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BCS Success, by Team

Discussion in 'Buckeye Football' started by Zurp, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. Zurp

    Zurp I have misplaced my pants.

    I've been posting these updates in a thread called "Some BCS Facts for Your SEC Friends," because they pretty much show how the SEC has dominated the BCS bowl games. Here's a link to that thread:

    I figured that this can have its own thread, though. So here goes...

    I made this formula because 1. I'm a big dork, 2. When it comes to college football, I'm a big dork, 3. I had the time, and 4. I wanted to show Ohio State's success. This formula DOES show Ohio State's success.

    A team gets 1 point for making it to a BCS bowl game, and then 2 more points for winning that bowl game. (3 points for a win, 1 point for a loss.) The national championship game is double those points (6 for a win, 2 for a loss).

    These standings are only as far back as the BCS's existence: 1998 season (1999 bowl games). They go through the 2012-2013 season. Here are the results:

    26 Ohio State (6-3)
    23 USC (6-1)
    23 Florida (5-2)
    20 LSU (4-1)
    20 Oklahoma (3-5)
    20 Alabama (3-2)
    16 Florida State (2-5)
    14 Miami (3-1)
    14 Texas (3-1)
    12 Oregon (3-2)

    I also split the teams by conference, to determine the conference results. I am fairly certain that I split the teams properly by which conference they were in at the time of the bowl games. For instance, Virginia Tech made it to the national championship game from the Big East conference in 1999-2000, and then to the Sugar Bowl in 2004-2005 from the ACC.

    87 SEC (17-8)
    55 Big Ten (12-14)
    51 Pac 12 (13-7)
    49 Big 12 (9-11)
    36 Big East (8-7)
    27 ACC (3-13)
    18 Non-AQ (5-3)
    5 Independent (0-4) (all Notre Dame)

    Average points per game:
    3.48 SEC
    2.55 Pac-12
    2.45 Big 12
    2.40 Big East
    2.25 Non-AQ
    2.12 Big Ten
    1.69 ACC
    1.25 Independent

    One last item to note: Ohio State has dominated the Big Ten. 26 points for Ohio State, and 29 points for the rest of the Big Ten, combined. 9 each for Michigan and Wisconsin, 4 each for Iowa and Penn State, 2 for Illinois, and 1 for Purdue.
  2. Yertle

    Yertle Pounding out aggression, turns into obsession

    Good stuff. Bama's only 3 BCS wins were all in the last 4 years in the NCGs? Never would have guessed that.

    So, Ohio State gets crap for blowing two BCS games, when they have the most wins of any school and a 6-3 overall record. Nice. Plus, it clearly shows that the rest of the Big 10 has a whopping 6-11 record in the BCS bowls. WEAK!!!
  3. Munie

    Munie Aka SomethinSerious

    and it took Texas(who should've been in the NC game) to beat us on the last drive. The only reason OSU gets hate because it's from the B1G and the media has a hard on for the SEC...
  4. Zurp

    Zurp I have misplaced my pants.

    It should be noted, too, that all "vacated" wins are counted for my calculations. One might say, "You're just counting those wins because Ohio State was one of those teams that had to vacate a win." To that, I'd say that I was still counting whatever game(s) USC had to vacate after it was vacated, and before Ohio State's game was vacated. If you want to figure out what the standings would be without those games, feel free. I'll even send you my chart that shows who won what games.
  5. Yertle

    Yertle Pounding out aggression, turns into obsession

    I seem to remember watching the Buckeyes beat Arkansas. The NCAA continues to tell me that I'm sadly mistaken because that game never even took place, but I vividly remember Solomon Thomas dropping back into coverage and making that final interception.

    Very strange...
  6. jwinslow

    jwinslow You know... not... GOOD! Staff Member

    You remember Arkansas losing. So does the NCAA.
    C-busBuck likes this.
  7. JBaney45

    JBaney45 Junior

    Yep 1 loss came to a Tom Brady lead Michigan, the other to Utah
  8. NFBuck

    NFBuck Colavito's Curse.

    Texas has only been to 4 BCS games? Wonder what xrayrandy makes of that statistic?
  9. Zurp

    Zurp I have misplaced my pants.

    With last night's win, Oklahoma has ensured a tie for second place all time with this scoring system (since this is the last year of the BCS). Their 23 points (3-2 in non-championship games and 1-3 in championship games) ties them with USC (5-0, 1-1) and Florida (3-2, 2-0). Florida State, with a win, would finish with 22 points, good for 5th place. A loss would leave them with 18 points, which would be 7th place. Auburn, with a win, would finish with 15 points, which is good for 8th place. A loss would leave them at 11 points (12th place). Clemson currently has 1 point. (They lost to West Virginia in the Orange Bowl following the 2011 season.) A win over Ohio State, and they get to brag about being tied with Iowa, Penn State, and TCU. A loss, and they finish with 2 points, tied with Cincinnati, Illinois, and Kansas State. Ohio State, on the other hand, has secured first place. They currently have 26 points. That's 3 more than Oklahoma, USC, and Florida. A win gives them 29, and a loss gives them 27.

    I'll post all standings sometime after Monday.
  10. Zurp

    Zurp I have misplaced my pants.

    Since this is the last year of the BCS, these are the final standings. Again, I did not take away Ohio State's 2010 Sugar Bowl win, since that game happened. And I don't think it's convenient record-keeping in this case, since I refused to remove any of USC's bowl results that they may have vacated.

    Points / Team / Record in non-championship BCS games / Record in championship BCS games

    27 Ohio State 5-2 1-2
    23 USC 5-0 1-1
    23 Florida 3-2 2-0
    23 Oklahoma 3-2 1-3
    22 Florida State 1-3 2-2

    21 Alabama 0-3 3-0
    20 LSU 2-0 2-1
    14 Miami 2-0 1-1
    14 Texas 2-0 1-1
    12 Oregon 3-1 0-1

    11 Auburn 1-0 1-1
    9 West Virginia 3-0 0-0
    9 Michigan 2-3 0-0
    9 Wisconsin 2-3 0-0
    9 Stanford 2-3 0-0

    9 Virginia Tech 1-4 0-1
    7 Georgia 2-1 0-0
    7 Tennessee 0-1 1-0
    6 Boise State 2-0 0-0
    6 Utah 2-0 0-0

    6 Louisville 2-0 0-0
    5 Nebraska 1-0 0-1
    5 Notre Dame 0-3 0-1
    4 Iowa 1-1 0-0
    4 Penn State 1-1 0-0

    4 TCU 1-1 0-0
    4 Clemson 1-1 0-0
    3 Kansas, Oklahoma State, Oregon State, Washington, Michigan State, UCF 1-0 0-0
    2 Cincinnati, Illinois, Kansas State 0-2 0-0
    1 Arkansas, Colorado, UConn, Georgia Tech, HAwaii, Maryland, Pitt, Purdue, Syracuse, Texas A&M, UCLA, Wake Forest, Washington State, Northern Illinois, Baylor 0-1 0-0
  11. Zurp

    Zurp I have misplaced my pants.

    Total points, by conference. (For the sake of this post, I have kept the AAC as "Big East".)
    90 SEC
    59 Big Ten
    53 Big 12
    52 Pac 12 (or Pac 10)
    39 Big East
    36 ACC
    18 Non-AQ
    5 Ind

    Points per game, by conference
    3.333 SEC
    2.476 Pac 12 (or Pac 10)
    2.438 Big East
    2.409 Big 12
    2.250 Non-AQ
    2.107 Big Ten
    2.000 ACC
    1.250 Ind
  12. buckeyebri

    buckeyebri Cool is a rule but sometimes bad is bad

    You need to get this published Zurp. Great job!
  13. C-busBuck

    C-busBuck Um... I got nothin

    Yes they lost... amazing since officially they didn't play anyone. Hmmm
  14. DoctorWho

    DoctorWho Geronimo

    Suck it SEC Homers.

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