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Browns' notes

Discussion in 'Professional Football' started by GoofyBuckeye, Jan 11, 2005.

  1. GoofyBuckeye

    GoofyBuckeye Nutis Maximus


    • CB Anthony Henry (The team's top UFA, he could be gone. His agent is upset the Browns haven't called him since preseason negotiations fizzled. The Browns say they told the agent they wouldn't negotiate during the season. Henry's price tag has gone up after a solid season. He has good size, speed and ball awareness).
    • QB Kelly Holcomb (He's probably not a long-term answer as a starter, but he'd be among the best backups available. Wants to stay in the area because his family is settled, but is waiting until a G.M./coach is hired before making any decisions.)
    • LB Barry Gardner (A useful backup linebacker. Good guy on special teams and in the locker room.)
    • LB Warrick Holdman (Stayed healthy and among the team leaders in tacklers, but didn't make many impact plays. Probably won't return.)
    • WR Andre King (Solid possession receiver, but certainly replaceable.)
    • DE Tyrone Rogers (Veteran who's a bottom-of-roster guy.)
    • CB Lewis Sanders (Backup with pretty good coverage skills, but not very physical. Injury-prone usually, but held up this season. Worth bringing back if cheap.)
    • LB Eric Westmoreland (Backup and special-teamer. Easily replaceable.)
    • OG Paul Zukauskas (Lack of athleticism kept him from solidifying starting spot. Probably won't return.)
    GOING GOING GONE GARCIA: If quarterback Jeff Garcia hasn't played himself out of town, he'll probably try to talk himself out of Cleveland.

    Garcia is under contract for next year, but it's highly questionable whether a new coach will want him back. Interim coach Terry Robiskie was lukewarm at best about Garcia, who would prefer a fresh start elsewhere, even if it's as a backup.

    Asked if Cleveland was a good experience for him, Garcia replied, "It was an experience. I'll just have to chalk up 2004 as many lessons learned and a sense of personal growth for myself."

    He was far more blunt in an interview with his hometown Gilroy, Calif., newspaper in which he claimed he never felt comfortable with the Browns offense and became the object of a "witch hunt" by the media.


    Most Browns players danced around the inevitable question: What areas of the team need to be upgraded?

    But Ross Verba was ready with his answer.

    "Draft an offensive lineman," he said. "Make sure everyone comes back healthy. Draft a quarterback and keep Kelly. Make Kelly the quarterback.

    "(Keep) Robiskie. Bring a great G.M. in. Our running back (Lee Suggs) is awesome. Our fullback (Terrelle Smith) is awesome. Our tight end (Winslow) is awesome. Our receiving corps are strong. Maybe (add) a third-and-long pass rusher, a fast guy off the edge."

    Verba himself may become an issue. First, there was a recent incident at his house in which a woman has claimed she may have been sexually assaulted. Through his attorney, Verba said he wasn't at the house at the time.

    Second, Verba is looking for a major salary hike. Coming off a torn biceps, Verba took a big cut pay as he sought to prove he could stay healthy and productive all season. He did. Now he wants to be rewarded.

    "I did them a favor," Verba said. "Now it's time for them to show me some respect and love. If they don't, then I'll move on."

    Verba said he's willing to structure the deal in a cap-friendly way. But the Browns will likely gulp at his asking price for a five- or six-year deal.

    "At least $30 million," Verba said with a straight face. "I'm not going to see it all, obviously (because it'll be back-loaded). But it looks good on paper."

    Verba is under contract for next season, so his leverage is limited.

  2. tsteele316

    tsteele316 Mr. Such and Such

    the fact that verba wants to make holcomb the starter and keep robiske shows how little he actually knows about the game.

    i say make him play in cleveland next year for cheap, then tell him to go to hell.

    cleveland does need to draft an OL. hopefully its a LT so verba's ass is on the bench.
  3. OSUBasketballJunkie

    OSUBasketballJunkie Never Forget 31-0

    verba is a moron...they need a quarterback who can lead and be consistent.
  4. GoofyBuckeye

    GoofyBuckeye Nutis Maximus

    Garcia is probably out of Cleveland. Holcomb isn't the answer, McCown isn't the
  5. exhawg

    exhawg Mirror Guy Staff Member

    They need to draft a LT, but if they do Verba will move to LG. That is where he is best. He is one of 3 guys that they have who are good enough for the NFL so they can't bench him. With 2 new good OL their running game could be good next year, which will make any QB look better.

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