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BuckeyePlanet How-2.0: Pick'em

Discussion in 'FAQ' started by jlb1705, Aug 28, 2013.

  1. jlb1705

    jlb1705 hipster doofus Staff Member Bookie

    Here is a down and dirty guide to get you started. It may help to open Pickem (or this post) in a separate window so that you can follow along as you go.

    How to play Pick'em

    1. Click on the Pickem tab in the top navbar.

    2. Click 'Join Pool' next to the pool of your choice. Currently "2013 Big Ten Pickem" is the only option. We'll add more for the NFL season, and maybe someone will want to do a Top 25... Who knows. Join the pool.

    pickfaq01 (1).PNG

    3. Click 'Manage Your Picks' in the navbar, as shown below:


    The 'Manage Your Picks' link will always take you to the pool that is listed as 'Currently Viewing' When there are multiple pools listed you can switch to viewing a different one by clicking the 'View Pool' button next to the pool you wish to view or manage.


    4. You should now see all the available games. Click "Edit Picks" as shown below (there's another Edit Picks link below the games as well):


    5. Use the round radio selection points next to each team. Note this is a spread pool, so pay attention to that. The spread ALWAYS refers to the home team, so here we see PSU is favored by 8. I've picked Syracuse, so that means I'm betting that (a) Syracuse wins, OR (b) PSU wins by less than 8. When satisfied (YOU CAN EDIT LATER, AS LONG AS IT'S BEFORE THE GAMES START) click 'Save Picks' as shown below:


    6. You should now see something like the following. This is confirmation that you've made your picks (note the checkmarks). When week 2 (and so on) are plugged in, you'll be able to Switch Weeks and make those picks as well. Note that the system tracks overall picking trends. Note that you can edit your picks right up until the start of each game. If you come in late for one, you can still make picks for the rest!


    How to make sure you never miss the deadline for making your picks

    By going to 'Alert Preferences' in your control panel, you can adjust the alerts you receive for any Pick'em pools that you join. Your control panel can be accessed by hovering your mouse over your username in the right-hand side of the navbar.


    Other things you need to know about Pick'em

    Finally, ALL FCS teams are in the system as FCS Misc Cupcake. It's on you to look up WHO that team is, if you want to pick carefully. Spreads are an aggregate pulled from ESPiN.

    If you have any questions or see any other notable features or issues, please add them below.
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