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Fantasy BuckeyePlanet NFL Keeper League News/Archives

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by jlb1705, Aug 8, 2010.

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  1. jlb1705

    jlb1705 hipster doofus Staff Member Bookie

    This will be the companion thread to BP Deuce Keeper League Discussion. This thread is meant for news and record keeping only and will be locked, so that all the important information is as easy to find as possible. If you are in the league and have any proposed changes or updates, please post it in the discussion thread.

    This thread will be maintained sort of like a Wiki. This initial post will be periodically updated to reflect current league news (draft date, declared keepers and deadlines, draft order, etc.) Other posts will serve to archive important league records, such as past winners, past keepers, etc. I also plan to have a separate post for each team that keeps a history of finish, keepers, and other.

    Other mods, please do not merge this thread with the other thread for the league.
    Dates & Deadlines:
    KEEPERS ARE DUE: Tues. Sep at 9:00PM EDT
    2012 DRAFT TAKES PLACE: Tues. Sept. 8 at 9:00PM EDT
    Keeper Rules:

    1. All Yahoo league settings and scoring rules are the same as for the BP Deuce (non-keeper) league.
    2. Two keepers only per team. You must select two players, there are no compensation picks for players who select fewer than two keepers.
    3. Draft format is a snaking draft. The draft order in the first round will be in reverse order of the previous season's final standings. The draft order in the second round will be in reverse order of the first round, and in subsequent rounds the draft order will continue to alternate as such.
    4. In the event that a team is abandoned, a new owner will be selected by the commissioner based on nominations. In that new owner's first season, his team will be moved to the back of the draft order. If there is more than one abandoned team, approved new owners may choose from the abandoned teams on a first-come-first-served basis. If there are multiple new owners, all will be moved to the back of the draft order, but among them their spot at the back of the draft will be in reverse order of which they exercised their choice of abandoned franchises.
    5. Keepers for the upcoming season can be declared at any point in the offseason or preseason, until exactly a week before the start of the draft. At that point, keepers are "locked-in" and must be posted for all other owners to see.
    6. Keeping a drafted player costs their draft slot (round) in the upcoming draft.
    7. Keeping a free agent pickup will cost a seventh round pick in the upcoming draft.
    8. A previous year's keeper may be kept, but it costs you their draft slot minus the number of years they have been kept. ex.:Carson Palmer... drafted 5th rd. Keeper yr 1 costs a 5th, 2nd yr costs a 3rd, 3rd yr costs a 2nd, 4th yr he's a free agent (see below)
    9. A player can only be kept 3 times consecutively, even if traded. After that, he becomes part of the draft again.
    10. If a player is traded, he maintains his keeper value with his new team.
    11. Keeping two players with the same keeper value will cost you a pick at that value, plus the pick in the next highest round. Ex.: Keeping two players with a 7th round value will cost picks in the 6th and 7th rounds.
    12. It is not permissible to designate two players with first round values as keepers. The highest combination of draft values that can be kept is: Round 1 & Round 2 -or- Round 2 & Round 2, which rounds up to a 1st & 2nd by the rule about identical values.
    13. A player that carries or attains a first round draft value before their 4-year roster limit is up may be kept, despite the fact that their keeper value cannot be increased as described in Rule #8.
    2015 Draft Order:

    2015 Declared Keepers

    Special Note for 2015:
    The following players were drafted in the 2011 draft, kept for three more seasons after that, and must now be allowed to go back into the pool of available players in the draft:

    • Rob Gronkowski (Britt-ish Invasion)
    • A.J. Green (Johnny Leaf)
    Yahoo allows keepers values to be entered on their site, and those players will be given a value of "00000". Their system might allow those players to still be selected as keepers, but all choices entered that way are subject to commissioner approval and any submitted keepers that do not meet league rules will be rejected.

    Yahoo Archives:
    (Shows standings, final rosters & draft results for that season)

    Last edited: Aug 26, 2015
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