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Around the Big Ten (week 6)

Discussion in 'College Football' started by LordJeffBuck, Oct 9, 2016.

By LordJeffBuck on Oct 9, 2016 at 12:01 PM
  1. LordJeffBuck

    LordJeffBuck Illuminatus Emeritus Staff Member

    1. #2 Ohio State 38, Indiana 17: This game was closer than the score indicated. Indiana had a chance to make it a one score game in the fourth quarter, but turned the ball over on downs deep in the red zone. Ohio State came into the game averaging 57 points and 576 total yards, but were held to just 38 points and 383 total yards (only 93 passing yards) by a surprisingly stingy Indiana defense. The Buckeye defense was spotty until midway through the third quarter when they finally clamped down, allowing the Hoosiers just 22 yards on their final 19 plays.

    2. #4 Michigan 78, Rutgers 0: Rutgers had 35 total yards; completed just 2 of 18 passes; was 0 for 17 on third downs, and punted the ball 16 times. Needless to say, Michigan took advantage of all that ineptitude.

    3. Brigham Young 31, Michigan State 14: Well, it looks like Sparty's magical three-year run is finally over. After posting a 36-5 record (.878 winning percentage) over the past three seasons, with two Big Ten titles and two major bowl victories, Michigan State has fallen to 2-3 on the 2016 season. Unlike the true big boys of college football, Sparty doesn't reload, they rebuild. Maybe they'll be back in 2017. In the meantime they are squarely in the sights of Ohio State and Michigan, both of whom have revenge on their minds. Look out, Sparty!

    4. Penn State 38, Maryland 14: The Nittany Lions improved to 4-2 on the season, and Maryland came back to earth after winning their first five games. The score wasn't close, and neither were the stat lines: Penn State crushed Maryland in total yards (524 to 270); first downs (28 to 11); and time of possession (35:00 to 25:00). With the win, Penn State improves to 37-2-1 (.938 winning percentage) all-time against Maryland.

    5. Purdue 34, Illinois 31 (OT): When two crappy teams get together, the results can often be entertaining. In a contest that should have been relegated to a Wednesday night on ESPNU, the bottom dwellers of the Big Ten West got together and played a damned good game. The teams were close in total yards (499 Illinois, 459 Purdue); first downs (25 Purdue, 24 Illinois); and time of possession (30:06 Purdue, 29:54 Illinois), and the game went into overtime. However, Illinois had a chance to win in regulation after intercepting Purdue quarterback David Blough at midfield with 36 seconds left. A few quick plays got the Illini into field goal range, but place kicker Shane McLaughlin shanked a 41-yard attempt after being triple-iced by Purdue head coach Darrell Hazel. Illinois fumbled during their overtime possession, and Purdue's J.D. Dellinger booted a 28-yard field goal for the win.

    6. Iowa 14, Minnesota 7: And that brings us to the Big Ten Suckfest of the Week. The teams combined for a semi-respectable 589 yards and 30 first downs, but six total turnovers (three per side) added immensely to the suckitude of this game. As did Minnesota quarterback Mitch Leidner, who was 13 of 33 passing (.394) for 166 yards, zero touchdowns, and a pair of interceptions. Leidner, a fifth-year senior and three-year starter, seems to elevate his level of incompetency every season. He must be destined for the broadcast booth, where he can join Kirk Herbstreit, Jesse Palmer, Brock Huard, et al.

    Nebraska, Northwestern, and Wisconsin took the week off. And Rutgers sort of did, too....
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Discussion in 'College Football' started by LordJeffBuck, Oct 9, 2016.

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