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Bowl Matchup Rankings

Discussion in 'Buckeye Football' started by jimotis4heisman, Dec 6, 2004.


    Can't miss no matter what. Cancel all other plans and disown the family.
    These games promise to be fun1. Orange Bowl, Jan. 4, ABC 8:00… Oklahoma vs. USC
    A showdown two years in the making, this had better be a classic. How can it not be with all of the star power? There are four legitimate Heisman candidates, more NFL talent than a scout could ever drool over and two big demons to exorcise. USC can finally get an unquestioned national championship while Oklahoma can erase the bad memories of last year. Even if you think Auburn deserves to be here, c’mon, you’re not that upset at this showdown.
    Stars of the show: Oklahoma QB Jason White and RB Adrian Peterson, USC QB Matt Leinart and RB Reggie Bush
    The knee jerk, off-the-cuff initial prediction: Oklahoma 31 … USC 27

    2. Liberty Bowl, Dec. 31, ESPN 3:30… Louisville vs. Boise State
    Defense is for pretentious meatheads. Louisville has the nation’s number one offense averaging 537 yards and 50.27 points per game. Boise State is second averaging 512 yards and 49.73 points per game. Yes, you are right to be drooling. Utah might be the king of the mid-majors, but the winner here will be the prince.
    Stars of the show: Louisville QB Stefan LeFors, Boise State QB Jared Zabransky
    The knee jerk, off-the-cuff initial prediction: Louisville 52 … Boise State 40

    Holiday Bowl, Dec. 30, ESPN 8:00… California vs. Texas Tech
    Last year Texas spent the pre-bowl season crying about missing out on the BCS and ended up losing here to Washington State. Now there will no doubt be countless buckets of tears for Cal in what should be a high-octane shootout. Ask for your money back if this isn’t a track meet.
    Stars of the show: California RB J.J. Arrington, Texas Tech QB Sonny Cumbie
    The knee jerk, off-the-cuff initial prediction: California 38 … Texas Tech 34

    8. Alamo Bowl, Dec. 29, ESPN 8:00… Ohio State vs. Oklahoma State
    This is an important game for two young teams looking forward to huge 2005s. If you believe a bowl game can be a springboard, these two will make a big deal of out the outcome. Ohio State can put a cap on an uneven year while Oklahoma State can make up for last year’s Cotton Bowl loss to Ole Miss.
    Stars of the show: Ohio State LB A.J. Hawk, Oklahoma State RB Vernand Morency
    The knee jerk, off-the-cuff initial prediction: Ohio State 24 … Oklahoma State 20
  2. I'm gussing more tOSU- 35, other unimportant OSU- 7
  3. HanesOnU

    HanesOnU Newbie

    I like what he has to say!
  4. Bestbuck36

    Bestbuck36 Kyle Young man crush. Not ashamed

    I was going to say Bucks 41 Okie St. 17. I'll take a win either way.
  5. jwinslow

    jwinslow A MAN OF BETRAYED JUSTICE Staff Member Tourney Pick'em Champ

    Let's not get carried away. I'm gonna put it at 35-21. Remember how OSU dominated UM at home and still ended up 37-27? This isn't a home game (tho it won't be like an away game in Ann Arbor).
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2008
  6. Buckmark1

    Buckmark1 Rookie

    37-21 :biggrin:
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 20, 2008

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