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Game Thread BCS National Championship Game: tOSU 24, LSU 38 (final)

Discussion in '2007 Football Season Capsule' started by DaddyBigBucks, Dec 1, 2007.

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  1. schwab

    schwab Donkey Punch Ann Arbor

    [sarcasm]Do you think this NC game will enable JT to be able to recruit OOS kids?[/sarcasm]

    What a great day. The talking heads have no idea what to do. They only know of one team for sure that is in.

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  2. Deety

    Deety Senior

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    Also, advertising is NOT permitted and will result in an immediate ban. We do have a ticket forum with posted guidelines, but advertising your sites or renting your house or selling t-shirts won't fly.

    Enough of that... back to the celebration! :biggrin:
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  3. Silent Nature

    Silent Nature Block O

    My prediction is that it will all come down to computer ranking portion of BCS standing.

    It seems like LSU will be #2 or #3 in Harris Poll.

    However, it seems like Virginia Tech or Kansas will be #2 or #3 in Coaches' Poll.

    But the sign is very strong that Kansas can finish #2 in Computer Ranking.

    I'm predicting the closest race for #2 ever in BCS history.

    I definitely don't want to play LSU in New Orleans. If it was in Fiesta Bowl or Rose Bowl, I don't mind, but the home field advantage will be quite annoying in New Orleans.

    To me, I'd rather play Georgia since they're right behind Ohio State and they are doing the same thing as Ohio State did, moving up during a bye week.
  4. buckiprof

    buckiprof 21st Century Buckeye Man Staff Member

    From the linked article

    You have no idea Mr. Cordle, what you and your teammates are in store for over the next 6 weeks. Not only being underdogs, but not much of an opponent. Mark May launched the first salvo tonight. Enjoy it, embrace it, let it motivate, because around midnight 01/07/08 we trust that many around the nation will enjoy the crow that you and the rest of the Buckeyes will be serving.
  5. shetuck

    shetuck What do you need water for, Sunshine?

    he slipped there a bit though... that's a big stretch aruging that the team that is the best one at the end should have a shot. shots at the NC SHOULD go the teams that have had the best seasons, NOT the ones who finished strongest.
  6. Bobcat94

    Bobcat94 You're awesome.


    Got your back.
  7. suza271

    suza271 Freshman

    Is anyone listening to the nonsense Miles is spewing?!
  8. Pheasant

    Pheasant This space for rent.

    I think he's drunk.
  9. shetuck

    shetuck What do you need water for, Sunshine?

    the fool is trying make the case that since, "we're undefeated in regulation" we should have a shot at the NC! :shake:
  10. suza271

    suza271 Freshman

    I loved how he kept getting interrupted. Someone should buy that guy a beer.
  11. Pheasant

    Pheasant This space for rent.

    I don't think Tressel will be calling in to ESPN...but that would be funny.
  12. schwab

    schwab Donkey Punch Ann Arbor

    I prefer LSU in New Orleans. Not only shut em up, but send a message. Our best chance of proving whatever it is they still don't believe.

    LSU, USC, Virginia Tech, and Oklahoma all have conference championships in their back pockets, while Georgia does not. All of the above have 2 losses. Let the campaign begin! We can sit back and watch the carnage, it could get ugly!
  13. jlb1705

    jlb1705 hipster doofus Staff Member Bookie

    Les Miles is now on the Telethon. He's politicking, but he's not shameless like Mark Richt was.

    On a side note, Miles is still not speaking definitively about the M*ch*g*n job. He was given an opportunity to put it to bed, and he was still non-committal. You gotta think that a possible berth in the NC game is one of the worst things that could happen for M*ch*g*n with respect to the possibility of luring him out of Baton Rouge.
  14. suza271

    suza271 Freshman

    I LOVE it. I would personally like to see us play Tech, but only cause I want to mess with this guy at my office.
  15. svrnblk

    svrnblk Rookie

    LMFAO!!! Someone needs to tell him that it is the final score that matters!!
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