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Buck Ebay

Discussion in 'Open Discussion (Work-safe)' started by Gobucki, Feb 28, 2005.

  1. Gobucki

    Gobucki I'm using the Internet!!!

    Not sure if this will catch on exactly, but hopefully it will. Read the rules below...

    Post things you wish to buy or sell and see if anyone bites.

    Games (PC,PS,PS2,XBOX, etc)
    School Books
    MP3 players

    First the rules:
    Hopefully, since everybody pretty much knows everybody here we shouldn't have any problems. Also, most people live in Ohio, so it should make transactions go a bit easier.

    1) BuckeyePlanet does not take any responsibility for ANY transactions that take place here. If you don't get the item you paid for, that is your problem. If you get an item you paid for and it is broken, that is your problem. If somebody does not pay you money they owe you, that is your problem.

    2) You may now bid on items. The bidding process should start with the person posting what they have to sell, when the bidding date will end, followed by a minimum bidding amount. If the minimum bid price is not met, then the item will not sell. Individuals interested in bidding for the item should reply with the price they are willing to pay for the item. If, upon closing of the auction, the top bidder fails to pay, the item may be sold to the next bidder or may be canceled entirely. DO NOT POST IN AN AUCTION UNLESS YOU ARE ASKING ABOUT THE ITEM OR BIDDING! Offtopic replies in an auction could result in a ban since the purpose of an auction is to sell an item, not turn into an offtopic conversation. If you are not interested in buying the item, do not post.

    4) If you want to ensure a safe transaction, use , a site which makes sure both buyer and seller are protected.

    5) There is NO way for us to determine if PERSON A or PERSON B was ripped off during a sale between the two. It's simply one person's word against another's, so we are unable to conclusively determine who's lying. As a result, do NOT complain to the mods about somebody ripping you off because we have no way to figure out if you or the other person are telling the truth.

    6) NO ILLEGAL ITEMS MAY BE SOLD! This includes guns, drugs, warez, murder squads, sex, various other obviously illegal shit.

    7) Safe money transactions include mailing a bank check, cashier's check, or money order. This may take a couple days, but you will at least have the transaction on record. NONSAFE methods include sending an envelope full of cash.

    8) If you are selling something then at the beginning of your post type: SELLING: (Then description and price of what you are selling)

    9) If you want to buy something that someone hasn't posted yet, then type: BUYING: (Description of what you want to buy)

    10) If you want to buy something that someone is selling then quote the person you wish to buy from.

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