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Best Live Performances/Concerts (merged)

Discussion in 'Open Discussion (Work-safe)' started by Taosman, Jan 20, 2006.

  1. Taosman

    Taosman Funner Than Water

    There's nothing like live music. Best live performance I've attended. In order.

    1. Celine Dion in Vegas. Took wife to Vegas for her B-Day. $150 ticket.
    Fantastic performer, incredible singer, sang every word, talked to the audience. A must see.

    2. Bruce Cockburn in Santa Fe at Lensic Theatre, Rocked the house!
    He did 15 songs, used 15 diferent guitars!
    Bruce Cockburn At Taos Solar Music Fest, solo acoustic. Still amazing.

    3. Arlo Guthrie Jr. at Taos Community Auditorium. Wonderful performer and singer.
  2. buckeyegrad

    buckeyegrad Don't Immanentize the Eschaton Staff Member

    Best live performance I've seen....

    Eddie George in the Shoe against Illinois. 314 rushing yards and three rushing and one receiving touchdowns.

    Oh, you were talking about music.
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  3. BuckNutty

    BuckNutty Hear The Drummer Get Wicked Staff Member Bookie

    Paging Thump. :lol:

    I saw Primus last year at Promo West Pavillion and got to see my favorite drummer(Tim Alexander) do a nearly 15 minute long solo. The Grey Goose I consumed all day leading up to the show didn't hurt any either.
  4. sandgk

    sandgk Watson, Crick & A Twist

    In the music field the best performance I saw is 30 years ago.

    Steve Winwood & Traffic topped the billing.

    Richard Thompson & his band was the "warm-up" act.

    From both of them stunning performances

    The only other that ever came close was Neil Young at the Agora in Columbus - many years after.

    Best stage performance - not music - Robin Williams, downtown Columbus.
    Buckeyeskickbuttocks likes this.
  5. Golferdow01

    Golferdow01 East-Coast Living

    Metallica, Korn, Kid Rock, System of a Down, and Powerman 5000 all in one show...amazing!
  6. Buckeyeskickbuttocks

    Buckeyeskickbuttocks Z --> Z^2 + c Staff Member

    Grateful Dead Alpine Valley 1989 - Best set of shows I recall seeing, although Hamilton 1990 was tits... Hell, so was Alpine 87.. fuck, I'll just say every dead show I saw and leave it at that.. (And I won't list em as that would take too much brain power to recall them all)
    Allman Brothers at Polaris forget the year Maybe 1999
    Neil Young, Convention Center 1987 or so
    Arlo Guthrie Ohio State Fair 1988 ish.. Met him that day. Very cool.
    Jourma Kaukonen at Yellow Springs. There were about 50 people there, very cool.
    Must admit I was plesantly surprised by Posion at Polaris 2002ish.
    buckiprof likes this.
  7. Jagdaddy

    Jagdaddy Senior

    Mark Knopfler at Red Rocks Ampitheatre here in CO (Sailing to Philadelphia tour).
  8. strohs

    strohs Go Bucks!

    Metallica at the shoe in '03 was awesome.
  9. Buckeyeskickbuttocks

    Buckeyeskickbuttocks Z --> Z^2 + c Staff Member

    Damn, forgot Pink Floyd at the Shoe (and Municipal Stadium in Cleve)
    ExpatAkronite likes this.
  10. Buckeyeskickbuttocks

    Buckeyeskickbuttocks Z --> Z^2 + c Staff Member

    Always wanted to see a show out at Red Rocks.. Heard it's a fantastic venue.
  11. Jagdaddy

    Jagdaddy Senior

    It's really cool. The Denver Film Society also does "Film on the Rocks" up there, where they'll have one of the better local bands perform and then show a movie.
  12. BuckBackHome

    BuckBackHome Wolverine is largest member of weasel family

    Jane's Addiction at the JAR at Akron U. Three Days is the best song I have ever seen performed live.
  13. i saw clapton at a bar in columbus...amazing.
  14. WyoBuck

    WyoBuck Junior

    Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, Blacklicious and String Cheese Incident at The Gorge in George, Washington. Probably the second best outdoor venue in the country next to Red Rocks.
  15. LoKyBuckeye

    LoKyBuckeye I give up. This board is too hard to understand. Staff Member

    Metallica at Blossom in 93 (second leg of the "Where Ever I may Roam" Tour)

    Phil Collins at the Gund in 95

    O.A.R. at Ruth Eckard Hall (Tampa) last year w/ The Southland (pretty cool band out of California)

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