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another crappy article by rusty miller

Discussion in 'Buckeye Football' started by jimotis4heisman, Sep 6, 2004.


    Young Buckeyes make mistakes in season debut

    [size=-1]RUSTY MILLER[/size]
    [size=-1]Associated Press[/size]
    <!-- begin body-content --> COLUMBUS, Ohio - Like any good teacher, Ohio State coach Jim Tressel did his very best to point out the good along with the bad.

    "The quarterbacks made some good plays," Tressel said after the No. 9-ranked Buckeyes' 27-6 win over Cincinnati on Saturday. "They also made some bad errors, especially from a turnover standpoint, which we won't be able to survive in the future."

    The Buckeyes' lineup was choked with young and untested players, although quarterback was the most obvious position where green players were taking over.

    Justin Zwick started and completed 14 of 26 passes for 213 yards, but threw two interceptions and fumbled four times. He was relieved by fellow sophomore Troy Smith, who hit on 2 of 3 passes for 29 yards and, like Zwick, threw a touchdown pass.

    "The quarterbacks are similar in the way they handle the team," said tailback Lydell Ross, who rushed for 141 yards and scored once for the Buckeyes. "Obviously, there were mistakes. We have to learn from those mistakes and get better."

    Wide receiver Bam Childress said the quarterback tandem deserved a passing grade.

    "Both quarterbacks did well, to keep their cool through the good and the bad times," he said.

    After a scoreless first quarter in which Ohio State rushed for minus-1 yard, the Bearcats took a 3-0 lead after Zwick was stripped of the ball by Jamar Enzor. Kevin Lovell eventually connected on a 27-yard field goal on the second play of the second quarter.

    Moments later, Ross burst through a hole at his own 20 and found no one near him, bolting 68 yards.

    "We started slower than we wanted - and I started just as slow," Ross said. "But in the second half we got into a niche and started doing what we wanted to do."

    Zwick completed passes for 14, 28 and 15 yards before finding a wide-open Ryan Hamby for a 17-yard score late in the second quarter to put the Buckeyes ahead 10-3.

    Things could have been even worse for Zwick, one of Ohio State's most highly touted quarterback recruits ever. He fumbled the ball another time and it bounced directly to teammate Bam Childress. On the touchdown drive, he threw a pass over the middle that went through the hands of two Cincinnati defenders before Childress grabbed it for 28 yards.

    "You can't dwell on mistakes," Zwick said. "The two interceptions weren't bad reads. They were just bad balls. You can't worry about that and let them get into your head."

    Zwick threw interceptions on Ohio State's first two possessions of the second half.

    After Lovell's second field goal for the Bearcats, the Buckeyes marched 57 yards capped by Ross' 1-yard run for a 17-6 lead. Zwick hit Childress on an 18-yard pass play that again went between two waiting defenders, then Ross rambled for 18 more yards to set up the score.

    Smith led the Buckeyes to all their scoring in the fourth quarter, including a scoring strike to Santonio Holmes.

    "Comfort is a big thing, but being a clear-cut starter is what we both want," Smith said of the quarterback battle.

    the kid started 7-8 not bad, and if i remember troy was acctually higher rated qb even though he was an "athlete" was he not elite 11?? some one pm please if in fact troy was not a higher rated qb
  2. HiFiver25

    HiFiver25 Newbie

    This looks like the commentary from someone who did not watch the game himself but had to jot down a few sentences after seeing the highlights on ESPN.

    It is amazing that he mentions nothing about the strong performance of the defense, in general, despite the replacement of three starters up front and Chris Gamble, and the stellar prformance of the LBs, in particular. I personally thought that the LBs performed spectacularly as a group and that the fact, that Mike D'Andrea and Bobby Carpenter outshone A.J. Hawk, who by no means was having an off-day, was definitely mentionworthy.

    He also fails to mention Antonio Pittman, who ran with authority despite being a true freshman and despite not receiving much support from the O-line by way of run blocking.
  3. Al Czervik

    Al Czervik Newbie

    I was at the Miami game in 1999. There is a vast difference between zwick and Bellsari strarting in their first games. Zwick to me has "problems" that are easily solved. He seems to have a better grip on the game than Belli did.
  4. BuckeyeInTheBoro

    BuckeyeInTheBoro This space left intentionally blank

    I was at the game and had a much different take on Zwick than the media seems to have had. The ball obviously slipped out of his hands on the INTs... not that that excuses it, but I don't expect to see it continue. Some of his deep routes were the best throws we've seen at QB in several years... several to Bam and at least one good one to Holmes. He looked off defenders and went through his progressions. This is new to OSU football in recent history.

    The two little passes that Bam turned into long gains were both threading the needle... maybe even a bad decision to throw those into double coverage, but he nailed 'em and Bam did what only he can do.

    The fumbles were a little disturbing. No way he should have dropped the one where he tripped on the pulling guard, but he's still worth it in that he more than makes up for this on upside potential. I assume they'll correct this too. Also, on the picks and fumbles he just kind of stood there. He needs to fall on the ball or go after the guy who picked him off IMHO, but again... first game. He now has some film for the coaches to work with.

    Smith showed nice touch on the TD pass. I expect to continue to see him on the field.
  5. two things
    1- i was also at the 99 miami game with bellasari and austin cinderblockerman, that was terrible to be positive
    2-i heard on the radio mangold said he also was having trouble gripping the ball bc mangold was sweating so heavily, after the second td a towel showed up on mangolds butt, they will probably ended up double panting mangold and having him change at halftime till the weather cools down
  6. gold_pants

    gold_pants Sophmore

    Justin is a natural QB that has flaws that can and will be corrected with time and teaching (throwing off back foot, fumbling). The difference is he is a QB and Bellisari was not. You can already see the ability that Justin has to scan the field, look off defenders, and recognize defenses. I could be a fun ride...
  7. gregorylee

    gregorylee I'd rather be napping!!

    I seem to remember CK had the same problem in 02 I think, the problem then was that Step had a sweaty ass. Maybe it is something similar this time, or just nerves or JZ is a sweater too.
  8. coxew

    coxew Newbie

    I remember watching a FSU game last year and there were comments about how bad the center sweats and he actually wears a sleeve on his snapping arm to help keep the ball dry. It's certainly worth the staff looking into.

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