73 Reloaded

    Sanz was open on several plays, I saw balls overthrown and low. He'll catch it, just got to get it close to him. But in defense of Terrelle, the pressure was intense. The same with Ray, TP missed him on a few. Passing accurancy needs work without question. Then throwing deep balls is not his strength at this point in his development. So why not open it up on crossing routes and short to medium passes. It'll be interesting to see if his athletic ability will prevail in the next 5 games. He'll come back, he's good and very competitive.

    As for this game it did not slow down for our young GB.

    Go Bucks Beat the Gophers!
  14. GulfCoastOSU

    GulfCoastOSU Sophmore

    The 2 positive things I can take away from the Purdue game as a fan.

    1. The 2009 USC loss isn't as much of a big deal.
    2. The Purdue game has very little effect on winning the Big 10. We still need to run the table if Iowa keeps winning, but now we have to hope for an MSU loss (or whatever would tip the scale in our favor if both teams end with one loss).

    I'm curious if MSU and tOSU are 7-1 in the Big 10 without a head to head game, what decides who gets to go to Pasadena? I'm assuming a Rose Bowl commitee votes. Or can Iowa go even if they are 7-1 and lose to OSU? I'm betting the Rose Bowl people would rather not see a rematch of OSU and USC. I'd love to 'pay forward' USC, but not sure it would draw the same TV ratings of a #3 USC vs a #4 Iowa.
  15. bkochmc

    bkochmc Senior

    Here are the tie-breaker rules: Method to Determine Big Ten Conference Automatic Representative to Bowl Championship Series - BIG TEN OFFICIAL ATHLETIC SITE

    In the hypothetical Iowa-OSU-MSU all tie for the conference championship, Ohio State would most likely receive the Rose Bowl bid because more than likely they'd be the highest placed in the BCS standings. The conference no longer uses the "who hasn't been there the longest" rule.

    But that hypothetical can't happen because Iowa and MSU play this weekend... one team obviously has to lose. If we suppose Ohio State wins out then they will receive the bid because they will either own the head-to-head against Iowa or will be ranked ahead of MSU in the BCS.
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