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BuckeyePlanet How-2.0: Other Cool Features

Discussion in 'FAQ' started by jlb1705, Aug 26, 2013.

  1. jlb1705

    jlb1705 hipster doofus Staff Member Bookie

    Other cool features of the new BuckeyePlanet
    BuckeyePlanet has a lot of cool new features. Some of them are small things that don't require lengthy explanations. Some of them are small things that you'll notice right away, others are things that you might find helpful, but might not know how to find.

    Have you ever started typing a post, been forced to leave the page, and then had to come back and start all over? You won't have that happen again. When you start to create a post, BuckeyePlanet will automatically save everything you enter as a draft. You can stop typing, leave the page to view another thread, come back to the topic you were planning to post in and everything you entered before will still be there. It even works across devices, so you can start your draft on a mobile device and finish it on a desktop computer, or vice versa.

    So, somebody posted some huge wall of text and everything they said was DEAD WRONG. You simply must reply to them point-by-point and tell them how wrong they are, so you quote their post and type your retort. You've clicked "Submit" and see your post in the thread and... You can only the the first part of the wall of text that you quoted! What happend to it?! How will people see just how WRONG that person was unless they can see the entire quote? The answer?... Quotes are now collapsed by default. Only the first few lines are visible, and if it is embedded media being quoted it will be shrunk. Are you reading the forums and see a quote that looks like it has been collapsed? Simply click on the link at the bottom of the quote box that says "Click to Expand" to see the quote at its full size. This will help to promote the new parts of the discussion rather than having it overwhelmed by large items, lengthy text or other things that get repeated over and over and over when things get quoted multiple times in a thread.

    Special Characters
    Voilà! The new version of BP is more compatible with special characters than the old version. Now when you copy and paste from another site the apostrophes and quotation marks won't all be changed to question marks. You can properly spell names and other words in foreign languages with accent marks, umlauts and other marks. You can use foreign currency symbols.

    What You See is What You Get (WYSIWYG) has always been around on BuckeyePlanet. Problem was, as time marched on and new browsers and devices emerged, the old BuckeyePlanet didn't keep up. Now WYSIWYG works on pretty much any of the currently popular browsers or devices - even on iPhones and iPads.

    Last Unread Post
    It's now easier than ever to navigate to the last unread post in a thread. If you used this function on the old version of BP, you'll remember you had to click a small button next to the thread title to use it. On mobile devices, this meant a lot of zooming in and out to get your finger to properly tap the small spot. Now, when a thread has posts that you haven't read, clicking the thread title will take you to the first unread post instead of the first overall post in the thread. That's how it works no matter how you're browsing BP, making it simple to quickly get to the latest posts. If you have read all of the most recent posts in a thread or have marked it as read, then clicking the thread title will take you to the first overall post in the thread - just like it did on old BP.

    Thread Tags
    BuckeyePlanet now has a different system for tagging threads. Before you could add up to 24 tags to a thread, and it was haphazard and a bit out of control since anybody could add them, everybody did it differently, and they never really helped you to better sort or navigate content in the forums. Now, each thread can only have one tag. That tag is now more prominent though - visible right in front of the title of the thread. The tags will be standardized and kept organized by BP staff. You can click on tags to sort threads and view similar content. Are you a recruitnik, and want to see a list of threads on Class of '15 football prospects? You'll be able to do that. Are you looking for threads on basketball alumni, but are having trouble finding them in a sea of football alumni threads? You can use tags to narrow things down. Are you ready for fall camp and want to see a list of current players whose threads have updates? You can do that too.

    Now when you attach something, it can be made to appear in the context of your message instead of always coming at the end. With images for example, you can choose to have a large or small thumbnail, or none at all. You can also place your cursor wherever you like in the post you're creating and when you create the thumbnail it will appear there. Don't like where the thumbnail is? You can click and drag it wherever you like in your post.

    Any questions? Explanations unclear? Have you seen a cool new feature that you think people need to know about? Reply in this thread and we can help each other out.
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2013
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