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Another national championship on the way?

Discussion in 'Buckeye Basketball' started by Steve19, Jan 8, 2005.

  1. Steve19

    Steve19 Watching. Always watching. Staff Member

    If you love Buckeye basketball, you gotta love what's going on with the Lady Bucks. We knew they were among the highest scoring teams in the country and that they were winning by more than 25 points on average but, until last night, they seemed a bit Cooperesque, wilting when down late in two losses.

    Last night, the Lady Bucks shut down MSU for some 7 minutes in the stretch. Tied at the half, they were down 8 points in the second half and appeared to be wilting as they did in two losses. Instead, they opened a cannowhoopass, shut down the Spartans and outscored them 22 points.

    I think something happened there last night. I think this team might have learned to believe in themselves enough to go the entire distance. The Penn State team that beat them last week upset previously unbeaten and #17 Iowa last night. Ranked #9, the Lady Bucks beat the #6 team last night and the #20 team a few days before. Both games were blow-outs because of a well-administered second half ass-kicking.

    Traditional powers UConn and Tennessee are having an off-year, losing by double digits last night. These Lady Bucks play with a balanced scoring attack that reminds me of the Lucas, Havlichek, Nowell and Riesbeck era in men's basketball.

    I know ladies basketball isn't everyone's thrill, but if you love basketball, this could really be something brewing.
  2. UHH!! Not so fast Steve I know of a school that is trying to win it's 2nd girls title this year.....

    BTW - You are correct though OSU is very good!! But so is ND!
  3. Fuck Notre Dame. Go Lady Bucks!!
  4. Steve19

    Steve19 Watching. Always watching. Staff Member

    Well, ND certainly have a great schedule. Every ranked team is played at home until the Boston College game late in the season. I think it's very possible that Purdue might ring their bell on the 16th. The Lady Bucks will face a grueling February with four ranked teams in two weeks and three of those games away.

    NDChief, you could argue that the ND win over the Lady Bucks says they are the better team, but don't forget, that MSU team that got blown out last night is the same team that just beat ND by 9 at Notre Dame. Moreover, the Sagarins have the Lady Bucks 11 point favorites on the most accurate rating (Predictor). So, if it comes down to head-to-head in the NCAA, I don't think Notre Dame can take too much comfort in that home win.

    I think it will come down to Duke and OSU in the final and I think these ladies will be DAMN tough by that time. :groove:
  5. Bestbuck36

    Bestbuck36 Kyle Young/Cade Stover man crush. Not ashamed

    Tennesse is playing UConn today so we could get a look at the other two final four teams there. Also have to look at ND, UNC and there's a couple teams out west making noise this season. I look for our Lady Bucks to be right there and I'll be going to a couple games in the near future to get a better idea of how they play.
  6. Steve!! I know ND beat OSU but that was very early in the year and both teams will improve alot by years end should they play again. I will say that ND won the NC a few years ago so coach McGraw knows how to get it done...

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